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Thomas The Tank Engine Birthday Cake

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If you have little boys, then sooner or later you are likely to be making a train cake, possibly even a Thomas the Tank Engine.  The train itself is fairly simple: slabs of cake, coated in butter cream with biscuit wheels, licorice details and carriages filled with lollies.  But the face is tricky. It does not work using buttercream and to make it out of fondant takes a little bit of know how.   This video shows you a simple trick to use when making the face for you cake.

 If you’ve never heard of fondant click here for fondant basics.


For a full 3D thomas cake video tutorial see this more recent post:


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  1. 1hacking

  2. Rating: 4.5

    Hi could you please tell me the diameter of the bowl you used in cutting the face please or is it the same as the largest cutter in your link for circle cutters?

  3. Rating: 5

    So glad I stumbled across your fabulous site! This is exactly what my little guy wants for his birthday and it looks as if it might juuuust be within my capabilities.(hopefully!). Just wondering what type of biscuits you used for the wheels? I was thinking of Arnotts Mint Slice but wonder if there’s something that’s a better size. Thx very much

  4. Hello, im trying to start up my own cake business for locals and friends and family, I keep getting orders for big design cakes but with NO FONDANT! I LOVE your page I have watched and learned every little thing from you :)) but I watched your Thomas the train cake and loved it! This is the cake im having to make but without fondant, can you give me any tips to help me please? ?

  5. Hi there.. Can you please send me a copy of your templates for the Thomas cake?

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