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Giant Gummy Bear Recipe

giant gummy lego man howtocookthat

Not quite a giant gummy bear, today we’re making a giant gummy Lego man. ¬†This recipe took a lot of experimentation to get right. ¬†My first attempts were too rubbery but the addition of one extra ingredient meant the final gummy was beautifully chewy and a huge hit with the kids. ¬†When it comes to candy (or lollies as we call them in Australia) it’s not just about getting the flavour right but the texture as well. ¬†So if you want to get it perfect, then you might need to hunt online to source all the ingredients.

I can’t write a blog post this week without expressing my heartfelt sympathy to the families of Australians Andrew Chan and¬†Myuran Sukumaran. ¬†Caught attempting to smuggle drugs¬†out of¬†Indonesia 10 years ago, they spent the past decade in a Bali jail before being executed by firing squad this week. ¬†The biggest tragedy is that both men had been completely rehabilitated. ¬†Both had become Christians and Chan even studied at Bible college by correspondence. He became an ordained minister and was running a thriving church service inside the jail for fellow prisoners. Together, they worked to establish drug rehabilitation programs for other inmates and were described by the prison commander as “model prisoners”. ¬†Sukumaran also took up art with a passion and painted many beautiful paintings in recent years. ¬†What a major transformation from foolish teenagers into¬†fine young men. ¬†My husband visited Chan in prison a couple of years ago and can attest to his good¬†character. ¬†He was a lovely young man, full of life and eager to share anything he had with others. ¬†Fortunately the God in whom they trust does show mercy and forgiveness to those who believe so Chan and Myuran can indeed rest in peace.

Giant Gummy Bear Recipe (makes 3 cups 750ml)

105g (3.7 ounces) Gelatin 250 bloom or 166g (5.86 ounces) normal 100 bloom gelatin.
210millilitres (7.1 fluid ounces) or 3/4 cup plus 1 Tbsp Water
340g (11.99 ounces) Caster (Superfine) Sugar
367g (12.95 ounces) or 1 cup plus 2 tsp Glucose syrup (or light corn syrup)
6 tsp Citric acid
34g (1.2 ounces) Sorbitol
Colour (I used red)
Flavouring (I used 3millilitres (0.1 fluid ounces) strawberry oil flavouring)
Silicon Mold (the Lego Man Mold that I used holds 3 cups).  
Measure how many cups of water your mold holds before you start and adjust the recipe quantities accordingly.
Cornflour or corn starch to dust the mold.

Prepare your mold by dusting with cornflour or corn starch.

Pour all the water into the gelatin and stir it through quickly.  Leave to soften.

Place the sorbitol, sugar and glucose syrup into a saucepan.

Stir over high heat until it begins to bubble.  Wash down the sides of the pan and remove from the heat Рcheck all the sugar has dissolved, if not return to heat unstirred for a little longer.

Remove from heat add the colour, citric acid and gelatin.  Stir until the gelatin has dissolved, this will take a couple of minutes.

Add your flavouring.

gaint gummy candy recipe reardonPour the hot mixture into the mold filling it right up to the top.  Leave it over night at room temperature to set.

The next day loosen the edges by pulling the mold away from the gummy candy.  Then flip it over and peel off the mold.

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  1. Can I have one for free

    • haha, sorry, you’ll need to make one yourself. ?

  2. And one more question,is it suppost to be stored in the fridge?

    • Hi Amir, No it should be fine out of the fridge unless conditions are very humid.

  3. Is the texture going to be the same if I use sorbitol and 166 grams of 100 bloom gelatin?

    • Yes, It should be the same. You just need less of the stronger gelatine if you use it.

  4. Also, does it make any difference using 250 bloom beef or pork gelatine?

    • Hi Sarah, Use either of the blook rates specifies. It doesn’t matter if it is regular gelatin or a vegetarian form.

  5. I would like to put this on top of a cake, do you think it will stand (my mould is 17cm tall) and how would it best be supported? ie do you think it requires a dowel and would it be better to insert this before it sets, or after?

