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Modeling Chocolate Recipe (make modelling chocolate)

modeling chocolate recipe


Modelling chocolate tastes better than fondant but is not quite as easy to work with, so I find it good for smaller projects.  It does not set hard like fondant does so you can’t use it for some applications.  Normally it is made from corn syrup and candy melts, two very expensive ingredients in Australia so here I will give you a number of different recipes for you to try.

Chocolate Quantity Syrup Quantity Result Rating
100g (3.53 ounces) Nestle Melts 4 teaspoons Glucose syrup Workable but not as good as when made with corn syrup ***
100g (3.53 ounces) Nestle Melts 2 teaspoons Corn Syrup Smooth, good consistency ****
100g (3.53 ounces) Cadbury Milk Chocolate 8 tsp glucose syrup tastes good, texture a little ‘sticky’ not as smooth as using corn syrup. ***
100g (3.53 ounces) Cadbury Milk Chocolate 4 tsp corn syrup tastes great, flexible, pliable ****
100g (3.53 ounces) Cadbury Milk chocolate 1 Tablespoon glucose syrup plus
1 teaspoon water
Not good, crumbly *
100g (3.53 ounces) Wilton Candy Melts 2 tsp corn syrup The best results, pliable, flexible, smooth *****
100g (3.53 ounces) Wilton Candy Melts 2 tsp Glucose Syrup
1 drop gel colour
Very crumbly, useable but only just, breaks easily. **
100g (3.53 ounces) Wilton Candy Melts 4 tsp glucose Good, flexible, rolls out well ****

The modeling chocolate ingredients need to be combined carefully at the same temperature as each other so that it doesn’t seize, watch the video for instructions on how to do this.

The Wilton Candy melts and corn syrup definitely gave the best result with a smooth flexible modeling chocolate.  However by adjusting the ratio of glucose syrup to nestle melts an acceptable texture can be achieved.

modeling chocolate recipe how to cook that

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  1. Hello, could I use Agave syrup? Corn syrup isnt reafily available in my country

    • Hi Ti5i, Ann hasn’t tested this but as Agave syrub is dark in colour and has a distinct flavour it is not likely to work in the same way.

  2. Interesting fun things to see.

  3. I just subscribed to your site. The roses enticed me to look, I ‘am quite pleased with the ease in which you demonstrate the tutorials, very easy to understand. Thank you.

  4. hi ann can u use the 100g Cadbury Milk Chocolate with Almonds

  5. Hi Morgan, Thanks for asking. Many people don’t ask. I have forwarded your query to our email, so it can be responded to.

  6. Hi Ann,

    I am a big follower and fan of your work. There is something I wanted to ask you based on your expertise. Which recipe would you recommend best for hot humid weather (up to 39ªC) for modeling chocolate? Should the amount of corn syrup or glucose be diminished? Thank you so much!!!

    • Hi Rodrigo, Ann would keep the ratios the same. try to find an air conditioned area to make and model your chocolate.

  7. HI, I would like to make modelling chocolate but I an allergic to corn syrup and I cannot find glucose syrup is there any way to make it?

    • Hi Eleanor, there is no way to easily make a good alternative for this for use in modelling chocolate. You can order on line or find it in most supermarkets or at a pharmacy.

  8. Hello! First off I absolutely LOVE your tutorials, theyre all very amazing! I wanted to ask if you could make modeling chocolate and tempered chocolate out of dark chocolate? If so, would I need to treat it differently than the milk chocolate; would I have to warm it differently or use different temperatures? I want to make chocolate roses for my boyfriend but milk chocolate and white chocolate make him very ill.

  9. I have 326g of nestle chocolate chunks I would like to use…how much corn syrup would I need and will the chocolate turn out the same of I don’t use the melts u have chosen?

  10. Hi, I couldn’t find corn syrup or glucose syrup here is Egypt, so I used honey. The final product was a little bit too pliable. It doesn’t hold shape easily. Can I add tempered chocolate to it to make it firmer. I have made it tow days ago, can I add it to it now? I have a party coming up and I wanted to make chocolate roses.

