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8 Piping Hacks You Should Know

piping bag hacks ann readron

Ever been stuck without a piping bag or the right tip? These hacks will save your cake. Eight different ways to cut a plastic bag to make it pipe these fast and easy designs.

Click here for my buttercream recipes.


1. The easiest cut of all- the line

Create a fine line for lettering, drawing and simple thin line decorations.

2. The large round cut
ann reardon pipie buttercream cupcake
3.  A pointy petal cut
decorate cupcake how to cook htat
4. The ribbon cut
decorate a cupcake piping
5. The star shaped cut
piping decorate cupcake reardon
6. The grass or monster hair cut
how to pipe grass
ann reardon buttercream pipe

8. Super fast flower cut.
piping bag cupcake buttercream

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  1. Rating: 4

    What piping bag brand do you recommend? What size would be best for what purpose (ex. how many cups fit in piping bag for 1 cake / dozen cookies..etc.)? Thank you.

  2. Rating: 5

    You are one of the most hardworking youtubers I have ever seen .keep up the fantastic work !!!??????

  3. Rating: 4

    I want to make a macaroon but I don’t have an actual piping bag. Is it ok to use a ziplock bag reinforced with tape?

    • Hi Ariel, yes a large ziplock bag with the corner cut off is perfect for macarons ?

  4. Hi Ann,
    I love your chocolate Pop Art and I have the idea of making a Pop Art Chocolate Portrait for a friends birthday this year. But I want to make it in a smaller size. Like A5. So I’m afraid the bubble foil will be to large. Do you have any idea for a smaller substitute?

    • Hi Natascha, you can buy the bubble wrap in various sizes from super large bubbles to quite small so check it out.

  5. hey ann i never get my royal icing hard enough….so do u have any tip for me??And i love seeing ur videos…..can u also make a video on types of cake???

    • Hi Gloria, Is is not firm enough to pipe or is it not setting once piped? Royal icing usually takes time to dry out.

  6. Hi Ann
    I am having troubles with make a cupcake recipe. Every time I try to have a go at making a cupcake mix it never works out. I was wondering can you make a video on how to make a cupcake recipe.

    • Hi Dhani, Ann has heaps of cupcake recipes. Just choose one and give it a try. Ann recommends starting with her chocolate cake recipe made as cupcakes, though it makes a lot. You may wish to halve the recipe. Here is another option:

  7. Thanks for all your videos, maybe a Nutella frosting for my cupcakes please ☺️

  8. What is the best frosting recipe to decorate the cupcakes like you do in the piping hacks tutorial?

    • Hi Heather, Ann thinks ganache tastes the best. She chills it, then whips and pipes it on.

  9. Love the episode could u try making a walnut whip

  10. Thanks for sharing. Excellent blog. This blog has a lot of information regarding my needs. I’ll defenately try this one.

    • Thanks for the great feedback.

  11. Ann can you make a Sophia the first cake

  12. Hi, you made it looks so simple and fun to make wonderful design on cupcakes. Just want to find out which brand of zip-loc bags you were using.

    • Hi Annie, Ann used glad bags but other brands are good too. Just choose strong ones.

  13. Hi I love watching all your amazing videos! I was wondering if u could make a teenage mutant ninja turtle cake…

    • Thanks for the suggestion Natalie.

  14. ann pls show me how to make frosting thanks

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