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How to Make Chocolate Scrabble

chocolate scrabble how to cook that ann reardon
This iconic chocolate Scrabble set is laden with potential as you create the perfect hand-made gift for your special someone this Valentines Day.

Instead of an overpriced greeting card or red roses, you can craft your own personal message, package it up nicely with a bow and let your Valentine know your true feelings.

Love, like most wonderful things, takes time to grow.

So too did Scrabble funnily enough. The unfortunately named Alfred Butts invented the world famous word game when he was laid off from his job during the Great Depression. Times were tough and he struggled to sell many sets, eventually packing it away a couple of years later when his architect job became available again.

However, one of the people who bought the original game saw its potential and approached Alfred eight years later to buy the rights.  Alfred agreed but wisely insisted on a royalty from each unit sold.  Even so, Scrabble didn’t catch on straight away, selling only 2000 units a year, resulting in a loss. Over the next five years, Scrabble was rejected by every major game manufacturer.

Scrabble was set to fade into obscurity again … until one of those games fell into the hands of Macy’s Department Store president while he was on vacation.  He loved it and, when he returned from his trip, placed an order for more Scrabble sets.

Finally, Scrabble sales took off and, just a couple of years later, it was selling 4 million sets a year and was the new ‘must have’ game.

To make chocolate scrabble you will need:

A set of wooden scrabble tiles with the letters engraved into the wood and a scrabble rack (I found mine on eBay)
Reusable food grade casting gel (you can get it online here)
White chocolate, if it contains cocoa butter it needs to be tempered
Dark chocolate

chocolate scrabble
by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

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  1. 1agreeing

  2. Rating: 5

    Hi is there any cheaper type of gel you could suggest I am thinking of making one for my teacher.

  3. Rating: 5

    I love htis

  4. Rating: 5

    I’m making a scrabble cake, stumbled upon your video and thought that chocolate was a GENIUS idea for the tiles. Sadly, we at this house don’t have the old tiles that are indented and after scouring amazon, I still can’t find them. Do you possibly have any idea where to get them?

    • Hi Chelsea, You need to get your hands on an older set of scrabble pieces. Ann found an old set on ebay, but you could also see if any friends or relatives have an old set hidden in a cupboard!

  5. Hi Ann
    My kids love cake pop. But I failed chocolate melt for cake pop. What kind of chocolate should I use?

  6. Hi, approximately how many grams of chocolate would you typically use to make the tile holder and 8 letters? Many thanks and I love this idea….

    • Hi Rob, I estimate that a holder and 8 tiles will probably be about 115grams, though it would be good to have a little extra available for tempering and then molding.

  7. Hello Ann
    I am making the Lego City cake for my 5 year old nephew . Can you please tell where I can get the reusable gel from as I had never seen it before .
    I love your site so many great ideas
    Cheers Mandy

  8. Please can you tell me which supplier you got the scrabble tiles from. All the ones I’ve contacted ( around 8!) only have the tiles with the numbers painted on not indented in.

    • Rating: 5

      Finally found a supplier on eBay that sells the indented scrabble pieces. eric_birdwood. Making this for my daughters 12th birthday today… fingers crossed!

  9. my tiles keep floating to the top 🙁 I’ve tried stick them down, letting that set, then pour the gel on but that doesn’t work either. I’m in the UK so I’m using Composimold

    • Hi Sue, Ann had that problem to. When the gel was added, the odd tile would float up. Ann just pushed them back down and eventually they stuck as the gel cooled.

    • I had the same problem with the ties floating. I used a hot glue gun and glued the tiles and holder down, hot glue makes it so much easier to make the mould 🙂

      • Great idea Sheri.

  10. Is there any place to buy the food safe gel of a less expensive price?

  11. Any suggestions on the best way to make a mold from this using your food safe/re-usable molding materials?

    • it would be tricky. you would have to do the mould one half at a time

  12. you are a great cook and can you make a pokemon cake?

  13. hey! love your recpies!
    i made the scrabble

  14. I like to idea. Great Chocolate Scrabble.

    • thanks 😀

  15. What a great idea. Can’t wait to buy the casting gel and make these. Love all your recipes!

    • thanks Carolyn 😀

  16. great idea!
    but unfortunately i cant find any casting gel in germany 🙁

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