    • Hi Heba, Honey won’t work as it has a different structure to glucose or corn syrup.

  11. If you need the modelling chocolate that day can you put it in the fridge to hurry up the process

    • Hi Leeza, You could pop it in the fridge but kep an eye on it as if it goes too firm it will become hard to work with.

  12. I am making a truffle towers for a group of teachers who have donated to help underprivileged children have an amazing Christmas and I want them to be special so how do you think I can go about making this? I’d love to hear back from you

    • Hi Chaz, I am not sure what a truffle tower should look like , but when Ann makes them, she like to make little gift boxes with a selection of truffles in them.

  13. Hi Ann,
    I’m thinking of trying your chocolate roses but I was just wondering about how long the chocolate would last out of the fridge on a warm day. A friends birthday is coming up and I think that they would be a great gift to give to her at school.

    • Hi Michelle, All chocolate is best kept cool. The fruit will also tend to only last a day or so out of the fridge.

      • Why do I bother callnig up people when I can just read this!

  14. Do you have to temper the chocolate if you are using real chocolate to make modeling chocolate ?

    • Hi Eve, no you don’t as you want it moldable.

  15. Can I use golden syrup instead?

    • Hi H, You can’t replace corn syrup or glucose syrup with golden syrup. They have a different structure and therefore respond differently.

      • how do it respons diffrently?

        • Hi Elina, Golden Syrup is an inverted sugar product that is golden in colour and has a strong sweet flavour. it will impact the flavour of your product and because it is made from cane sugar it can make you mix grainy in texture as it crystallizes. Corn Syrup or glucose syrup is clear and very mild in flavour making it a useful additive as. it is not as sweet and prevents crystallization so you avoid a grainy product. In the case of chocolate you would not want to add Golden syrup as it would shift the flavour and result in a grainy chocolate mix. Glucose syrup on the other hand, keeps the chocolate moldable and flexible and doesn’t detract from the flavour.

  16. Just wondering how long would this modeling chocolate last in a refrigerator ? Also how good is it for covering cakes would it be good to move from one location to another without breaking? I am very new to baking and am trying to do a birthday please help.

  17. Good day

    Please could you help
    Living in South Africa Glucose syrup and corn syrup are not readily available

    Is there a homemade version I could do
    Perhaps water ,sugar , cream of Tatar brought to the boil?

    Thanks so much

    • Hi Amanda, There is no easy to make replacement but their are online supplies in south africa. I hope you can source one that will deliver to you.

    • Hi Amanda
      I also live in SA and have no problem finding either glucose syrup or corn syrup. You will them both at any specialist baking stores, although I find the glucose to be much cheaper from pharmacies

  18. Hi Ann, this is my second time using modeling chocolate . Last time I used Wilton Melts , this time I used Belgian couveture white chocolate . The couveture chocolate was much more difficult , hard as rock, harder to knead and certainly not for large area coverage.
    I made a Kahlua/expresso cake with Kahlua/expresso buttercream and covered in modelling chocolate . My tree , crow and wolf were made of modeling chocolate with a royal icing cloud with s light inside and gelatin moon. I’m certainly no artist but have fun trying .
    I tried to add 33sec video showing how my moon lights up but no go and I couldn’t add any more pics 🙁

    • Wow Sheiba09, What a creation. it looks amazing. Congratulations on all your hard work.

  19. I made modelling chocolate using 100% Corn Syrup from the Chinese supermarket in the Netherlands, which I found in their Korean section. I used twice 100 and once 135 grams of milk chocolate (35% cacao at most) and 4 teaspoons of the syrup. The chocolate was good quality but not from any brand – in fact I used up all the remaining “chocolate letters” (which people give to one another for Sint Nicholas, 5th of December). The liter bottle of 100% corn syrup cost just 2 euros. All three batches turned out fine. It was very easy, and gave a lovely result. I could even roll it and apply it to the cake. And I made the strawberry roses with it too. — It meant I could return the Wilton candy melts with all their industrial ingredients to the store. The taste was excellent 🙂

    • The pucshares I make are entirely based on these articles.

  20. Which one would you use out of all of them?

    • Woah nelly, how about them apselp!

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