Pink Ombre Cake Recipe How To

ombre cake recipe
Inspired by the ombre fashion trend this pink ombre cake is super easy and will delight your friends at your next party. You can just as easily turn it into a blue ombre cake or purple ombre cake but for my liking the rose pink is the way to go.


pink ombre cake


You will need:
Three 20cm (7.87 inches) round cakes (any flavour you like) baked and completely cooled. If you want to use the perfect sponge cake recipe you will need to make one and a half times the recipe to make three cakes.
Three quantities of simple buttercream recipe
One bottle of liquid food colour (here I used rose pink)
Plate or cake stand to present your cake on.

Make your butter cream in various shades and place it into ziplock bags

ombre cake recipe

Follow the video for easy piping directions

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100 Responses to Pink Ombre Cake Recipe How To

  1. Amy says:

    Hello Ann

    Can I frost the cake one day in advance? If so, how should I store the frosted cake until the next day?


  2. Amy says:

    Hello Ann

    Can I frost the cake one day in advance? If so, how should I store the frosted cake until the next day?


  3. amy says:

    Hello Ann
    Can the frosting be done one day in advance? How should I store the frosted cake until the next day?


  4. Stephani says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing, my daughter and I made this today. We did it in rainbow though, the frosting was a bit too soft (it was because we used cheapo food coloring and added more to get the intenseness) but it looked really good and tasted great!

  5. Sage says:

    Hi Anna :) Me and my Sister made this cake today and it failed, A LOT. It was surprising though, because I am a baker. I AM NOT BLAMING YOU. It was probably me that made the mistake. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve it for next time? Thanks

  6. Rheylea says:

    I’m going to the store to buy some frosting, just how many ounces of frosting should I buy?

  7. Charlotte says:

    I’m 11 and I made this for my cousins birthday and she loved it. Thanks so much for the recipe :)

  8. Anna says:

    This recipe look so cool, I love bakeing but since I am only 10 yrs old sometime my desserts are not so successful. Thanks for the recipe! :D

  9. Nora says:

    I am using a cream cheese frosting for a two layer cake (20 cms round each cake) how much frosting do u think I need ?

  10. Rachel says:

    Hi there

    thanks for this recipe just what im after for my twins birthday cake, how soon before the day can i prepare this cake? I imagine it is only 1 day prior… at room temperature or refrigerate?

  11. Kamylo says:

    Por fin encontré una guía, superespecial y elegante para mi afición.


  12. Dalilah says:

    I am going to make it for my mom’s birthday too!

  13. faith says:

    I made it for my moms birthday she loved it

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