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Rainbow Loom Band Cake

rainbow loom band cake how to cook that


Rainbow loom band bracelets are banned at my kids’ school.  The reason? Because they are not uniform.  They are however creative, good for fine motor skills and lots of fun, so all the kids still make them. They just don’t wear them at school or they hide them under their long sleeved shirts.

Imagine a super-sized edible rainbow loom brand bracelet.  I wonder if that would pass the uniform test?  We’d better not try. In the video I will show you how to make your very own rainbow loom band cake, complete with edible bracelet on top.  You can’t make it in the same way that you would an actual loom bracelet as food is not as stretchy as elastic bands.   I won’t try and explain how to make it in words, it is much easier if you watch the video.


To make the Rainbow Loom Band Cake you will need

2 quantities of the perfect sponge cake recipe baked in 4x 20cm (7.87 inches) round tins

2 quantities of frosting of your choice.  See this post for 7 frosting recipes compared in a taste and heat test. I’m using french buttercream.

1 large packet of candy snakes

1 packet of smarties

1 pack of mini m&m’s

rainbow loom band cake how to cook that



by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

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  1. 3backwoods

  2. Hi Ann Reardon,
    I love your loon band cake it’s so cool. What type of snakes can I use? Thanks.??

    • Hi Pauline, check out what is available in your local supermarket. I like the snakes that come in beautiful fresh bright colours for this cake, but you can choose whatever looks best to you. Choose ones that look long enough for you to bend or twist into the shape you want.

  3. Hi Ann, this is amazing. I am 13 and you have inspired me to think about being a professional baker. I have watched literally all of your videos!

    Thank you so much!

  4. Love your videos

    • Thanks Kletja.

  5. Hi Ann,
    I tried to make this awesome loom cake. Couldn’t get any snakes here in Germany so I brought some in UK (quite expensive with the shipping cost). Unfortunately they are way to short, so I tried make one ring out of two snakes. I found it most difficult to get the gum together so it sticks solidly and I’m afraid I can’t work it out. They fall apart as soon as I try to make the band. Have you got any recommendations? What may I have done wrong? Just followed your instructions on the video.
    Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. For quite some time I name the weekdays differntly: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Annday, Saturday, Sunday.
    All the best,

  6. I love this cake as I am a big fan of Looms. My friend gave me the loom made out of the gummy worms/snakes and I actually started screaming and I hugged her for about an hour because I was so happy! 🙂

    • Hi Jasmine, what a good friends, that’s awesome

  7. Hi, Ann
    if you pleas tell me who i can mad (homemade Cream of tartar)… its not avelable here in super market… thank my lover

    Mohammed al-jammal

    • Hi Mohammed cream of tartar is tartaric acid in powdered form, not something that you make at home. You can try swapping with a little lemon juice

  8. hi this cake is amazing and i’m hoping to recreate it for my mums birthday i was wondering if you could tell me how long it lasts without it being in the fridge?

    • it will need to be in the fridge until a little while before you serve it amelia 🙂

  9. Hi Ann,

    Is the sponge cake can be decorated using fondant? Thanks!!!

    • if it’s a small cake then a sponge will be good

  10. Hi Ann,
    This is amazing and very creative… Thank you for all of your videos and my favorite apps are Minecraft, Candy Crush, and the Surprise Cakes App. And again thank you for everything that you do and I am only 13 and you have inspired me and made me love to bake(I always have loved to bake) but you made so much easier for me. Thank You.

  11. Hello Anne and thank you once more for another genius tutorial! I would sooo much like to vote you, I just can’t find the link to do that

    • Hi Tesei voting has now closed but thanks

  12. Hello Mrs. Reardon,
    I LOVE your posts and website! They are SOO creative and innovative! FANTASTIC!
    I have to say, my favorite app is a toss-up between, IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and Wikipedia! I just love the both of them!
    I’ll be waiting with bated breath to see your next post!

  13. hi anne can you please make a recipie on cookie dough and icecream thankyou

  14. Hi ann. How is ur finger. You don’t have to use the snakes to make the big loom you could make a mold of real loom bands and then make a gummy mix and use that instead. My favourite app has to be YouTube Minecraft or a new game Kim Kardashian Hollywood it is addicting I stayed up till 11 waiting for an feed update. It makes more since if you play the game

    • Yes you can do that if like 😀

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