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Five easy DIY gifts that will amaze you

diy m&m dispenser howtocookthat

These five easy DIY gifts will amaze you.  In less than 30 minutes you could whip up a bunch of candy cane hearts, pretzel sticks or an eye-catching chocolate puzzle.  With a little more time you could make some beautiful chocolate bark or an m&m dispenser that kids of all ages will love.

Our Christmas tree went up this week. The lights are twinkling and the advent calendar is on the wall counting down the days.  Our littlest one can’t remember last Christmas but egged on by his brothers he’s already very excited.  Yesterday he asked ‘Will I get a present?’  Little ones are so easy to shop for at this time of year – the toy aisle is a playground of delights.   The bigger boys are getting harder to shop for but we’ve got some good ideas … shhh I can’t tell you right now, they might be reading.

If you’re stumped on what to get someone special then why not make a gift ?  Here’s five ideas for you to try.


chocolate bark diy gifts reardon


Chocolate Barkchocolate pretzel sticks how to


Chocolate pretzel Stickscandy cane hearts reardon


Candy Cane Hearts
chocolate puzzle howtocookthat


Chocolate Puzzlediy gifts howtocookthat

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  1. You re the best dear ann

  2. Hi Ann,
    I always avoided doing things with chocolate until I saw your videos. I made a white chocolate rose before I understood the differences of the chocolates . Thanks to your blog and videos I’m experimenting with chocolate.
    I had my first opportunity to buy couverture chocolate at a local baking store. ( no one sold it till recently) What a beautiful easy product to work with.
    So with all your wonderful chocolate ideas and armed with your awesome info and videos , I look forward to my chocolate adventures.
    Thanks so much for all you do 🙂

  3. Thanks Mrs/Ms. Ann I was thinking of making the M&Ms despenser and giving it to my cousin for Christmas. But I don’t know where to find the wood at. I searched on google a long square piece of wood but I couldn’t find the right one. Also can I use different kinds of candy like skittles? Thanks again.

  4. Hi Ann, this was such an amazingvideo and it really inspired me! I was thinking of making the candy cane hearts for friends, and I was wondering, how much chocolate did you use for each heart? And also, could I use wooden sticks instead of cake pop sticks?

  5. Hi Ann, this was such an amazingvideo and it really inspired me! I was thinking of making the candy cane hearts for friends, and I was wondering, how much chocolate did you use for each heart? And also, could I use wooden sticks instead of cake pop sticks? X

  6. Love all your ideas!! and Presentations….where can I get supplies, eg copha floral/patterned transfer sheets in particular??? and textured mats?

  7. Could you please try more chocolate truffles or more chocolate designs

  8. Wow Ann! Amazing. I like all your chocolate truffles videos. You are an intelligent and creative lady. Just Love all!

    • 😀 thanks Anju

  9. Brilliant!

    • 😀

  10. can you make a masha and the bear cake

  11. Gen-ius………Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability……. you fall right under this heading.

    • that’s a big compliment Lisa 😀

  12. Your a freakin genius…

  13. I love the candy dispenser idea. What a fun and inexpensive gift.

  14. Hi Ann um I would like to know where you got this piece of wood

    • Hi Maily I purchased the wood a bunnings, a hardware store in Australia

  15. Ann,

    Your videos are so amazing yet people still dislike them. I try to remember to do this but I try to like ever single one of your videos that I watch. Most of the time I watch your videos I forget but inside my heart, I like them. But can you either post a list of the things you will need for the m&m dispenser because I am thinking of giving him that for Xmas yeah I am the nice one…. LOL but either post a list of things or email it to me. Hugs from Maryland, USA!

    • Hi there. The comment doesn’t seem to make sense but seems like you are insulting her videos. Why do that. She is probably the best anywhere around.

  16. Hi Ann!
    Love the M&M dispenser! I was wondering how much the length of the wood you used was? Look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Oooh, I was also wondering about how much you paid for your piece of wood? About an estimate would be fantastic!

      • Hi Anjila, I think it was about $3

    • Hi Anjila, measure the width of your wood and multiply by 80 eg if your wood is 1.75cm like mine then 1.75×80 = 140cm

      • How long was the piece of wood Ann?

  17. LOVE these ideas! Would you please post or email to me the directions for making the m&m dispenser? Thank you!

  18. c’est toujours un régal de vous regarder faire vos magnifiques créations; je ne m’en lasse pas; mille bravo !!!!

  19. Dear Ann,

    you are always the BEST! It’s so nice and easy. All what you are doing. I love you for that to bring so much sunshine in our life. My children loves you too and can’t wait for the next friday. Many greetings and hugs from Germany, Berlin

    • sending hugs from Australia Gabby 😀

  20. Thanks Ann I love your site and of course your truffles. Have just made the raspberry chocs. Do you keep your chocs in the fridge in summer?

    • Hi Robyn, yes I do 😀

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