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Recipe Cake Pops that Taste Good

how to cook that ann cake pops recipe non soggy brownie filling step by step with photos delicious, to die for, yummy

Cake Pops seem to be everywhere in the US, even starbucks has them, yet I have heard very little of them here in the land down under.  Their decoration can range from pretty, like my ones above, to extraordinarily intricate designs.  So I thought I’d give them a go.

I made three mistakes on my first attempt.   MISTAKE ONE: I assumed this would be a good activity for the kids.  It’s not!  The cake balls fall off when you dip them in chocolate unless you are very gentle.  MISTAKE TWO: Buying cheap white chocolate melts, they did not melt and  MISTAKE THREE: thinking they would taste as good as they looked.  Their texture was soggy, and tasted like what I imagine pre chewed cake would be like.

So I experimented and made up two of my own filling recipes for cake pops that are delicious, non-soggy and I believe will better suit the Australian palate.

Brownie Cake Pop Filling


This first filling is based on a great chocolate brownie recipe from my friend Tamalisa

100g (3.53 ounces) or 1/3 cup plus 2Tbsp butter
2 eggs
1 cup or 216g (7.62 ounces) sugar
1tsp vanilla essence and a dash of marsala (optional)
3/4 cup or 120g (4.23 ounces) flour (for those with coeliac I have tested this recipe with gluten free flour and it works well)
1/4 cup or 30g (1.06 ounces) cocoa powder
1tsp baking powder
Melt butter in the microwave.


Beat in eggs, sugar, vanilla essence and marsala.

Mix in flour, cocoa powder and baking powder.  Do not over-mix.

"how "how

Pour into a microwave cake pan and zap on high for 4 minutes.  Then for an additional 1 minute at a time until it is just done.  If it is still a little moist in sections that is just perfect for cake pops.


While it is still warm use an ice cream scoop to make it into pop shaped chunks and gently press it into balls.  Do not completely squash the brownie or try to roll it into balls.  The idea is to keep the cake consistency and texture.

Place balls on a tray, allow to cool and then put in the freezer for about 10 minutes.  (for dipping instructions skip past recipe 2).

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake Pop Filling



This one is my favourite, but it is harder to form into balls as the raspberries are scalding hot and the texture is a bit more crumbly.

To make these follow the brownie recipe above with the following alterations.  Omit the cocoa powder and add an additional 1/4 cup or 40g (1.41 ounces) plain flour. Add 1 cup or 140g (4.94 ounces) frozen raspberries, crushed into small pieces.

Put scooped cake in the freezer for about half an hour, then gently press into rounded balls.

Dipping Cake Pops

To make cake pops you will need some sort of stand to put them in while they are setting, you can use polystyrene, a big lump of playdoh or go out to the shed, get a piece of wood and drill a bunch of holes in it  – perfect!

You can buy sticks from cake decorating stores, or online.

Take the balls of cake out of the freezer and shape them a little more – not too much or they will crumble.

Melt a small amount of chocolate in a cup in the microwave – 30 secs stir, 30 sec stir…  Then take a stick, dip the end into chocolate and then poke it into the ball – not all the way through.  Place the tray back into the freezer until set.  This first bit of chocolate acts like glue to hold the cake on the stick.


Melt remaining chocolate so you have a full cup of chocolate.  GENTLY dip the pop into the chocolate, do not stir it around or it will fall off.  Tilt the pop or the cup until it is completely covered in chocolate.  Then hold it over the cup and with your other hand gently tap the hand that is holding the stick until the excess chocolate finishes dripping off.

(Note I took the pic above when using the tradition recipe so balls look a lot neater and rounder, brownie ones will not look as smooth as this pre-coated.)

Sprinkle with decorations and place the pops into your stand to set.


You may also find the following video clips helpful:

Cake pop video instructions for dipping and decorating

Nestle white chocolate melts v wilton candy melts


My Cookbook

ann reardon crazy sweet creations cookbook
Stores that sell my book listed by country:
All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. 2there’d

  2. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann,
    Do you have any suggestions on the eggy smell that comes in cakes? I don’t know how to get rid of that eggy smell and it is so overpoering at times that the cake tastes bad 🙁

  3. I can’t find where to purchase the frozen cocoa butter you mention in your videos.

  4. Hi Ann!! So I was wondering what I can use instead of eggs because unfortunately, I am allergic to eggs and really want to make cake pops.

    • Hi Kenia, We haven’t tested the recipe with any egg alternatives, so you will just need to experiment.

  5. Ann, can I just thank you for sharing your amazing God-given talent and for teaching us all how to produce your amazing cakes and desserts. I am making the Elsa cake and cake pops for my daughter’s 5th birthday and after trawling a few other sites already for making cake pops, imagine my delight when I came across your’s which answered my most pressing questions (do I have to buy candy melts or can I just use white chocolate melts, and how do white chocolate melts behave when coloured). Thank you and thank you again for saving me a heap of hassle.

    • Thanks for the great feedback Ann.

