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Easy Candy Sugar Balloon Bowls

how to make an edible sugar bowl

I love, love, love experimenting and developing something new that’s never been seen before on the internet or TV. As I write this there are no blog posts about this, no YouTube videos and no Pinterest pictures – it is just totally fresh and new. To be honest I didn’t think this idea would work, I expected that I’d get hot sugar splattered around the kitchen. But it really did work and they looked even more beautiful and amazing than I’d imagined they would. I’ll definitely be doing more of these.

Candy Splash Sugar Bowl Recipe
(Developed by Ann Reardon. IMPORTANT: if you use this blog post to film your own video or write a post PLEASE do the right thing – GIVE CREDIT AT THE START of the video/post and put a link above the fold to my original video. “I found these on the internet” is NOT giving credit, the internet is not a person, it does not create anything. I know that this sounds a bit like a rant but I’m really tired of getting blatantly copied without credit. C’mon, you can be better than that 🙂

300g (10.58 ounces) or 1 1/3 cups sugar
200g (7.05 ounces) or 1/2 cup glucose syrup
75mL (2.54 fluid ounces) water
flavouring and colouring (optional)
Candy Thermometer
Balloons (CAUTION make sure you have helium quality balloons and test with an un-inflated one first to check it does not melt).

how to make sugar bowl ann reardon

Fill your balloon with water and remove all the air as shown in the video. Dry with paper towel and rub with a little oil.

Mix together sugar, water and glucose syrup and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Wash down the sides of the bowl using a wet pastry brush. Heat the syrup up to 150C (302 degrees Fahrenheit). Remove from the heat and stir in desired colours. Then pour over the balloon.
sugar bowls by ann reardon
Leave to cool completely then make a small cut in the balloon and let it deflate.
sugar splash candy bowl ann reardon
Store in an airtight container until ready to use.
sugar splash bowl globe ann reardon
Sugar Bowl Part 2 and Danger WARNING

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  1. I made a Moana themed birthday cake for a friend’s child using this technique–I stabbed the drips into the cake to make a dome shape. It’s supposed to represent Moana’s “Heart of Te Fiti” stone thing.

    • That’s an amazing cake

    • Wow, that is so creative. Well done Emily M.

  2. Is corn syrup and glucose syrup same? I mean can we use corn syrup instead of glucose syrup?

    • Hi Sabhya, You can replace glucose syrup with light corn syrup. The ‘term’ refers to the colour.

  3. Hola Ann… no tengo termometro de caramelo, Cómo puedo saber si el caramelo ya esta en su punto?

    • Hola Nataly, Usted realmente necesita un termómetro de caramelo para este tipo de proyecto.

  4. I’ve been making sugar bowls for years, I used oiled tin foil over a glass bowl. the balloon makes an interesting shaped bowl.

    • Hi Jamie, Yes that is a very common method for making the bowls. Ann has used that method for a number of recipes as well. Here she was after that unique shape.

  5. I love your youtube shows i would love do some recipe’s. Of yours

  6. is glucose syrup the same as caro syrup?

    • Hi Nikki, Caro or Karo is a brand name. That company does make Corn syrup.

  7. Your sugar bowl looks wonderful, I will try this soon. But I made hand bag cake and it was successful, I’m still having good comments aboutthe ccake.
    Thasnk you for explaining things really nicely

  8. Can you make videos with translated subtitles

    • Hi Ismail, THe subtitles are already available in translatable form. If you watch the video and click on the subtitles tab at the bottom, then on the language option,You can adjust the settings on your video to provide translations in your choice of language.

  9. It worked like magic . Thank you. I turned it over . Flattened the drips on a hot surface filled it with fruits cheesecake and coffee bread.

    • That is awesome Viket.

  10. Reminds me of a cool trick I learned when camping as a kid. You can actually boil an egg in a paper cup placed right into a campfire. The water prevents the paper from burning. It’s pretty amazing to see!

    • Thanks Mark, That is really cool to know. I am going to give that a go sometime.

  11. how many small bowls does the single recipe make?

    • Hi Deveaux, The quanity in the recipe will make 2-3 bowls the size that Ann made. You could try to quickly reuse the syrup that has dripped off the balloon to make more but is hard to do that safely while trying to hold the one setting. Ann found it it easier to just make one at a time and get the finish they way she wanted.

  12. hi anne, so cool can you plzzzzz make an Australia day cake plzzzzzz

  13. What is Glucose Syrup? I’m unfamiliar with it but I’m in the U.S. Thank you for such a grat idea!

    • Its similar to light corn syrup – but made from wheat not corn. You should be able to swap out for light corn syrup. I always do, as I’m Aussie and can’t get corn syrups – only glucose syrup here. Glucose and Light Corn substituting for one another has always worked for me.

    • Hi Melissa, As Sarah mentioned glucose syrup and light corn syrup are basically the same thing. They can be used interchangeably. Both are readily available in Australia. In the USA it is more commonly called corn syrup or liquid glucose. If you can’t find it in the supermarket you can usually get at a Baking store.

  14. Bellissimo.!!! Le tue creazioni sono senza dubbio le più belle ed originali. Un mito!!! Volevo approfittare per chiederti un consiglio. Farò per il compleanno di mio figlio una torta di Wall-E in 3 d e non sono convinta di come sistemare la testa molto pesante su un collo molto sottile. Solo tu mi puoi aiutare!!
    Intanto grazie di questo super video che sicuramente riproporrò domenica hai miei ospiti!!! Troppo spettacolare

  15. This is definitely my new favorite website! This is amazing! I made this and my friends and family were wowed!

    • that’s wonderful Maya 🙂

  16. That is seriously cool!! Congrats on developing a new recipe! Can’t wait to give this a try. ? The finished bowls are quite beautiful! ❤

    • Thanks Viki, yes I was surprised myself at how beautiful they turned out 🙂

  17. Well done Ann, yet again. They are so pretty. Will have to try those with my grandkids.I enjoy getting your email each Friday. Bless you.

    • that’s lovely to hear. Just be careful because the sugar is super hot (I’m sure you know this but just because you mentioned the grandkids)

  18. Since the bottom of the bowls are round like the balloons do they sit properly on a plate or do they wobble and tend to top over?

    • Hi Penny, they actually sat quite well on their base, especially once you put in the ice cream etc it weighed it down a little bit

  19. Ann, another great creation ….love it

    • thanks Ana 🙂

  20. What do you do with the drip ? Do you melt it again or is it waste ?

    • No I just throw it out … my boys might have taken one or two as a treat 🙂

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