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Giant Kit Kat recipe

giant kitkat howtocookthat
Is this the world’s biggest Kit Kat? To make your own all you need is wafers and chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate.  The tricky bit is getting that lovely crisp Kit Kat shape. To help I’ve done all the calculations and created a free template for you below.  So if you know someone who deserves a break, delight them with this huge candy bar.

To make this giant Kit Kat you will need:

The template
click to open giant kitkat template

Thick cardboard

Acetate (thin plastic available at craft stores or overhead projection sheets at office stores)

Thick plastic like on the front of a document cover

Craft Glue

Packing tape

One 300g (10.58 ounces) packet of large wafers, you can buy them online here

6 kg (13.23 pounds) chocolate (yes, you read that correctly 6 kilos (13.23 pounds))

kitkat recipe how to cook that


biggest kitkat reardon howtocookthat


by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

My Cookbook

ann reardon crazy sweet creations cookbook
Stores that sell my book listed by country:
All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. Hello Ann! I’m Ayesha n I’m a big fan. I recreated ur giant kitkat! Thank u for such amazing tutorials! I’m a home baker n ur tutorials have enabled me to start my own Instagram business,n I take orders for cakes on my page Cake Art(address removed)

  2. I am trying to leave a comment here,but they aren’t getting posted as it says my comment is awaiting moderation. I edited my comments to be shorter and posted a couple more times,but still I get the same message ?

  3. It says my comment is awaiting moderation. Does that mean my comment is too long?? ?

    • Hi Ayesha, any comment with web addresses listed are held in the system for review. THis helps prevent the site from being spamed.

  4. hello,
    where can i get the wafer from please in the UK? the link above no longer works. thanks

    • Hi Lauren, the link mis still operational. Here it is again for you:

  5. Thank you Anne for your generosity in sharing all your wonderful creations. So far we have made the giant magnum, the giant twix and recently the giant KitKat and they have all been such a hit. The time you take to demonstrate the recipes and give tips along the way is truly appreciated . May your talents continue to be magnified. x Maureen

    • And you did the Kit Kat too! Well done Maureen. Thanks for the great feedback!

  6. Hi!, I only found half of the wafers, 150 g. Could I make the half of the recipe, how do I make the template?or, do I really need the 300 g?

    • Hi Michelle, it be true to the kit kat you need most of the 300g of wafers but you could try it without.

  7. The link that has been left here for the wafers are currently unavailable and I need them buy next week! Does anyone know where else I could order or buy or just use a substitute. If so what can I use?

    • Hi Stressed out. These are torte wafers and are made by a few different suppliers. If you call your closest cake decorating store they should be able to tell you of a suitable product available locally.

  8. Hi. I’d like to make this as a Xmas gift for a friend. The problem I’m having is that Nestlé full cream milk chocolate (in the family block size) doesn’t seem to be sold in supermarkets anymore! I would like to avoid Cadbury just to keep the taste as authentic as possible and cooking chocolate doesn’t taste as good as eating generally.. Should I bite the bullet and use Nestlé Plaistowe – or can you recommend a specific brand for this? Many Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah, This recipe requires a large amount chocolate so Ann says to go for the chocolate you like the taste of and whatever is on special because you will need a lot!

  9. hay im making this for my friend could u tell me the size that i need to make the card board please her birthday is the 15th of october

    • hey, if Ann doesn’t get a chance to respond before your friends birthday, I would go ahead and order the huge wafers now using the link she has on here, and size the card board around that!

    • Or use the Kit Kat template she posted!!

      • Smart thinking Katie!

    • Hi Saige, To make or choose a suitable board, just make sure it is a little bit longer than the template for one kit kat finger and at a little wider than 4 times its’ width.


    • The ingredients are posted.

  11. Hi Ann, I love watching your videos. I’m addicted. I just found you on Cake Central and then looked you up. It’s so lovely seeing the surprise on peoples faces when you show them a giant chocolate bar! I especially loved the hipster guy that is a youth worker and what he said about thinking the homeless kids would be rebellious and they aren’t they are just like him and everyone else. Thanks for your videos.

    • Thanks for the feedback Darlene! Happy Baking!

  12. How long does it take for this to set and actually be ready from the time you start?

  13. Where do you get the 6 pounds and of chocolate

    • Hi Erin, Ann sources her chocolate from a number of places but for larger quantities you can often order what you need from online stores particularly baking and cake decorating stores.

  14. Cool, AWESOME even cooler

  15. I love ur videos ms.Reardon an I would love to do one of this for my brother an he love KitKats

  16. Hi Ann! Love your videos!! Do I have to use acetate or is there a substitute I can use like baking/freezer paper?

    • Hi Emma, acetate is best because the smooth surface makes for a great shiny finish on the choclate. If you use soemthing else you will get an imprint of the surface on your chocolate. If you go an office store or stationery store you can usually buy acetetae as plastic sheets or covers.

  17. Where is the accrual recipe

    • Hi Heydy, The ingredients are listed above but the method is explained on the video tutorial.

  18. I wish to ask how big are the wafer sheets?

    • Same i also need to knowthat

  19. Hi again I will follow your couple of weeks tip then, its more safe 🙂 thanks again

  20. Hi Ann i just love your giant chocolates, but how long does it stay fresh?

    • Hi Luna, The wafers will determine how long this should keep. Use the use by date on the wafers as a guide.

      • Hi Ann thank you for your help, can i use this method for the other giant chocolates that you made before? I’ ve just made a snickers bar and it smells soooo good 🙂 but i only will offer at sunday, because it’s my mothers birthday’s gift 😀

        • That is great to hear Luna. ann has lots of great Giant bars to try and most recently an Aussie favourite: the world’s Biggest Tim Tam.

          • Thank you but do you think i can use the waffers method to know how long the others bars will stay fresh? My next one is the ferrero rocher 😀

          • Hi Luna, Yes you could generally. Just check the other elements of the giant bar you are making, if it contains an element that is moist, that element is likely to dictate how long a bar will keep. We suggest a couple of weeks, is the most you should keep something unless it is predominately chocolate.

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