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Rainbow Unicorn Cake

rainbow unicorn birthday cake

A unicorn magically appears on top of this rainbow cake. Seriously you need to watch the video – this is a high tech cake!



Did you know apple individually reviews every app and update that is uploaded to their store? Great unless you’re waiting for an app to be approved, with no particular time frame you just wait. The unicorns are up in google play and will be up in itunes as soon as apple ticks yes. (Update: App now available in iTunes and google play)

unicorn cake

To make the unicorn rainbow cake you will need:

3 packets vanilla cake mix
1 quantity of ganache made with white chocolate
2 quantities of the american buttercream recipe
gel food colors in purple, blue, green, red and yellow
cocoa powder
Plus an additional 2 quantities of american buttercream

20cm (7.87 inches) round cake tins
lots of bowls for mixing colors
a plate or cake stand to serve the cake on
plastic zip lock bags for piping

Surprise Cakes app available now on:


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print out markers from Surprise Cakes page

rainbow unicorn cake how to cook that

Surprise Cakes app available now on:



Get it on Google Play

by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

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    What is the cocoa powder in this recipe for? I couldn’t quite figure that out.

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