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My Baby’s 1st Birthday Cake – the Fondant Decorations

1st birthday cake sock monkey owl teddy bear fondant

The fondant decorations on this cake were based on some of my little ones favourite toys – I wanted something that he would recognise.  He gave the biggest smile when he saw the cake – priceless.

first birthday ideas sock monkey owl

Fondant Teddy Bear, Owl and Sock Monkey

first birthday cake ideas fondant teddy bear first birthday party ideas fondant sock monkey

Video Instructions for Fondant Teddy Bear

Video Instructions for Sock Monkey

Video Instructions for Fondant Owl

Here is the link to the book that I got the texture mats from.

To decorate the cake take it out of the freezer the night before needed (the mousse cake recipe is here) place the container of the mousse cake into some warm water to loosen it, turn out onto a cake board and then place back into the freezer to firm up.

Roll out some white fondant and place over the cake, smooth using a cake smoother. Colour blue and brown fondant and roll out on baking paper. Cut into uneven strips using a pizza cutter and ruler (just hover the ruler over the fondant – if you put it flat it tends to stick). Place strips over the cake intersecting in the centre. Once all the strips are places use a circle cookie cutter and trim away the centre circle of all the strips. Then use the cookie cutter to make a circle of desired color and place in the middle.
Place in the in fridge to defrost.

On the morning of the party poke the spaghetti from the decorations into the cake and serve. Note because the mousse cake is so moist the fondant may ‘ooze’ a little if the cake is out of the fridge (white sticky liquid from under the fondant makes a little pool on the cake board). Don’t panic just wipe the cake board with a tissue. This cake was out of the fridge for 2 hours before we ate it and it oozed only about a few teaspoons in one spot at the back.

Check out the rest of the party food here and see what was inside the cake in this post.

My Cookbook

ann reardon crazy sweet creations cookbook
Stores that sell my book listed by country:
All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. 1volumes

  2. Thank you so much . This helped me out ! My God Daughter wants this on her BD cake .You are very informative

  3. Babies 1st birthday was really so important. Many many thanks for sharing us the great article. I hope many people looking for this.

  4. Approciatien for this information is over 9000-thank you!

  5. Inspired by your work, I made the cake. thanks for the inspiration and all your time your getng to it.

  6. Hi Ann,
    I simply love your vids. You really take care of the details and the quality of your cakes. Am looking for a cake for my grandson’s birthday so I think I might just use yours if it’s not too difficult! Keep up the good job and share with us more of your creations! They are amazing!

    • Thanks Catherine

  7. A picture of the cake

  8. Hi Ann,
    I tried this cake for a baby shower, it was delicious ! You helped me took out the fear using a mousse cake with fondant!

  9. Love all your videos… you are so great in it … Thanks Ann.

    • thanks Monita

  10. I love yu x ur the best I Lyk the way u xplain everythin in detail thanks Ann

    • thanks Haleema

  11. Hi Ann,

    I have just made this cake for my son’s friend. Your tutorial was so easy to follow. Thank you so much for making these available. I am now going to attempt the cars cake for my son’s birthday this weekend!

    • this looks amazing Kate well done

  12. hi ann I was hopeing you could make more of these toppers please ? ty ann

  13. I’m so glad I found you. You are AMAZING:)

  14. hello! I would like to try out a fondant bear. But I would like to know if the fondant is edible after leaving it to dry for a few days before placing it on the cake on the actual day itself? Thank you

    • Hi June, it is hard but edible – my kids eat them like lollies as long as they are not too big – then it is a bit too much sugar so I won’t let them. : )

  15. Hi Ann, You are a wealth of information. I love the YouTube videos on what fondants to use. Thank you for share your knowledge. Do you have a “Facebook” page and/or Twitter account? Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Love it!

    • Hi TooTTiFruiTTi, Thanks for your comment. In answer to your question I deleted my facebook fan page a while ago – after various experiments and questions to youtube I found that I could not effectively communicate with my ‘fans’ without paying to do so. So for now people have the option of RSS or email subscription to the blog or youtube subscription.

  16. this is my finished bear on top of my son’s 1st birthday cake – i made him into a Charley Bear 🙂 – thank you so much for showing me how <3

    • Great cake Vanessa, thanks for sharing… I bet he loved it! Happy Birthday Nicholas and congratulations to you for making it through the first year – here’s to more sleep, lots of cute first words and a happy household in the coming year.

      • thank you heaps!!!

        i have been very blessed my son has slept through the night since he was 4 days old 🙂

        hope ur having a great week!! xoxox

        • wow 4 days… that is amazing. 14 months and still not quite there!!

  17. Thank you so much . This helped me out ! My God Daughter wants this on her BD cake .You are very informative !!

    • Glad to hear Joy – if you get a chance post a pic here in comments when you have made the cake.

  18. I love your teddy bear.
    Thank you very much for your post.

  19. beautiful cake! As a dessert catering company in Orange County, we do a a lot of special orders, but our first cakes never looked any where near as nice. Terrific job!

    • Thanks Eric

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