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LEGO Party Games

The 9 year old boys had such a blast at the party that I thought I’d post the games, we could have played each of them for so much longer.

lego party colouring in

Design your own LEGO® man: I had this activity for kids who were early and while waiting for some who were late.  See below to get a full size version.  I just put them on the floor with a tub of pencils.

Pass the brick: a small LEGO set wrapped up to look like a LEGO brick (just use bright paper and draw the circles on top).  Pass it around, when the music stops if you’re holding it you are out.  Last one in wins.  This was much better than pass the parcel for this age. As each kid gets out give them a lolly or prize.

LEGO Bingo: Bingo using single lego bricks to cover items.  I made my own bingo boards.  See below to download 24 different bingo boards, design your own lego man page and lego certificate.

click to download lego bingo game for lego party



LEGO chocolate game: just like the ordinary chocolate game using a lego dice.  For the uninitiated – get 3 dress up items, a lego dice, a fork for each child, a knife and a block of chocolate on a plate.  For dress ups we used a pair of fake ‘LEGO man’ glasses, a ‘LEGO’ fire-mans helmet and ‘LEGO’ Indiana Jones satchel bag.  Each person takes a turn rolling the dice.  When they roll the multi-coloured side it is their turn – they put on all the dress ups and using the knife and fork they quickly cut and eat one piece of chocolate at a time until someone else rolls a multi.  This continues at a frantic pace until the block is gone.  (Note if you have a kids with allergies or who do not like chocolate – a rare breed – they can still play.  On their turn they can feed it to whomever they choose – and get a replacement lolly or sticker for each square they give away).

Treasure Hunt: Hide gold coins around the garden and get the kids to search for them.  As they find them they run back to you and put them in the ‘LEGO vending machine’.  The machine is just a decorated shoe box with a coin slot. If you put a glass jar inside it makes a nice noise when the coin drops in. Inside the back of the box you can hide your prizes, as the kids put a coin in the slot send down some stickers, a small lolly or a lolly pop.  They can only bring one coin at a time, this helps control it so that one kid does not get all the lollies, which is what usually happens in treasure hunts.



lego party treasure hunt

treasure hunt lego machine

veiw of the LEGO ‘machine’ from the back

lego 'machine' for the treasure hunt

Tallest Tower: We sorted our LEGO into colours and set it out on the bench in bright trays.  (I kept all the specialty pieces and mini figures away upstairs). For this game put a timer on and explain to the kids whoever has the tallest tower when the timer goes off wins.  Give a certificate for the most spectacular crash, creative tower, tallest tower…

Strongest Bridge: The kids loved this game and wanted to rebuild but we were running out of time so had to move on.  Set up something for your bridges to go over.  I used a sawhorse at maximum width.  Give the kids a set amount of time to build the strongest bridge.  Then line up and test them.  I bent some thick wire into a horseshoe shape with hooks at both ends.  Placed this over the bridge and added weight 250g (8.82 ounces) at a time.  You can you ziplock bags filled with rice, soft wrist weights or anything which will not damage your floor when in falls.  Amazingly the strongest one held 5kg (11.02 pounds) so make sure you have enough weight on hand.

lego kids party ideas building cars

Creative Cars: Everyone was given a bag with some basic car parts, there was a container of wheels on the table and they could use any of the bricks from the middle.  The cheapest way to get wheels, windscreens and steering wheels was through where hundreds of suppliers sell LEGO by the brick.  Check the postage on overseas ones first to make sure they are reasonable.

Car Race: After some food we then went outside and raced the cars on the driveway.  We raced three at a time and then did a final with the winners. There was an award for the fastest and the one that went the furtherest.

lego kids party racing cars on the driveway kids lego party game car that goes the furtherest

Pinyata: We finished off the party with a pinyata.

LEGO Party Prizes:

For prizes, LEGO itself was too expensive so I bought a DK star wars lego sticker book
and cut up the stickers from the back of the book and put bundles of them in little packets with a lolly. You can also get a LEGO City Sticker Book depending what your LEGO fan likes the most.


lego party builders certificateFor each building game we had several winners.  I used an old Myers LEGO master builders certificate, I erased the writing on it in photoshop, cleaned it up and then added my own text by hand such as ‘most impressive crash,’ tallest tower’, ‘most colourful bridge’, ‘fastest car’, ‘architectural design award’…  each winner received a certificate and a bag with stickers and a lolly.  See link further up to download bundle with certificate.

LEGO Party Food: 

We had normal party food plus a few themed items such as lego man biscuits, a ninjago cake and LEGO head cheese and crackers.


lego gingerbread men biscuits

lego gingerbread men biscuits

lego ninjago cake italian meringue fondant

For more ideas visit best of the web LEGO parties

My Cookbook

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  1. This is a terrific web site, would you be interested in doing an interview about how you designed it? If so e-mail me!

  2. Thank you for the LEGO BINGO. It is AWESOME!!! I can not wait to use it for my children’s birthday party.

  3. Thank you for the LEGO Bingo. I look forward to playing it at our next party.

  4. Just downloaded the free Lego certificate, but will not be using it because there is a grammatical error in it (an apostrophe missing, needed because of the possessive sense = BUILDER’S)

    • Thanks R Kelly, Master Builders without apostrophe is a very commonly accepted reference here in Australia as it refers to an association of builders (plural) certification, rather than an individual reference. No apostrophe is required. If you felt it needed an apostrophe in your setting, it would be easy for you to add in.

  5. I love these Lego ideas! I’m trying to download your Lego Bingo game, but when I click “free download,” it say error. Is there anyway you could email it to me or send me another link that works?

    • Hi Katherine, I have just checked the link from the web page and it is downloading without issue. I recommend you check your local permissions. We are aware that purchase or download is not available in just a few areas. This could be the cause of your problem. If you are usually able to purchase online from your location, then you should be able to download this link. Please check it again and if the problem persists, let us know.

  6. I love your ideas

    • Thanks Jayden!

  7. i LOVE the Lego head cheese idea-much better than making a million circles then gluing them on with cheez whiz! Did you use a cookie cutter or something? If so, where did you buy it? Thanks! Jessica

    • Hi Jessica, Ann used the same cookie cutter as for the biscuits. You can see it in the video. She doesn’t recall where it came from, but there are many of these now available onlne and in cake decorating stores.

  8. Hi there! I love love love your bingo templates. I downloaded the forms, but when I print them out a few of the items aren’t printing on the call out page and the actual bingo cards for the kids. The yellow 1×3, the binoculars and the ladder are 3 of the items on the call out card that aren’t printing? Any advice?

    • Hi Sarah, That is really strange. Try saving the file in a different format and see if that helps.

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