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Modeling Chocolate Recipe (make modelling chocolate)

modeling chocolate recipe


Modelling chocolate tastes better than fondant but is not quite as easy to work with, so I find it good for smaller projects.  It does not set hard like fondant does so you can’t use it for some applications.  Normally it is made from corn syrup and candy melts, two very expensive ingredients in Australia so here I will give you a number of different recipes for you to try.

Chocolate Quantity Syrup Quantity Result Rating
100g (3.53 ounces) Nestle Melts 4 teaspoons Glucose syrup Workable but not as good as when made with corn syrup ***
100g (3.53 ounces) Nestle Melts 2 teaspoons Corn Syrup Smooth, good consistency ****
100g (3.53 ounces) Cadbury Milk Chocolate 8 tsp glucose syrup tastes good, texture a little ‘sticky’ not as smooth as using corn syrup. ***
100g (3.53 ounces) Cadbury Milk Chocolate 4 tsp corn syrup tastes great, flexible, pliable ****
100g (3.53 ounces) Cadbury Milk chocolate 1 Tablespoon glucose syrup plus
1 teaspoon water
Not good, crumbly *
100g (3.53 ounces) Wilton Candy Melts 2 tsp corn syrup The best results, pliable, flexible, smooth *****
100g (3.53 ounces) Wilton Candy Melts 2 tsp Glucose Syrup
1 drop gel colour
Very crumbly, useable but only just, breaks easily. **
100g (3.53 ounces) Wilton Candy Melts 4 tsp glucose Good, flexible, rolls out well ****

The modeling chocolate ingredients need to be combined carefully at the same temperature as each other so that it doesn’t seize, watch the video for instructions on how to do this.

The Wilton Candy melts and corn syrup definitely gave the best result with a smooth flexible modeling chocolate.  However by adjusting the ratio of glucose syrup to nestle melts an acceptable texture can be achieved.

modeling chocolate recipe how to cook that

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  1. Can you make a microwave cake that is good

    • Hi Giselle, I don’t have a great microwave cake recipe but Brownies work well in the microwave or my ‘mini poppin cookin recipe’.

  2. Hi ann! I am Ashley the girl you gave a shout out to in Korea! I wanted a way to let you know that I saw it and thought it was awesome but I didn’t have a youtube channel. I am 9 years old and will turn 10 soon. I love baking and do it once a week. Thank you so much for giving me a shout out. Also sad story short my mom went to Korea again for a business trip for 1 year! Sad but I always feel happy watching your videos. Again THANK YOU

    • Hi Ashley, So glad that you saw it and that you sent your mum along.

  3. the only wilton candy melts i can find here in michigan is a 12oz 9340g) bag how much corn syrup will i need to ;use with this full bag? and I hear that the melts and the syurp need to be the same temp? it is freezing here and it is very hard to keep any thing warm in this house right now, can I add some of the melted candy to the syurp and then add that mixture to the rest of the melts? without to much trouble? I cant afford to mess this up.

    they are truly beautiful and hope that mine will be half as beautiful as yours are, thanks so much for sharing this

    • Hi Moni, I would gently warm the corn syrup before adding it to the mixture. Don’t let it get hot. If it’s too warm, let it cool a little before adding it. regarding quantity, if you use 12oz or 340g of melts, you will need 2tsps of corn syrup per 100g. That would be 6tsps plus 2/5ths of a teaspoon (or 32ml).

  4. Hi Ann,
    If the texture is crumbly with the Wilton melts and corn syrup? Am I reading this correctly, all I would have to do to get the smoother texture(almost there)would be to add more syrup?(I want this to work,I don’t have microwave)
    It’s borderline perfect. I go to roll it and its fine. After it’s rolled, dry and flaky like shaved chocolate.
    Easy to roll/knead again to get the texture. Hope you could reply soon? If not, back to the drawing board.

    • Hi K, It’s a bit hard without a microwave. It sounds like you just need to warm it a little more. Try kneading it for longer and see if the texture improves.

  5. I bought the regular melting chocolate how much corn syrup would I use:)

  6. Hi Ann
    I made the modeling chocolate all of them came out perfectly except the chocolate one is there a reason why?

  7. Hi Ann, very quick question.
    Is there any alternative to laving it overnight?
    I’d like to have it ready today. Any advice will help!
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hii i just wanna say that i love everything you do.with that been said,i wanna ask you if it is possible to make this modelling chocolate but with “a truffle ” kind of mixture.. ?!

  9. Hey Ann! Thanks for this great tutorial. Just one question how do I get the corn syrup and chocolate to be the same temperature. I don’t have a cooking thermometer. Thank you!

  10. I can’t seem to find the video for the modelling chocolate. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you.

  11. Hi ann
    I just bought Hershey kisses and corn syrup to do the modeling but don’t know the measurements to do it…. Can u pls help me out

  12. Hi Ann,
    Can I freeze my modelling chocolate? if so, for how long. Thanks.

  13. can whipping cream be used instead of heavy cream for making chocolate ganache

    • They are the same thing.

  14. Hi Ann in the u.s. Wilton are easy to find but can you use Hershey’s chocolate

  15. Hi !
    Candy melts and especially corn syrup are kind of hard to find here in France. But since they give the best result and I don’t like the taste of fondant …
    Anyway, how long can I store it ? If I want to make some decorations for Christmas cakes, can I make them a few days in advance ?
    Thank you !

  16. Hi Ann,
    I wish I had seen your tutorial earlier !!! I just wasted 1 kg of chocolate with Glucose syrup. Agggggghhh !! Thanks for your tutorials – I love them x

  17. Hi Anne just a question. Can I use white Cadbury dream chocolate and dark Cadbury chocolate with corn syrup?

  18. can golden syrup be used to make modelling chocolate instead of corn syrup

    • Hi shireen, I didn’t test that one, it would definitely taste different but you’d need to experiment.

    • I wonder if you tried this? I live in turkey and it’s the only syrup I can find:(

  19. fondants are better or modelling chocolate is better for covering cakes and which one tastes better

    • Modelling choc tastes better than fondant because it tastes like chocolate and you can cover cakes with it just like fondant but it doesnt set hard so if you need the modeling choc or fondant to set hard you should use fondant but other than that modelling choc tastes way better and fondant just tastes like sugar hope this helps;)

      • thanks a lot

      • This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrgitni!

    • modelling chocolate tastes better, fondant is easier to work with

  20. I can’t buy all the different colored melts I need. I also don’t have gel or powdered colors. Could I use liquid food coloring on white modeling chocolate after it’s been made? Or does the liquid coloring cause the chocolate to seize?

    • Good question Lauren, I did not try colouring it, has anyone else given it a go using liquid colour?

      • hi, (a little late but hope it helps) ive used liquid food color but it didnt work, better work with gel colors in melted white chocolate before you mix it with the corn syrope.

    • Try melting your chocolate together with some oil coloring.

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