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Modeling Chocolate Recipe (make modelling chocolate)

modeling chocolate recipe


Modelling chocolate tastes better than fondant but is not quite as easy to work with, so I find it good for smaller projects.  It does not set hard like fondant does so you can’t use it for some applications.  Normally it is made from corn syrup and candy melts, two very expensive ingredients in Australia so here I will give you a number of different recipes for you to try.

Chocolate Quantity Syrup Quantity Result Rating
100g (3.53 ounces) Nestle Melts 4 teaspoons Glucose syrup Workable but not as good as when made with corn syrup ***
100g (3.53 ounces) Nestle Melts 2 teaspoons Corn Syrup Smooth, good consistency ****
100g (3.53 ounces) Cadbury Milk Chocolate 8 tsp glucose syrup tastes good, texture a little ‘sticky’ not as smooth as using corn syrup. ***
100g (3.53 ounces) Cadbury Milk Chocolate 4 tsp corn syrup tastes great, flexible, pliable ****
100g (3.53 ounces) Cadbury Milk chocolate 1 Tablespoon glucose syrup plus
1 teaspoon water
Not good, crumbly *
100g (3.53 ounces) Wilton Candy Melts 2 tsp corn syrup The best results, pliable, flexible, smooth *****
100g (3.53 ounces) Wilton Candy Melts 2 tsp Glucose Syrup
1 drop gel colour
Very crumbly, useable but only just, breaks easily. **
100g (3.53 ounces) Wilton Candy Melts 4 tsp glucose Good, flexible, rolls out well ****

The modeling chocolate ingredients need to be combined carefully at the same temperature as each other so that it doesn’t seize, watch the video for instructions on how to do this.

The Wilton Candy melts and corn syrup definitely gave the best result with a smooth flexible modeling chocolate.  However by adjusting the ratio of glucose syrup to nestle melts an acceptable texture can be achieved.

modeling chocolate recipe how to cook that

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  1. Hello
    Is there away to create Modelling chocolate without a MICROWAVE. ( much appreciated if there is a method with equal result ) Dispirit

    • You COULD try a double boiler and a candy thermometer.

  2. hi! I am from sweden and I dont now where to find glucose syrup or corn syrup, but I found on a website that you could use light syrup instead. Is that true?

    • Hi Olga, Light corn syrup is a replacement for glucose syrup. Is that what you are referring to? These forms of syrup have a different structure to a home made sugar syrup. A home made sugar syrup would not suffice in this case.

      • TYVM you’ve solved all my prolbems

  3. Hey, I was just wondering how I should store the modeling chocolate after it is made. Thanks and I really like all of your videos!!!!!

    • Hi Katelyn, Ann recommends storing modelling chocolate double wrapped in plastic wrap and then put in the refridgerator

      • Call me wind because I am ablulotesy blown away.

  4. hey Ann
    I am a really big fan of your channel, my coach is having a baby shower for her baby boy, he’s almost here we are all so excited, anyway I was wondering can you get Wiltons candy melts in New Zealand as I would like to make these for her also how easy do these colour as I was hoping to turn them blue.
    Thank you so much Hannah

    • Thx 4 the recipes♨️

  5. Hey there 🙂 I was wondering where I can possibly find corn syrup ?
    Thank you

  6. Hi! Ann,
    Thanks for sharing this great recipe. But i was wondering whether we could use dark chocolate compound (The brand i use here in India is Morde) instead of real chocolate. if YES then what would be the ratio and the procedure followed for making modelling chocolate. Hope to hear soon from you… 🙂

    • Hi Ambi, Unfortunately we don’t have that brand in Australia so you would need to experiment with it to see what method would work best. Every brand and form of chocolate responds differently and sometimes the same product is actually produced with different ingredients or quantities in different countries. The bottom line is you just have to test out what is available to you. Compound chocolate is fake chocolate, so you could trial using a couple of teaspoons of corn syrup as per Ann’s video instructions for the candy melts. Just do a small quantity like 100g to start with and see how you go.

      • Thanks Ann. Will let u know the end result of my trial… 🙂

  7. Hi Ann, I am really a newbie at this 🙂 Can one use liquid fructose syrup instead of corn or glucose syrup and if so what is the quantity to use with Nestle / Cadbury’s chocolate (150g). I have noticed that Cadbury’s contains vegetable fat as well as cocoa butter. Does one have to tempered before using?

    • Hi Sonja, Great questions. Fructose has a different structure to glucose, so where a recipe calls for glucose syrup its best to use that or corn syrup. Fructose syrup wont produce the same result or taste. If the chocolate contains vegetable fat, then treat it as fake chocolate. Products by the same name, actually can be different things in different countries.

  8. “100g Wilton Candy Melts 2 tsp corn syrup The best results, pliable, flexible, smooth”

    I have 2 questions about this,
    1. Does it taste good?
    2. What if I switched the Wilton Candy Melts with the Cadbury Milk Chocolate?

