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Fun with Macaron Recipe Variations

macaron recipe reardon

Macaron shells don’t have to be plain.

 For some events you need something striking or fun. Play with these variations and post a picture of your macaron creation in the comments section below.


Easy Macaron Video Recipe is here and watch the FAQ video too

1. Add Toppings to macarons: Nuts or sprinkles (jimmies) can be put on the shells before cooking in a pattern or randomly.

2. Add a surprise inside the macaron shells: Before piping the shells add something under each one, see the video for ideas and tips on this.

3. Striped Macarons: Using a dry paint brush apply some gel colour to the shells. Add luster dust for a special event.

4. Spotty Macrons: Prepare two contrasting colours of macarons mixture, pipe a base macaron as normal then use the other mixture to make patterns.
   macaron recipe macaroon
5. Shaped macarons: Macarons do not have to be round, try heart shaped macarons

6. Choc chip macarons: Finely chop chocolate chips and fold into the mixture before piping.

MORE macaron recipes including nut-free and chocolate

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  1. 1discussing

  2. Waw!!
    u know i just watched a movie”grace stir up success” and i got dis desert “macaron!!
    and am sure gonna try it!

  3. Rating: 5

    Been deciding on combining royal icings with macarons and voila! Thanks for inspiring me to be a better baker.

    • Rating: 5

      They look like teeth

  4. my 2017 happy easter

    • Looks yummy Jeewan!

  5. this is what i made in 2016

  6. The polka dot macarons are so cute!

    • It’s really great that people are sharing this inifamrtoon.

  7. I love the hart tone I will try them. I make these for my friends and I realized they don’t have to be perfect but I like them beautiful, I put coco powder in the cookie and I mixed peanut butter in the butter cream filling. and I melted mint chips and added it also to the green ones.. loved by all

    • They look gorgeous Anne. Well done!

  8. how do you make heart shaped macarons

    • Hi Anne, You just pipe them into the shape you want.

  9. I havent Reyes it yet but I’ve had none of these tips on other macaroon recipes so I’m just holding thes come out perfectly is there a way of making them perfect every time because I have to make 80 and I don’t have enough money for two batches

  10. This was my first attempt at macarons and I love them! I made these ones blue and orange for the Florida Gators with some blue “splatter paint” (food coloring) on top!

    • They look brilliant Taylor and so yummy. Well done.

  11. I don’t like ground almonds but have used this recipe substituting ground hazelnuts, white chocolate and ground brazils. Have to say the brazils seem to have worked the best to give the “foot”. Thanks for the easy directions.

    • Hi Donna, Thanks for the great info.

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