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Chocolate Glacage [glassage]/ Chocolate Mirror Glaze

chocolate entremet

Above is an entremet (recipe here)– covered in chocolate glacage – yes it was delicious!

The glacage needs to be made at least the day before you need it, but you can store it in the fridge for up to a couple of weeks.  The item you are covering should be frozen for glazing and then defrosted.


20g (0.71 ounces) or 1Tbsp powdered gelatin bloomed in 90g (3.17 ounces) or 1/3 cup cold water
200g (7.05 ounces) or 3/4 cup cream (35% fat)
300g (10.58 ounces) or 1 1/3 cup sugar
90g (3.17 ounces) or 1/3 cup additional water
100g (3.53 ounces) or 3/4 cup cocoa powder
250g (8.82 ounces) or 2/3 cup glucose syrup

chocolate glacage glaze glassage ingredients


Mix the gelatin with the cold water 90g (3.17 ounces) and set aside.

Heat the sugar, cream and remaining 90g (3.17 ounces) of water until it boils.

Remove from heat, add glucose and sifted cocoa powder.

Stir in the gelatin and mix well.

Strain through a metal sieve
chocolate glacage glaze glassage mirror glaze entremet recipe how to cook that ann reardon 3

Cover with plastic wrap and chill overnight

chocolate glacage glaze mirror glaze entremet recipe how to cook that ann reardon cover in cling wrap

To use the glaze follow video instructions below – melt in the microwave in 10sec bursts until reaches 28-33C (91.4 degrees Fahrenheit)

Cake or entremet to be glazed should be frozen.  Rub off any ice crystals.

Scoop and pour glaze over entremet allowing excess to drip onto a tray.

Once set transfer to serving plate and decorate.

chocolate glacage glaze mirror glaze entremet recipe how to cook that ann reardon 4a

glacage recipe credit to: patissierjourney

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  1. Hi. Can I substitute dark chocolate to cocoa powder? Thankyou. 🙂

    • Hi khan, I have not tried swapping the two, it should be OK but you are adding cocoa butter (in the chocolate) so would be better to use cocoa powder if you can get it.

  2. Ann – Love your web-site and your videos! Quick question for you. I’d like to make a white chocolate version and was wondering how much chocolate I must use to replace the cocoa powder. Also, can I use the glaze over a cake frosted (and chilled) with white ganache? Wondering whether the ganache will melt when the glaze is poured over it.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Anita, the cake needs to be frozen so that the glaze (which is basically a jelly) sets instantly when pouring it over. Yes white chocolate ganache is fine under it. To get a really white glaze you will need to add titanium dioxide (white food colouring powder) and just leave out the cocoa powder you do not need to add white chocolate.

  3. hey thx for the recipe… i want to make a transparent clear cold glaze. with gelatin and one without gelatin….
    plz suggest me the recipe and procedure… on my email id: [email protected] or here in open forum…
    thank you for awaited repply

    • hi sunil, without gelatin some people use apple jam melted, others apricot, you can use agar agar to make it or even cornstarch.
      with gelatin you need some glucose syrup, water and lemon juice to taste.

      • hey i wanna try with agar agar and starch. plz help in recipe and procedure.
        thank you

  4. Hi there! Thank you so much for taking time and effort to educate those of us who are not yet at the level of skill you already have 🙂 It is greatly appreciated!
    I have a question about this glaze – I live in Germany, and glucose syrup isn’t available here, but I have managed to find dry glucose (powder). Can I add some water to it and use this mixture in place of syrup? Also, can this glaze be used to cover cakes or is there an alternative for the cakes that give the same smooth and shiny finish? Thank you so much in advance!!!

    • Hi Marta, Dissolve 145g glucose powder in 35g water (you will probably need to heat it in a saucepan to dissolve it). This should give you 1/2 cup of glucose syrup. Yes you can use it on cake but you need to cover the cake in something first like ganache or buttercream and freeze it then pour over the glaze. SOme people just use ganache, heat it and pour it over the cake but it is not as shiny as this glaze.

