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How to Make a Chocolate Box

how to make a chocolate box how to cook that ann reardon

Chocolate boxes can be used as gifts filled with strawberries or sweet treets like chocolate truffles or fudge.


Chocolate Box Instructions

Step 1. Cut out the sides and lid of your box out of plastic. The plastic needs tube thin but firm enough that it can be lifted with chocoalte on it and still hold its shape. You could use overhead projection sheets, the plastic off a document folder or something similar.
chocolate box template

Step 2. Melt your chocolate – making sure you keep it in temper

Step 3. Place some baking paper on the benchtop and put the plastic shapes on top. Spread the chocolate over the plastic sheets completely covering them and off the edges.

Step 4. Leave for a moment and then lift and move to a clean location on the baking paper. Running your fingers along the edges to remove any excess.

Step 5. Leave to cool and firm. Spread more chocolate on the baking paper in a patch a little larger than your base. Take two edges, peel the plastic off them and dip one end of one in chocolate and put in place. Repeat with the remaining two edges. Let the base chocolate firm a little and then run a knife around the base of the edges. Allow to set hard.

Step 6. Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

To make a box out of chocolate you will need to use either tempered chocolate or ‘fake’ chocolate or it will melt at room temperature. If you go to the how to temper chocolate post it will explain all of that for you.

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My Cookbook

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  1. 1independently

  2. Rating: 5

    Hiya plz help I have made few chocolate boxes with but it’s melts in room temperature I hav tried many chocolates bt I don’t which is best…my husband ended up buying 80 bars of “Dr Oetker chocolate & i can’t return it as he didn’t pick up the recipet after shopping…so plz help how can use this chocolate.. many thanks… Sal

    • Hi Salayha, Chocolate that contains cocoa butter (proper chocolate) needs to be tempered to stay firm at room temperature. Please see this post Having said that cocoa butter melts at about 36C so if you live somewhere really hot where room temp is that high the boxes will need to be stored in the fridge. ?

  3. I am a single mother of four and I’m just getting into the cake decorating business. And I was wondering how do u make a tier cake stand.

    • Hi Mary, The best way to do this and probably the cheapest is to purchase the stand pieces. The simplest version would use cake boards and supports. The plastic supports and cake boards can be purchased fairly economically from cake decorating stores. You can also can acrylic and fancy stands on ebay as well as via the stores.

  4. hey Ann your great
    i wonder how much chocolate you have to do an medium chocolate egg

    • Hi James, If you get 200g of chocolate and temperate it, you can make a large egg or several smaller ones. It is hard to temper a small amount of chocolate for just one ‘medium’ egg. There are heaps of chocolate eggs in the shops at the moment, so if you look at one the size you wish to make and find the weight on the label, that will give you an idea of the weight of chocolate you will need.

  5. Hi, Ann! Can you temper chocolate without using a microwave?
    Lovely box!

  6. hi Ann
    could this method be used to make a chocolate house? Maybe 10cm smaller than A4 paper sized walls. Same measuring techniques as your gingerbread house but tempered chocolate.

  7. Nice chocolate

  8. If I make the box the day before, will it still be okay the next day when I give it away?

  9. thank you ann ..

  10. if i wanted to make a gift box with cake in the middle how many time should i melt the chocolate to make it thick unaff to hold the cake sny help will be great ty ann

    • Hi Beth, make and shape the cake first then cover it in frosting and add the chocolate sides after (let them set flat on the counter first and trim to size before it sets hard)

  11. hi i want to make these boxes and put a keyring or strawberry in it and give it to my teachers as a present but will they melt and if i freeze them then will they melt how long will they stay for

    in one slab of chocolate how many boxes can u make

    which chocolate would you suggest dark or normal

    please reply soon as i do not have much time left for presents and im writting exams too

  12. how much chocolate is needed in grams

    • hi zahra that depends on the size of your box and how thick you make your chocolate, but in order to temper your chocolate I suggest that you use at least 250g, you will have left overs of course

  13. Can melts dark chocolate be tempered? If so how? I would realy like to learn how to deal with all type of chocolate,what is what in all chocolates. Can you think of a good book that can exsplan how to work with chocolate? Thank you.

  14. That was awsome, and the better part is, that is very simple to do; The ingredients evryone have it. AMZNG 🙂

  15. Thank You so much. All your chocolate is so beautiful. You do amazing work.

  16. Where can I purchase the chocolate transfersheets that have all the pretty designs?

    • Hi Del, I purchased these ones on ebay from a seller in hong kong just search ‘chocolate transfer sheets’ and you will find them. They are also available on amazon but I think they only post to the USA.

  17. AMZNG!

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