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8 Piping Hacks You Should Know

piping bag hacks ann readron

Ever been stuck without a piping bag or the right tip? These hacks will save your cake. Eight different ways to cut a plastic bag to make it pipe these fast and easy designs.

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1. The easiest cut of all- the line

Create a fine line for lettering, drawing and simple thin line decorations.

2. The large round cut
ann reardon pipie buttercream cupcake
3.  A pointy petal cut
decorate cupcake how to cook htat
4. The ribbon cut
decorate a cupcake piping
5. The star shaped cut
piping decorate cupcake reardon
6. The grass or monster hair cut
how to pipe grass
ann reardon buttercream pipe

8. Super fast flower cut.
piping bag cupcake buttercream

by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

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  1. Really great

  2. Really great hacks

  3. Hi Anne. I am 11 years old, and I absolutely love your videos. I am just asking what brands should I use for the plastic bags in the piping hacks video?

    • Hi Vincenza, Ann used the glad brand but other brands are good too. Choose strong ones.

  4. Please make a five nights at Freddy’s cake

  5. Please make a five nights at freddys cake

  6. Heyy Ann
    Do you know how to do a leaf piping tip and if you do, could you please tell me?
    Thanks 🙂

  7. Ann can you do a cool weding cake?

  8. hi Ann can you do a sophia the first cake because when i checked other videos their were so confusing so an yo make that

  9. Hi Ann! I was wondering were I can get those colorful bags you used in your video?? Thank you for making these awsome video’s! I LOVE THEM AND LOOK FORWARD TO SEE THEM EACH FRIDAY! Their the highlight of my week! 🙂

    • Hi cool bakergirl they were at my local supermarket, the brand was glad

      • Thank you!

      • Ann whenever i try to swirl frosting the colours always mix up

  10. Hi Ann,
    Loved the video! Thank you sooooo much!
    I watched your ice cream-making video again and I was wondering if you could do a video on making banofee (banana and toffee) ice cream. Thanks again!

  11. omg i love cupcakes theyre so yummy and thats a reaon why i lov this vdeo

  12. Thank you sooooooo much Ann.I was having so much trouble finding piping bags and piping tips.

    • Wonderful komal I am glad it helped 😀

  13. Hey Ann. What a great tutorial. Can u pls tell me what decorating tip i would use if i had them for each of the 8 hacks? Thanks so much. You are a fantastic teacher.

    • Hi Von
      1 #1 through to # 8 depending how big you cut it
      2 #9 through to #12
      3 #366
      4 #44 through to #48 again depending on the size of your cut
      5 #13
      6 #233
      7 none that are quite the same
      8 there is no tip like this

      • Ann you don’t reply to any of my comments please just this request make a sophia the first cake

        • Hi Nadia, Thanks for the suggestion.


    • Hi fantastic 16. Ann plans her videos well in advance, but thanks for the suggestion!

      • Oh okay! 🙂

  15. This is one the most useful videos that I’ve seen so far on internet (related to the pastry industry). I would love to give 2 thumbs up to your video if I could.. hehe.. Thank you very much for sharing! Greetings from Colombia!

    • TWO THUMBS up for me too! 🙂

    • thanks so much for your lovely comment Paola, very encouraging 😀

  16. Hi Ann,
    thank you sooooo much for this video because i only have 1 piping bag. Also what icing were you using?

  17. as i am a beginner (30 years old) witch piping bags do you recommend i am from australia.. please reply ASAP

    • Hi sarah, I mainly used glad bags

      • hello ann i was wondering if you could make a giant tim tam

  18. Hi Ann,
    thank you for the piping bag idea because where i live piping tips are at a very high cost.thanks so much Ann!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • Hey Sarah I agree it’s hard to find piping bags! 🙂

    • wonderful glad it helped sarah 😀

  19. Hi Ann, I have just discovered your website and have subscribed of course! I think you are totally amazing working so hard with your website and raising three children, you must have the engergy of at least 3 women!! I adore cooking, mainly savoury dishes and have developed recipes like you. I went through a few years of my life going down the ‘dunny’ as you say, where I lost everything because of my ex’s financial infidelity and lost my motivation. But seeing what you are doing has given me the motivation to pick myself up and get on with it again. I am British and now living in North Carolina USA, so hopefully I can start again. It is hard because I left my kids back in England. They are grown and live and work in London and I love them to bits! Thanks again Ann, I am totally addicted to your website and have spent the last few days watching your video’s and spreading the word – oh what joy!! You are the best Julie ;o) xxx

    • That was so touching thank you for sharing that! 🙂

    • Hi Julie, It sounds like you have had a tough time in the past. We hope things have really turned a corner and you can pursue what you enjoy. All the best with your plans.

  20. Thank you soooo much Ann, I was stressing that I don’t have the right equipments for my frosting décor. Interesting!

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