  6. Hi Ann,
    I’m a huge fan of your desserts and I think forgot how to blink for the last 2 hours I’ve watched your videos LOL.
    Is it ok to just pour the cake/brownie mixture into a cake pop maker and just pop it in the oven? If yes, I’m using a silicone mold, so how will that affect the temperature and time used to bake the cake pops?

    • Hi Jenny, Ann doesn’t use a cake pop maker but in principle it should work. You will need to experiment. Let us know how it works if you do and we can make that info available if other people enquire.

  7. look at this pic. 🙂 :* :p

  8. :* :p

    • Well done shirin!

  9. OMG it is SO good
    thank you Ann

    • Thanks Shirin. Enjoy!

  10. Hi ann, can you only back the cake mix in the microwave or is oven possible to? If yes, what temp. and time! Thanks a lot

    • Hi You can bake in the oven until just done

  11. This is the pic.. 🙂

    • they look great Melanie well done

  12. I love this recipe.. It is my first time ever making pops, I was abit worried about it but woowww…. it was so yumm.. I made them using cake pop makers, saving my time than rolling by hand lol Even my young daughter was very happy and said ‘ I love lollipop mummy, now you can mak eit. I gaiv you big hugs now “… She couldnt wait to eat while I was decorating it and standing beside me near the kitchen bench.. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing..

    • 😀

  13. this website is very good

  14. Hi Ann, great site! You’re very creative (:
    I’ve used the Wilton candy melts on various occasions, and I always fail with the white chocolate. I never have a problem with the cocoa chocolate as it melts very smoothly; however, the white chocolate never melts completely, or it gets “overheated” when I microwave it. I also tried the steaming technique and had no luck. Someone suggested I add some oil when I microwave it, any suggestions for me? Or another brand you can suggest if I’m adamant about sticking with white chocolate? Thanks!

    • Hi Vivian, The white chocolate does seem to burn more easily than normal chocolate. Use a bowl that does not get hot in the microwave to avoid hot spots. Microwave for 30 seconds, stir (and by stir I mean really stir it well even though it doesn’t look like it needs it, the microwave heats unevenly and you’ll have some that are hotter than others). 20 sec stir, 10 sec stir and then 10 sec stir until done.

  15. Hi, love your site, what are those white and pink sprinkles please?

  16. I am so glad I stopped in at your site. It’s wonderful! Your step-by-step instructions are so clear. I will attempt to make both the brownie and the white cake pops for my granddaughter’s family birthday (she will be 2yr.)

    Thank you for your posts. I will be sure to check it out periodically as baking and cooking is something I like to do.

    Majda – Toronto ON Canada

    • Thanks for your lovely comments Majda and happy birthday to your grand daughter.

  17. Hello! I really love your website! It’s amazing!!! I really want to make the Brownie Cake Pop recipe, but I saw that you have to microwave the mix… Is it possible to bake it instead? If so, how many minutes should I bake it and how many degrees should I set it to?
    I have the same question about the chocolate. Is there any way for me to do it without microwaving it?
    My family is against using microwaves, so I don’t have one anymore…
    Also, about how many cake pops would the brownie recipe come out to? I’m looking to make around 40 cake pops.
    I would appreciate if you answered my questions ASAP!!! Thank you!~

    • Hi Ashley,
      I’m glad you like the website, thanks for your lovely feedback.
      – the brownie recipe can be done in the oven to completely cook it – as in to eat it as brownies it takes about 15minutes at 180 degrees C (350 F). So for cake pops you want it to be a little under done, but not still liquid so check it from about 10 minutes.
      – for the chocolate bring a small pan with a few centimeters of water in it to the boil. Place a bowl over the top so that it sits over the pan and traps in the steam. Then add your chocolate pieces and stir until melted. Do not let the pan boil dry and be careful not to get steam in the chocolate (water will make it seize).
      – One batch of brownie recipe makes about 16 cake pops.

      • Also, what is marsala? Is it completely necessary to have this in the recipe? If it is, where can I get it?

        • Marsala is a sweet italian dessert wine, it helps bring out the chocolate flavour. You can leave it out of the recipe if you want to.

  18. Hi Ann – love the website, and love! this recipe 🙂
    Unfortunately, I am in Cambodia living in a house with only a single gas stove top plate thingy. And no microwave. So no baking at this stage for me!
    I will save this one til I get home – thanks!

    • Hi Jenni, What are you doing in Cambo? I just had holidays with other friends who live there, they said they can not get chocolate or dairy products in the shops – so I will have to come up with a recipe for you all. I thought honey comb would fit your stove-top only issue but she said no bicarb either. What ingredients can you get reliably?

  19. btw i made the cake pops using the chocolate brownie recipe, and thought I’d let you know i couldn’t stop eating them !!!!

    • They are rather moreish!!

  20. what is marsala that you add to the cake mixture? 🙂

    • Marsala is a sweet Italian fortified wine that is used in desserts like tiramisu. I like it in the brownies as it brings out a richness in the chocolate flavour.

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