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“Is your Food Fake or Real” video exposed

A recent video by Blossom (First Media) showed all sorts of apparent food adulteration and left people questioning ‘is my meat stuck together with meat glue?’ … ‘is my salt fake?” … “is there plastic in rice?” and “is there washing powder in ice-cream?” All these questions and more will be answered in this video.

Claim: “Processed cheese with additives burns and natural cheese Melts”


does fake cheese burn
The ‘natural’ cheese melts due to the higher fat content allowing it to flow and drip down when heated.

Claim: “When heated over a candle, pure spices ignite while impure ones don’t”

Verdict: FALSE

do pure spices ignite 100% pure turmeric would not ignite over a candle. The only way to get it to ignite was to use a blow torch. On re-examining the Blossom video it seems like that may be what they did too.

Claim: “When placed in the oven natural vitamins will not burn, synthetic ones will”

Verdict: FALSE

synthetic supplements v natural
Other factors (eg. if sugar is added to the tablet to make it chewable) play a role in whether it burns or not.

Claim: “Ice-cream adulterated with washing powder will bubble when you add lemon juice”


iccecream with washing powder
While technically true – washing powder WILL bubble if you add an acid, I could not find any actual recorded cases of ice-cream being adulterated in this way. The only information on this test seemed to be from a gossip style Indian website.

Claim: “If you find a white part in your steaks it’s meat glue used to join scraps of meat together”

Verdict: FALSE

meat glue
If meat glue or transglutaminase is used, it must be labeled as ‘joined’ or ‘formed meat’. It cannot be sold as steak. Meat glue is typically used in chicken nuggets and other molded shaped meat products, not steak. See the video for an example of using meat glue to join a steak together and how to tell the difference between meat glue and fat and connective tissue.
During testing I also found the meat joined with meat glue to be very salty so the enzyme must have a salt mixed in with it.

Claim: “Baby food contains ground rocks advertised as fortified calcium”

Verdict: FALSE

are there rocks in baby food
In the video Blossom used a magnet to pull black bits out of baby food. Although calcium is a mineral, it is NOT magnetic and is NOT black. Tests with numerous baby food could not find anything black and magnetic in them, even with iron fortified rice cereal. One wonders if they added something to the baby food to make a sensational video.

Claim: “Pure coffee sinks and impure floats”

Verdict: FALSE

why does coffee sink or float
All references to this test say pure coffee should FLOAT (not sink), while the impurities in the coffee such as chicory root or burnt sugar will sink. However this is not a reliable test as even 100% pure freshly ground coffee can sink. See the video for factors affecting whether coffee sinks or floats.


Videos promoting fake information as fact are a concern in the current social-media-addicted society. Production companies, with no qualms about deceiving people, will continue to make more of these videos because the Facebook and YouTube algorithms promote them heavily. The only way to stop this growing trend is for social media platforms to take responsibility for what their algorithm promotes. It is after all their algorithm and they can change it ANY TIME they like! Consider this scenario, if I am vacuuming my floor and notice that my puppy has done a poo inside, after telling her off, I’d clean it up and then continue vacuuming. This would be an intelligent response. However if I turned on my robot vacuum it would plough right through the poo and SPREAD IT everywhere! This is artificial intelligence. Yes, the second option would draw a much bigger response from the family and they would no doubt tell their friends about it (share!). The current Youtube and Facebook algorithm would actually see this second, messy option as a success! And that’s one of the big flaws of AI right now.

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  1. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann,
    I just thought I’d point something out, if you smash up corn flakes you get little dots of iron like with the baby food hack. They could have done something like that. Love all your videos

  2. Rating: 5

    can you please make more of these and more of the gadgets tested, please!!!!!!

  3. Rating: 5

    can you please make more of these and more of the gadgets tested, please!!!!!!

  4. Rating: 3.5

    you also can say the ice cream will curd

    • yes !!!

  5. Rating: 5

    Hi, Ann,
    I’ve been watching your channel for a few weeks now, but was a little upset when you stated about ingredients being referred to by their scientific name, I.e.: baking soda is Bicarbonate, this isn’t what upset me. What did upset me was just because something may be known by it’s scientific name doesn’t make it any healthier nor less hazardous… I’m not saying Soda bicarbonate is dangerous… — ah! How do I make myself better understood,?? you know what BHA and TBHQ is, but when they are spelled out fully doesn’t make them healthy just because they are antioxidants don’t make either of them healthy!
    Meanwhile my dad said they began eliminating these from their food long before I was born, yet they recently had Johnnyville sausages with bha in them, and continue to eat deep fried chicken with oil laced in tbhq… is it any wonder why none of them can sleep, feel good, have digestive issues, etc. Yet, they won’t buy pepperoni if it’s got TBHQ or BHA in it… go figure!

    • Hi Heather, The point about scientific name v common name is that often people are afraid because they don’t know what it is. You know H2O is water, but if someone didn’t know that and saw it on a label they could be afraid because it’s a ‘chemical’ added to their food. The point was not that all chemicals are safe.
      To your other point yes sometimes with further research if anything is shown as suspect they will update food laws. While they research everything thoroughly before approving some things show up over time.

  6. Rating: 5

    Another great video! So entertaining but also informative! I must ask… WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR COFFEE GRINDER? I love it!!

    • Hi Angelina, I actually used the kitchenmaid grain mill attachment – you are apparently not supposed to use it for coffee as the ‘oil content may damage the grinding mechanism’ so don’t use unless you’re happy to void your warranty. It’s an all metal grinder that looks very similar inside to their burr coffee grinder.

  7. Rating: 5

    Thank you for making me more aware of what is happening on Social Media and how something so small as a video can change our prospective and influence us

    • You’re welcome Theresa ?

  8. Rating: 5

    Are people really this foolish and believe such nonsense?

    • Unfortunately yes, I’ve seen videos of people repeating the tests and then being shocked saying ‘it must be real’ – look that one burns, that one doesn’t…

  9. Rating: 5

    Thank you so so much for this video!!!!

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