    Please answer quick! Father’s day is coming up so I don’t have much time!

    • As well as that,

      Which recipe did you use for your, Chocolate Roses?

    • Hi Lauren, Ann says the wilton candy melts tasted ok. If you used the Candbury milk chocolate, you need to adjust the other quantities according to the table but the taste is much better. It is worth noting that Ann tested the white wilton candy melts here, not the coloured ones. We have found that the colourded ones give a different result.

  9. This is A LOT harder than it looks any tips?

  10. Hi Ann, the Americans use the modelling chocolate a lot for beautiful sculptures and 3D figures. Why isn’t this one suitable for that? Will it be if we add cmc? Thanks

    • Hi Tania,
      You will likely find that the modelling chocolate that is used for those sculptures is one that is prepared commercially and can be readily purchased in the USA. Ann hasn’t tried adding CMC to her recipe.

      • I had no idea how to approach this beon-erfow I’m locked and loaded.

  11. If you do not have corn syrup what I should replace it?

  12. can i use other chocolates i cant find candy melts, melts, Cadbury Milk Chocolate

    • Hi Tserendorj, yes you can. These are some commonly available options. Select what is available to you and experiment to see what works best.

  13. Will dark corn syrup work as well or do I need the light kind? I am gonna try to make this for mother’s day, May 10th, and my mom loves dark chocolate can I just use that kind or do I need the melts?

    • Hi Jane,
      It will all depend on what exactly you wish to make. If you wish to use dark chocolate as a base you will need to test the syrup quantity as each type of chocolate responds a little differently. Dark corn syrup will alter the colour of your chocolate which may not have a big impact on your choice of a dark chocolate. Ann hasn’t tested it so she says you need to be aware that the taste may be impacted by the dark corn syrup as well.

  14. Hello, quick question………could you melt the melts and corn syrup over a saucepan of water?
    Thanks for taking the time to read. Im totally addicted to the youtube channel!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Renee, Yes you can. So glad you are enjoyng the channel.

  15. Hello, I have 100 gr wilton candy melts, and 4 tbsp of wilton “glucose” will it work? Also with colored candy melts?

    • I mean 4 tsp

  16. HI, I am thinking about making the chocolate strawberry’s for my moms birthday this Thursday but i am still stuck on how to make the modeling chocolate? I am going to make it but I don’t need 100g I think thats to much for just the small Bokay of flowers. Please respond when ever you get the message
    Please i have little time and im in desperate need!

    • Hi Jayne, It is difficult to work with smaller quantities of chocolate than this. Just save what is left over for use at a later date.

  17. Love your work Ann
    I follow so many if your recipes 😀

    Im having trouble and was wondering if yu could help me
    I made modeling chocolate out of Cadbury melts and glucose since I couldn’t find karo and it turned out oily but I was able to make your chocolate roses fine and they tasted great. My friends loved them.
    Then I got Wilton candy melts and karo and now none of my modeling chocolate is working. I follow your steps exactly but when I try to roll the Chocolate out it crumbles. I made 6 batches and only 2 were usable but barely.
    They’re either so oily they crumble or they’re dry and crumble
    I didn’t have any issues using Cadbury and glucose so I don’t understand why I’m having trouble using the perfect ingredients and recipe
    I tried karo with Cadbury too and the results were crumbly

    The Chocolate sets overnight fine but when I put in microwave to heat it comes out really oily. I dunno what to do any more I’ve wasted so many ingredients and like yu say, they’re expensive here in aus
    Am I maybe overmixing the Chocolate and karo?

    • Hi Ehren, I chatted with Ann and she is wondering if it could be either of the following issues: We wondered if maybe the mix is getting too hot when you microwave it. Secondly sometimes when you shift between milk and white chocolate the results differ. You could if you want to try the mix with white chocolate and see if the results are better. Given you have found a method that works brilliantly for you, why don’t you stick with that!

  18. what do you do if you can let it sit overnight to harden? Please help

    • Hi Orielle, You really need the time for this chocalate to set.

  19. Hello there I just want to say you are a huge inspiration to me and I made your brownie cheesecake, I love how you make everything easy for people and come up with the best ideas, and feel sorry for the people that aren’t subscribed. Thank you so, so, so much from Poppy:)

    • Thanks Poppy. We so appreciate the feedback.

  20. Hey Ann. Here in India, we don’t get any products by Wilton and Nestle melts are extremely hard to find. Does this work with real white chocolate or compound chocolate? Also, corn syrup is hard to find. So does glucose work with real white chocolate? Is light maize glucose also an option here?

    • Hi Apoorva, These brands of chocolate are common her. Have a look at what you have locally. You could swap real white chocolate for the Cadbury milk chocolate. Wilton candy melts are compound chocolate, so you could substitute a local compound chocolate for this.

    • That’s a smart way of loknoig at the world.

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