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Best Fiends Slug Cake

best fiends cake ann reardon

If you know the game ‘Best Fiends’ you will instantly recognize this cake as one of the slugs that you’ve been spending your time trying to defeat. His name is ‘devourer’ and this is one slug that you can overcome by serving him up to happy party guests.


To make this best fiends cake you will need:

One a half times the rich chocolate cake recipe
Buttercream x 2
Ganache made with 200g (7.05 ounces) white chocolate and 100ml cream
Strawberry Jam
5 cake pop sticks
1 central cake support
1 x 25cm (9.84 inches) round cake board
1 x 5cm (1.97 inches) small round cake board
900g (31.75 ounces) black fondant
20g (0.71 ounces) White fondant
100g (3.53 ounces) Brown fondant and 15g (0.53 ounces) green (optional for covering the board)

Slug Cake Template


Bake the chocolate cake in two trays
Print out the template and cut the shapes you need for each layer.

Heat the chocolate and cream for in 20 second interval in the microwave, stirring until smooth. Set to one side in the fridge to chill.

Whip up your buttercream and use it as is between he layers of the cake. For covering the outside of the cake mix in the chilled ganache to whatever buttercream you ahem left.

Make a hole towards one side of the board and push in the cake support rod. Check positioning using your template, the slug should sit to one side so there is room for the tail.

Stack up the first five layers of cake, starting with number one. between each layer spread strawberry jam and then some buttercream.

After layer five add three cake pop sticks cut to the height of the cake and add a small round cake board on top.

Stack up the remaining layers. Using the templates carve the cake into shape.

Collect up the offcuts and mash them up using a fork. Use that mixture to build up the slugs lip, tail and anywhere else that needs it. Now roll two balls of this mixture in the size of the eyeballs. Take cake pop stick, dip it in chocolate and poke it into the ball of cake. This just glues it onto the stick so it doesn’t fall off.
Once that is set dip the whole thing into the white chocolate. Once it is set follow the directions in the video to make it into the eyeballs.

Mix the ganache into the rest of the buttercream and use it to cover the whole outside of the cake.
Using acetate to smooth the frosting. Place in the fridge for 1 hour.

Take some white fondant and cut around each of the teeth, take the template off and smooth the front edges then leave them to one side.

Take your cake out of the fridge and cover it in black fondant, see the video for tips. Trim the excess off around the base leaving a little extra. Then trim it closer and tuck it under at the base.

Use the template to cut a strip of deep red and place that just under the top lip. Make an indent in the gum where the teeth will sit and add each tooth into place pushing it up into the gum.

If you like your an cover the cake board to make it look like the top of a tree stump as shown in the video.

For the tip of the tail roll a large tear drop shape and tuck it under at the back.

Add the eyes into place leaning slightly forward.

best fiends cake ann reardon

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  1. Rating: 5

    I really love your cakes 🙂
    But I couldn’t understand what you use to make the fondant look this shiny…?
    And does it make it sticky?

    • Hi Miyabi, This is an edible gloss spray that you can get from baking supply stores. Generally it doesn’t spoil the fondant, but if you are painting onto fondant with gel colors, it can make the color bleed or run.

  2. Can you please make a Minecraft cake.???

  3. Rating: 4.5

    Thanks Ann. Had fun doing this cake for my husbands birthday. Easy to follow instructions did look messy until I covered it in the ganache.

    • Ganache is a lovely finish to the cake isn’t it! Well done Julie.

  4. where should we go for this prize. which link????

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