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LEGO Man Biscuits

lego man biscuitsHave you ever started something and then half way through wished that you hadn’t.  That is how I felt about these biscuits.  But the kids were so excited about them that I could not abort the mission.  (Don’t let that put you off making them, perhaps just don’t attempt it if you are sleep deprived with a cute newborn in the house).

lego ninjago biscuits

To make them you will need a LEGO® man cutter – I got mine online, gingerbread dough and royal icing – recipes here. You will also need lots of ziplock bags, food colouring and a spare afternoon.

Firstly make your gingerbread men.  You may need to adjust the head shape according to who you are making.  Just add some extra dough for helmets, ninjago masks, sensei woo’s hat etc.

lego man biscuits

Move the limbs to different positions before baking.

Next work out how many different colours you need and get out a bowl for each one.  Make up a batch of royal icing, split it between the bowls and color accordingly.   I used the gel colours that you get from cake decorating stores.

Put each colour into a ziplock bag.  Cut off the corner of the bag and outline each biscuit.   Allow to dry.

Tip: If I was making these again I would do some of the outlines in black rather than in the colour.  Otherwise when you flood fill you lose some of the detail (the storm trooper is a good example of this).

lego star wars biscuits

lego star wars biscuits

Next water down each colour until it is the consistency of a macdonalds thick shake.  Flood fill the sections as shown in the video below.  Note if you want to pipe more details on when the flood fill is dry you will need to put some of the icing in a separate bag  before watering it down.

We had one of these little guys in the loot bags with some lollies at the end of the party.   And we ate the rest of them of course!

Check out the whole LEGO party and the ninjago cake.

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  1. wow my cousoins love them

  2. oh wow my boys would eat these up (literally!)….great job and thanks for the lego link too!

    • My boys were very definite about which ones they personally wanted to eat – all of them! But they did share them.

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