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Pink Ombre Cake Recipe How To

ombre cake recipe

Inspired by the ombre fashion trend this pink ombre cake is super easy and will delight your friends at your next party. You can just as easily turn it into a blue ombre cake or purple ombre cake but for my liking the rose pink is the way to go.

pink ombre cake

You will need:
Three 20cm (7.87 inches) round cakes (any flavour you like) baked and completely cooled. If you want to use the perfect sponge cake recipe you will need to make one and a half times the recipe to make three cakes.
Three quantities of simple buttercream recipe
One bottle of liquid food colour (here I used rose pink)
Plate or cake stand to present your cake on.

Make your butter cream in various shades and place it into ziplock bags
ombre cake recipe
Follow the video for easy piping directions

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  1. 3annotated

  2. Rating: 5

    Hey how many grams should I use of icing i’m stumped

  3. Rating: 4.5

    Can I have the recipe for the pink ombré cake

  4. Rating: 5

    Thank you for the tutorial, worked out great everyone loved it.

  5. Hi! I want to make this exact cake and frosting tutorial except I want to use your chocolate cake recipe instead of the yellow sponge cake. Do I need to double the chocolate cake recipe to get three 8-inch round cakes like in this tutorial? Also, can I make the cakes today, refrigerate them overnight in plastic wrap, then frost them tomorrow? Thanks!

    • Hi Katie, Yes you can use the rich chocolate cake recipe, one batch makes 2 8″ cakes so for 3 cakes you will need 1 1/2 times the recipe.

  6. I love the ombré cake gonna make it

  7. Hi Ann,

    I want to make a version of this cake for my son’s birthday. It will be blue ombre with horizontal petals. My questions are:

    1. How many times cake recipe would I need to feed about 30 people? I want to use the chocolate cake recipe of yours. I was thinking maybe 2x so 4 cake tins?

    2. I have a small oven so would I be able to make the entire cake mix at once and then only cook 1 tin at a time and store the rest in the fridge? Or will it not cook properly after refrigeration?

    3. Is food colouring from the supermarket ok or will I need to use too much to get a bright enough colour and result in runny buttercream? If so what brand colouring for blue would you suggest.


    • Hi Sally,
      One quantity of my chocolate cake makes 24 cup cakes so double will definitely be enough cake for 30 people. The only difficulty is in cutting a round cake into that many portions (think very tall skinny wedges), I’d suggest slicing across the cake and making rectangles instead of wedges.
      Most ovens will fit two round cake tins at once, I’ve never left the batter out before baking – mainly because I can’t fit more into my mixing bowl. I tend to measure out the ingredients for two batches into seperate bowls and do all the steps except adding the flour. Then add the flour & baking powder just before you’re ready to bake. The baking powder starts working as soon as it is wet.
      For this recipe I used regular liquid colouring from the supermarket, if you want it even brighter gel is easier to work with so the buttercream doesn’t split with the extra liquid.

  8. Hi Ann
    I was wondering,can i make an Ombre Rose cake with your buttercream used in this video? Do you think it will turn out well? And i really love all your videos 🙂

    • Hi Klara, Give it a go and let us know how it turns out.

  9. Rating: 5

    Here’s the other one

  10. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann I just want to tell you how inspirational you are to a lot of people especially myself. Here are a couple of ombré cakes I made for two different occasions.

    • HI Lorraine, Both these cakes look lovely. Makes me want a piece. Well done!

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