      • Thank you so much for a speedy answer! Is there maybe a way to make ganache a bit more shiny, because when I use it, it dries pretty matte and lackluster..

        • You can add some butter and glucose syrup to the ganache to give it some shine but it still will not be as shiny as the glaze.

  5. I’ve been looking a recipe for the glaze like this for ages! This is great! Thankyou! One question: if I use gelatine sheets, how many do I need?

    • Hi Kakkumonsteri, Gelatin sheets come in different strengths so you will have to look at the packet and see how many sheets it says set what amount of liquid and do some calculations. The powdered gelatin that I use says that one tablespoon (approx 14g) sets 500ml of liquid. This recipe uses 20g so should set 714ml of liquid – read your packet and see how many sheets you need to set 715ml and that is how many you will need.

  6. Hi,

    I have been watching your videos and I love them, keep them posted.
    I have just one question regarding this mirror glaze. I have done my research online and all recipes use glucose. In one of my cooking books, they only use gelatine, sugar, water, cream and powdered sugar and I still got a mirror shine glaze. So my question is what is the purpose of the glucose when it’s the gelatine that makes the shine. Don’t seem to find the answer anywhere. The picture is my glaze after being set in the fridge for an hour

    • Hi Benny, the glucose helps stop the sugar from crystalizing. Yours looks lovely and smooth though, please do share the recipe for everyone to try.

      • 18g gelatine leaf
        235ml water
        300g caster sugar
        100g cocoa powder (baking cocoa powder)
        170ml whipping cream

        Soak gelatine in enough water to cover for a few minutes until soft, then squeeze off excess water
        Put water and sugar in a saucepan, bring to the boil and continue to cook over low heat for 2-3 minutes
        Add cocoa powder and the cream; Bring back to the boil and simmer for 4-5 minutes
        Take the pan off the heat, add the gelatine and stir until dissolved
        Pass through a sieve and leave it to cool.

        It’s best to use on a chilled cake or frozen dessert. Pour the chocolate glaze over the cake ensuring the sides are covered. Leave to set for about an hour in the fridge then decorate!

  7. Also, this is my first time ever corresponding with anyone this way, but I was so enamored with your work, until I just had to let you know, so thank you for this site, and all your posts, it’s very informative.

  8. Hello Ann, I was on YouTube today and I found your link about making chocolate bowl decorations using balloons. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! It led me to your website, and I must say, I’m just in heaven!!!! You are an amazing food artist. I do have one question though, for your chocolate glacage, is there some alternative that I can use instead of gelatin because I don’t use or eat gelatin unless its kosher. Lots of gelatin is derived from animal bones, including pigs, and being Muslim, I can’t eat it, so if there is no substitute that I can use, might you know of any kosher gelatins?

    • Hi Zakiyyah, Thank you for your lovely comment. If you google search halalgel you will find a pig free kosher gelatin made using other animals.

      • Thank you do much for getting back to me, I’ll definitely google that, thanks again

  9. Hi, does the cake have to be straight from the freezer when poring the glaze on top? Also, how long will it take for the cake to defrost?thanks

    • Hi Karen, yes it does. Think of the glaze as a chocolate jelly and you want it to set instantly when you pour it over, so you get it to just the right temperature before it forms a gel and then pour it over a cold surface and it sets in a thin layer. If it is not frozen you will end up with a really really thin layer as the rest just flows off before it has a chance to set. If you want it only on top of a cake and you have a cake ring around it you could pour it on and leave in the fridge to set because it is not going to run down the sides that is fine.

  10. Hi I was just wondering if i use white buttercream frosting to ice my cake, then can i swap the cocoa with white chocolate? im trying to add food coloring to make red, green, blue, etc….do you think this will work? i still want the shiny color. thanks in advance

    • Hi katrina, Butter cream will not give the same glossy finish as the glassage. Usually for a coloured finish the dessert is covered in something white like white chocolate ganache and then a coloured fruit glaze poured over the top, repeated if a more intense colour is needed. Try searching for fruit glaze recipes if that sounds like what you are after.

