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Honeycomb Candy Recipe

honey comb recipe how to cook that

Honeycomb Ingredients

365g (12.87 ounces) or 1 2/3 cup plus 1tsp caster sugar
140g (4.94 ounces) or 1/3 cup plus 1Tbsp glucose syrup
110ml or 1/3 cup plus 2Tbsp water
1 tsp bicarb
1/2 tsp baking powder



Gather everything you need including a pastry brush in a cup of water, a bowl lined with non-stick paper, bicarb and baking powder measured out and sifted, plus an oven mitt.


Put the sugar, glucose syrup and water into a wide based pan and put on high heat.

Stir until it begins to boil, then wash down sides of pan using the wet pastry brush. This washes down the splashes of sugar from the edges so they do not burn.

Then leave on high heat without stirring, until it JUST begins to brown in one spot. N.B. on gas stove tops this is likely to be at one edge, on electric it is likely to be in the middle. This will take about 5 minutes but keep watching it as timing is crucial. If you add the bicarb too early it won’t set, too late and it will taste burnt.

As soon as you see a light golden patch remove from the heat, stir a couple of times with the whisk to evenly distribute the heat. Then sprinkle in the bicarb and baking powders

Stir about three times with the whisk until just combined. It will start to bubble but still looks too pale for honeycomb – don’t worry it gets darker in the bowl.

Do not over stir. Pour immediately into the lined bowl.

Leave for about three hours to cool right through – this is the hardest part, as the smell of honeycomb wafts through the house. Everyone wants to eat it now! It may sink in the middle as it cools.

Once it is completely cool, peel of the paper and turn upside down.

Smash into pieces and eat! Tastes especially good dipped in melted chocolate – ideal with chocolate fountains.


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  1. 1dressing

  2. Rating: 5

    Love this recipe also love the fact that it uses weights as opposed to volumes for ingredients. Turned out perfect even without a candy thermometer.

  3. Rating: 5

    Hi, can I pour it out on a deep baking sheet or dish instead of a bowl? Thanks!

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