    • Hi Sara, Yes you would need supports in your cake and in your gummy bear as he might roll off the cake when moved. The cake supports would need to be added when you assemble the cake. For the bear, place your support into the mold before the bear sets.

  6. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the recipe, my kids are looking forward to next weekend when we’ll be making one together.
    Just to make sure: This above recipe is to make the entire lego minifig (3 cups), or to make just 1 cup ?


    • Hi Jan, This is the full recipe for 3 cups.

  7. Never would have thunk I would find this so indeipsnsable.

  8. Hi Anne Reardon,I am a very big fan of yours! Every time I have a dinner party and I want to make a dessert I go on your YouTube page a whip something up. You are really inspiring. But my question to you is, can you cut the giant gummy recipe down by a half using regular 100 bloom gelatin in American units. If you can’t that’s fine I’ll figure something else out, and another question is can I use a drink mix to flavor the gelatin instead of using a flavored oil?

    • Hi Kacey, Standard gelatin won’t work on this recipe and you would need to experiment with flavouring using a ‘drink mix’ as results will vary.

  9. Hi, is there anything I can use instead of sorbitol? I can’t find it where I live
    Or maybe with another name? I know I can order it online but I just want to try the recipe before order the ingredients in large quantities.

    • Hi Danna, Sorbitol is also referred to as glucitol. There is no helpful alternative for it when you wish to make soft or jelly style sweets like the Gummy Bear.

  10. Hi Ann,

    Can’t wait to try this! Two questions I had – you specified two different quantities of water but I couldn’t see you use it twice in the video? Does the 210+155ml go into the gelatin?

    Also, I’m wondering if the water can be substituted with milk or cream? I’m wanting to trial a “strawberries and cream” lolly just like the allens one! Would you have any recommendations for achieving this?

    Thanks so much!

    Joanne ūüôā

    • Hi Joanne, great question. If you are using the 250 bloom gelatin, use 250ml of water. If you are using the weaker gelatin, you can use a smaller amount of water. Ann hasn’t trialled a strawberries and cream version. It should set if you use cream but she is unsure how it will tatste. You will need to experiment to get the result you are looking for.

  11. Where did you get the mould from?

    • Hi Mayumi, There is a link in the recipe above to where you can purchase the mold on Amazon.

  12. how would i find the ingredence for the giant gummy lego man

    • Hi Jocelyn, Ann has provided links to online supplies for the mold and sorbitol in the recipe above.

  13. Hi, love your videos but can you tell me where I can get sorbitol and is there a substitute …
    Thank you

    • Hi Michelle, Unfortunately there is no easy substitute for sorbitol. You can usually buy it at cake decorating stores. It is fairy easy to find online in most places.

    • I don’t know either

  14. Hey Anne
    is there any other alternatives for sortisol?

    • Hi Bob, there is really no useful alternative for sorbitol in this recipe.

  15. It’s cool but I’m vegetarian so I can’t eat it because gelatin has beef or pork. (Sometimes I do eat normal sized gummy bears though)

    • Hi Olivia, A vegetarian option is Halal gelatin, which is ususally made from a non-meat gelling agent. Check the label though.

  16. Hi Ann
    Where did you get all of you ingredients from?

    • Hi Ellie, Ann gets most of her ingredients from local supermarkets or from a specialty cake decorating store. If an ingredient is harder to find or needed in larger quantities, these can usually be sourced online.

  17. Hey Ann, I was wondering if you could make each part of the gummy lego man different flavours, like the heads and arms Lemon, the shirt blueberry, and the legs strawberry. I was appreciate it if you can reply back.

  18. Thank you for making this video

    I made this gummy lego man and then made a 26 pound gummy bear
    Thank you!!

  19. I wish I can have in my house a big gummy bear

  20. How do u get things off amazon if your in Australia and Amazon goes to America

    • Hi Ariana, Amazon has a search/refine feature similar to ebay, where you can just look at sellers that will post to Australia.

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