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Chocolate Peanut Dessert Recipe

chocolate peanut dessert recipe reardon 

Chocolate, peanut bomb with caramel sauce. This is rich, crunchy, gooey and impressive – you’ve got to make it for your friends, or just for you. Pour over the hot caramel sauce and watch the top melt open and then dive your spoon into the rich goodies that await inside.


To make the chocolate peanut dessert you will need:

400g (14.11 ounces) dark chocolate (you will have left over, use below) Check your chocolates ingredients if it contains cocoa butter it is real chocolate and must be tempered or will not hold its shape at room temperature, please see this previous post on tempering.

135g (4.76 ounces) dark chocolate
110g (3.88 ounces) milk chocolate
225millilitres (7.61 fluid ounces (225.05 millilitres)) or 1 cup minus 5 teaspoons of cream (any cream that is around 35% fat is good)
60g (2.12 ounces) egg yolk (approx 4)
30g (1.06 ounces) or 2Tbsp plus 1 tsp sugar
chocolate crémeux peanut brittle
1 cup or 216g (7.62 ounces) superfine (or caster) sugar
1/4 cup or 63millilitres (2.13 fluid ounces) water
100g (3.53 ounces) or 2/3 cup unsalted roasted peanuts

Easy Caramel Sauce
75g (2.65 ounces) or 1/3 cup butter
100millilitres (3.38 fluid ounces) or 1/3 cup plus 3 teaspoons of (35% fat) cream
100g (3.53 ounces) or 1/3 cup plus 1 Tbsp and 2 tsp of brown sugar

Powdered Peanut Butter
2 Tbsp or 30g (1.06 ounces) smooth peanut butter
3 Tbsp maltodextrin powder

chocoalte peanut dessert how to cook that

Equipment Used:
Candy Thermometer
Sphere mold


by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

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  1. Hello ho long does this recipe take to make?

    • Hi Joni, It will depend on your skill. If you make all the elements prior, they can be assembled in 15 minutes. The separate elements all take time to make and cool/set. So allow 3 hours to do it all.

  2. Hi ^^ I have to thank you, I’ve made this today, on Valentine’s day and my boyfriend almost died with happiness. I have never made anything remotely similar (never successfully made caramel sauce and temper chocolate), I used aluminium molds for muffins and then peeled them off. I used cookie crumble instead of peanuts 😀

    • before I poured over caramel 😉

    • Great work Nika, It looks phenomenal and I bet it tasted the same.

      • Thank you, everybody was drooling over it 🙂

        • Our pleasure!

  3. Hi I used a spoon to line my silicone moulds but the edges just cracked! How do I line the mould so that the edges don’t crack? Or in other words how do I get a thicker chocolate lining?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Saba, You could try one of the following . Either let the chocolate sit in and cool in the molds a little longer so it is thicker before tipping out the excess. You want to make sure the chocolate around the edge of the mold is not too thin. I personally have found it sometimes works to do 2 coatings of chocolate building up the wall of the sphere, though you need to be careful not to melt the first layer and you don’t want the wall too thick or it won’t melt as easily when served.

  4. How many does this recipe make?

    • Hi Preston, At least 6 serves.

  5. Hi
    First of all I have been waiting to try these for a very long timesnd will do so on suterday!!! I am so Excited!
    Wanted to ask how many do you get from these quantities?

    • Hi Ela, You should get 6 desserts at least.

  6. hi Ann,
    i have dark chocolate compound which has vegetable oil in its ingredients.
    can i use them for making these spheres and will these spheres stay at room temperature.

    and secondly, do you use real chocolate in your recipe as mentioned above or dark chocolate compound?

    thank you

    • Hi Shadma, To get beautiful shiny spheres like Ann makes you will need to use real chocolate and temper it. These will hold their shape but like all chocolate will soften and melt if they become too hot. You could use fake or compound chocolate and these will hold their shape too. Compound chocolate won’t appear glossy or ‘snap’ the same as real chocolate but the biggest difference is in the taste. Real chocolate tastes so much better.

  7. Can I make the chocolate ball and the caramel sauce a few days in advance?

    • Hi Katja, Yes you can.

  8. hi my dad isn’t a big fan of chocolate but do u think the rest will do the job for him to be able to like it

  9. Can I replace the eggs? I’m not allowed to use eggs at my house in India.

  10. If my chocolate doesn’t completely melt after adding the cream eggs and sugar is it okay to microwave it until it’s completely melted?

    • Hi GordanRamsy, It won’t be a good idea to heat the mix or it may split.

  11. Hi!
    I want to try your recipe this week but I don’t have maltodextrin powder.
    How can I replace it?

    • Hi,
      Where do we have to keep the bomb if we want to make them in the morning for evening?

      • Hi Charline, Keep the bombs in the fridge though take them out about 30-60 minutes before serving so that the chocolate will melt easily.

    • Hi Charline, Unfortunately there is no readily available replacement.

  12. Hi, I’ve just made the spheres as you explained it – but they are really thin and tend to break when I want to get them out of the mold. What can I do to make them thicker?? Should I put in another layer of chocolate after the first is hard? I hope you can help me 🙂

    • Hi Mira, Ann suggests letting the first layer set then create another layer of chocolate over the first, just as you describe. You will need to remember that the thicker the chocolate, the more sauce you will need to melt the spheres. When assembling put the thinner hemispheres on top and that will help.

  13. hiya, would you please be able to post a written method please asap?? need it for my cooking exam next week! x

  14. Which sugar is used in the cremaux

    • Hi Hafsah, this would be caster sugar or superfine sugar, which is the standard baking sugar.

  15. Just wondering do we need to refrigerate the spheres after we place them in the mold?

    • Hi tblkly, if the chocolate is properly tempered it will set firm at room temperature, though refrigerating it may speed up the process.

  16. Quick question, what temperature does the caramel have to be to melt the chocolate? I imagine quite high but would like a precise number if possible. Thanks!

    • Hi Francesca, The hotter the caramel, the faster the chocolate will melt. Ann likes hers hot, but you don’t want it to burn. Heat it in a saucepan till it starts bubbling and thn remove from heat. The actual temperature will depend on the caramel you have made and how thick it is.

  17. instead of filling the molds with chocolate and tipping it out again could you use a brush to brush the chocolate inside. by the way i love your baking . i have started baking a lot since watching you. thank you for inspiring me to bake

    • Hi hafsah, if you brush the chocolate it will usually be too thin and break easily.

  18. Please say how much it makes at the end like in the chocolate peanut desert. Thankyou

    • Hi Hafsah, it will make at least 3 spheres but it will depend on the size of your hemispheres.

  19. I would like to try this recipe. Could you tell us for how many serving this recipe make?

    • Hi Udi, It will make at least 4 serves, more if you are less generous with the fillings.

  20. hi Ann,
    firstly, i love ur work. tried to remake the truffles u made and they turned out fantastic. i was just curious about how do i recreate this recipe without the eggs. can an egg gel work? if yes, then how much? thank u and keep up the great work!

    • Hi Pallabi, Ann hasn’t tried making this recipe with an egg alternative.

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