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Fun with Macaron Recipe Variations

macaron recipe reardon

Macaron shells don’t have to be plain.

 For some events you need something striking or fun. Play with these variations and post a picture of your macaron creation in the comments section below.


Easy Macaron Video Recipe is here and watch the FAQ video too

1. Add Toppings to macarons: Nuts or sprinkles (jimmies) can be put on the shells before cooking in a pattern or randomly.

2. Add a surprise inside the macaron shells: Before piping the shells add something under each one, see the video for ideas and tips on this.

3. Striped Macarons: Using a dry paint brush apply some gel colour to the shells. Add luster dust for a special event.

4. Spotty Macrons: Prepare two contrasting colours of macarons mixture, pipe a base macaron as normal then use the other mixture to make patterns.
   macaron recipe macaroon
5. Shaped macarons: Macarons do not have to be round, try heart shaped macarons

6. Choc chip macarons: Finely chop chocolate chips and fold into the mixture before piping.

MORE macaron recipes including nut-free and chocolate

My Cookbook

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  1. Amazing. Simply put. Was looking for guidance into my first endeavours with Macarons and you saved my probable failed attempts. Take my “Like” !

    • Awesome! Thanks for commenting.

  2. loved your recipe the results were amazing , keep the good work . thank you .

  3. So glad that I found your macaroon recipe. I have made them before but never have seen a recipe where you don’t need to let them rest to form the foot. This is a real time saver.
    Making them this morning. Can I bake more than one pan at a time? Don’t want to have to open the oven to rotate pans so I am a bit concerned about even baking. If only one pan do I wait to drop the other ones onto the next sheet until the first ones are done?
    Thanks again. I made the Elsa cake over the weekend and the doll turned out great. Had some problems with the sugar cape but all ended well. Thanks many times for your talent and wonderful images which help so very much!

    • Hi trudy, I like to bake macarons one tray at a time, they seem to turn out better that way.

  4. Hi ann
    i love your macaroon but it seems like mine was not good enough to be. I used blended nut and it turns hard.can i use the blended nuts?please help me

  5. wow! you’re so talented! i’ve found your website by chance but now it’s one of my favorites! thank you for your work!

  6. Love it

  7. Love those macarons! The polkadot ones are really cool!

    • 😀

  8. Hi Ann.

    Thanks for being an inspiration for macaroons. I just finished my first batch…. not perfect looking but they are yummy. Now I know what to do the next time.

    But… my question is storage. I’d like to make several batches to give away as gifts for the holidays. What is the best way to store? I was going to fill with ganache and caramel. Should I store empty then fill before giving or does that make a difference?

    Thanks again. Very fun project!


    • You just have to store macarons in your fridge 😀 As normal

    • to store macarons for giving later… wrap in wax paper and make sure to place between each macaron. Store in air tight container in fridge, or freeze. They are best served 72 hrs. after making, and at room temperature.

      Good Luck!

    • Hello Beth 😀
      Juz one tip,it works for be though.You can store them with your ganache at freezer for up to 4-5mths but if you’re planning to put jam between them,then is better for you to put them separately 🙂 hope it helps

  9. Great recipe. It was my first time trying. a few problems which I can fix. Had to make my own caster Sugar using Splenda baking sugar mix. Need to cut back on sugar by 1/4 cup. They came out too sweet. Also while sifting almond meal, I had to re-mill to get thin enough. Thank you again.

  10. I LOVE U SO MUCH Ann…..and Thanx a lot too

    My macaroon seems cant be round enough and its resulted to an ugly macaroon. And I feels like quitting.
    But with your vids on how I can have fun with my macaroon…
    I think m gonna just making my macaroon in a fun ways like yours…
    Plus my kids will love em very very much too
    Thanx again!

    Love U… 😉

  11. Here it is. Actually on the inside there’s nuts and I’m the cream there’s pieces of banana. Thanks Anna.

    • … Not to be rude, but you just took her picture and said it was yours… It looks exactly the same and has the same background…

    • Haha that’s not even yours

  12. Hi, absolutely loving the website and look forward to each week’s instalment. I’m trying to perfect my macarons and wondered if you had any ideas for Christmas macaron flavours? Thank you

  13. Hi Ann,

    I want to make a pistachio macarons, and want to ask your opinion about it. Should I add ground pistachio in the shell mixture? half half ratio with the almond meal? and buttercream filling with butter, icing sugar, ground pistachio and vanilla extract maybe?
    Thanks for the advice.

    • hi I was searching for receipe on net and i got orange-chocolate macrons of yours, yes i tries it and loved by by daughters, thanks

      • wonderful glad you liked them neeta

    • yes you sure but you should add pistachio only 45% of almond meal

  14. where can I get the dry paint, and gel colour? those colors look so nice~
    and those dry paints and gel colors are edible things?

    • hi Jea, yes they are edible, cake decorating stores will stock them 😀

  15. OMG l made red macaron’s for the 1st time cannot believe that they turned out beautifully for my grand daughter’s 6th Olivia the pig birthday party, the step by step video is a fantastic tool to watch whilst making the recipe :0)

  16. I’ve been subscribed to your Youtube channel for awhile–love your videos on macarons and other desserts!
    When you sprinkle the nuts/toppings on your macarons, do you do it right after piping out the batter or right before baking?

  17. Could you next time cut in half? Because, I want to see the shield what is inside.

  18. I can’t stop going through your blogs , your macaroons are awesome… Macaroons are just getting popular in the place where I live … And i’am going to definitely going to try baking a batch …. Thanks for the video

    • awesome that’s great Buna have fun baking

  19. hi
    I need to whisk the eggs like to meringue
    thank you

    • hi, i whisk to make my meringue too! your arm with get a bit sore, and it takes about only 10 – 15 minutes to get the meringue texture

  20. Very pretty. I love the chocolate chip one and the hearts.

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