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Chocolate Decorations For Cakes

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 Here’s how to make chocolate decorations for cakes. Some people just don’t like fondant and if it is their special day then you need an alternative so you can make a cake that they will love. In this post we will go through four different styles of chocolate decorations that you can use around cakes

Not sure what chocolate to use? There is a post on chocolate basics here for you.




1. Chocolate Cuff Decorations for Cakes

You will need acetate which is thin clear plastic for making the cuff. You can buy this from cake decorating store and some art stores. Failing that you can use overhead projection sheets from office supply shops. If you want the cuff to be patterned then you can purchase chocolate transfer sheets which have a thin coloured layer of cocoa butter on them which transfers to the chocolate when you put warm chocolate on it.
You will also need about 200g (7.05 ounces) chocolate for a 20cm (7.87 inches) cake. Make sure you temper your chocolate first.

chocolate cuff how-to ann reardon

2. Chocolate Frills 
Compound chocolate is the best type of chocolate to use for this one as it is so thin it benefits from the higher melting point. You will also need non-stick baking paper which allows the chocolate to come off easily once it is set. You can colour the chocolate using oil based candy colors.

chocolate cake decorations ann reardon how to cook that

3. Double Chocolate Frill
Wrap a small area of the cake in chocolate and then wrap another sheet around over the top, you can pipe a pattern on the end of the chocolate where it will overlay. This provides a perfect looking cake with no join at the back.

chocolate cake decoration ideas

4. Chocolate Rectangles
This is one of the easiest methods, spread your chocolate evenly on some non-stick baking paper and then once it has started to firm up cut into equal sized rectangles. The smaller your cake the thinner the rectangles will need to be. Add them to the cake overlapping the whole way around.

chocolate cake decoration tutorial ann reardon

This cake is topped with homemade chocolate swirlies.

and a fresh flower in a flower tube

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  1. Rating: 5

    hi Ann, I really like your videos! Do you know how to make a chocolate butterfly? and do you make it like the other chocolate decorations?
    I would really like to make a forest cake with a butterfly!

  2. Rating: 5

    do you know how to make a chocolate butterfly? and do you make it like the other chocolate decorations?
    I would really like to make a forest cake with a butterfly!

  3. Hi Ann, I live in Australia too, and I was wondering if you know anywhere that I can buy the patterned chocolate transfer sheets like the ones used in the chocolate bg video?

    • Hi Tamika, Ann gets hers from ebay and Amazon. You could also try

  4. Hey Ann what type of cake should I make for my sister birthday party in the summer

  5. I was just wondering, a cake that just have those frills on the bottom. Does it not just fall to pieces as you start cutting the cake? How well does it look once cut?

    • Hi Gustav, as it is really thin chocolate it is best to cut it with a hot knife to keep the frills looking fabulous.

      • Thank you

  6. Hello Ann, thanks for the great tutorial. Could you tell me how to store the cake once its wrapped with the chocolate? I am planning to bake a mousse cake for a party and wrap it with chocolate (transfer sheet). Is it OK to leave the chocolate wrapped cake in the refrigerator and then take it out before the party? I am wondering if the chocolate would sweat and make it look soggy? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  7. wow rachel that’s huge I am glad he liked it 😀

  8. Hi Claire yes you can , it depends what country you are in as to where is the best place to purchase there are some here:

  9. Hi Lesley if you have cardboard supports between each their then yes you could use the sponge for this 😀

  10. Thank you so much! I used your chocolate frill technique for a cake and loved how it came out! I used it to make waves like the ocean, using an ombre effect from white to darker blue.

    • The waves look great good job.

  11. Hey ann could you please make a minecraft logo cake. I ❤️ Minecraft. If not then just a iPhone cake thanks

  12. By the look of the number of requests on the current video I’d say it will be coming in Janauary.

  13. Hi Ann,
    Your cake looks amazing as always and I love the new decorations tutorial. I was wondering how do you store the tempered chocolate after use, I’m afraid mine will seize up if I were to leave it out.

    • Hi Ashleigh if i have too much i usually spread it flat on foil to make a sheet that is easy to grate for next time

  14. that is one beautiful cake!!! love it and thank you for all of your tutorials.

    • thanks ahsley

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