  11. Hi Ann…

    liked the way you do your recipes, simple to follow 🙂

    wanted to ask: the 200g cream in the recipe; is it a 200g of heavy milk? or chees cream? or a cream i need to prepare?

    Thank you very much &
    Wish you all the best

    • Hi Jadiya, The cream I use is what you call heavy milk. Happy baking!

  12. can we try this recipe using china grass instead of gelatine. please comment.

    • Hi Maggie, The short answer – not easily. The long answer – China grass sets at a different temperature to gelatine. China Grass gels at 32 degrees centigrade. The problem with this is that you would need to have it quite hot to pour over your dessert – so it is likely to melt a layer of the dessert and slide off. You would need to experiment with amounts and temperatures to see if it will work for you.

  13. what is glucose syrup exactly? can we make it at home?
    love your desser! so easy on the eyes.

    • Hi Nirmal, are you in the USA? If so glucose syrup is called corn syrup there

      • I only have dark corn syrup; could I use that without it affecting the food color?

  14. HI, how much is 90g of water in ml?

    • Hi Doris, When using water 90g = 90ml

  15. Thank you very much, you are awesome….

  16. Hello,

    Your glacage recipe looks fantastic, I am in the process of trying it as we speak. I have a couple of questions, why do we chill and re-heat versus using right after making? Also, why the gelatine?

    Thank You,


    • Hi Mike, you could just cool it to the correct temperature but you would be waiting for ages, I find it simpler to make it the day ahead and then just reheat. The gelatine makes it set – think of it as a chocolate jelly, you get it to the temperature where it is just about to set then pour it over something cold and it sets instantly leaving a thin layer. If your glacage is too hot it will melt the top layer of your entremet or dessert that you are covering and slide off, if it is too cold it will be gluggy and not smoothon your dessert. Remember to take a photo of your finished dessert – you can upload an image with your comment.

  17. hallo… you have a nice recipe, and i wanna thank you for sharing it with us…
    I have a question, what is i want white chocolate? i can chop a white chocolate and melt it? i hope you answer if you have time… looking forward for your reply…thanks and Greetings from the Netherlands…

    • Hi Grace, If you swap the cocoa powder for white chocolate you will end up with a semi transparent glaze – so it will only look white if what you are glazing is white. You can get white food colour – titanium dioxide – I have never tried it but it may work. Let us know how you go.

  18. Thanks for this recipe and your great website. I’m making this at the moment to use in another recipe.

    Just thought I’d point out that there is a typo just above the video ‘330 C’ rather than ’33 C’. Reading it through the first time I was a bit worried about having to get it so hot!

    • Thank you Shaun, all fixed! I hope your dessert turned out to be amazing.

      • It certainly looks very nice! It’s a Valentines Day thing for the partner. The recipe called for a flocking finish but I didn’t really want to buy a paint gun just for that!

  19. How do i make a strawberry and green type mirror glaze

    Thank you for your reply


    • Hi Rainer, Most pastry chefs use a commercially bought gel for these coloured glazes. As they tend to be transparent you will need to cover your cake in white gnache or buttercream first to get a smooth colour and covering. I have not yet come across a good recipe for making a strawberry glaze from scratch using ingredients available at the supermarket … if any readers have one please share.

      • you can use pectin nh for the strawberry glaze
        400 gms water
        240 gms sugar
        16 gms de pectina nh
        6 gms lemon juice
        340 gms strawberry pure
        heat the water and lemon juice up to 60*c then add sugar and pectin nh bring to boil remove from stove and add the pure let it cool down befor use

        • thanks juan – where did you source the pectin nh?

  20. Do you have a recipe for the actual cake/dessert in the picture? It looks so good. (:

    • Hi Emily, yes I do have the recipe I just have not got around to posting that one yet… I will bump it up higher on my list for you.

    • Hi Emily entremet recipe is now posted for you.

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