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Giant Twix Bar Recipe

giant twix bar recipe by Ann Reardon


Giant Twix bar recipe makes two 1kg (2.2 pounds) twix bars, we gave this one to a wonderful young lady who volunteers some time each month to work with deaf children in Fiji.
Learn how to make the Twix bar and hear more of her story in the video.
Make a box from thick cardboard 37cm (14.57 inches) long x 7cm (2.76 inches) wide x 6cm (2.36 inches) deep
Then using some thin cardboard line the base to make a curved base.
Line the box you’ve made with non-stick baking paper.

Twix Bar caramel recipe

1 cup or 250ml glucose syrup or light corn syrup
1 cup or 250millilitres (8.45 fluid ounces) cream (35% fat)
1/2 cup or 125millilitres (4.23 fluid ounces) full cream milk (4%)
1 1/2 cups or 324g (11.43 ounces) caster (superfine) sugar

Twix Bar Biscuit Recipe
1  1/2 cups or 330g (11.64 ounces) butter
1 cup or 218g (7.69 ounces)  sugar
6 or 90g (3.17 ounces) egg yolks
600g (21.16 ounces) or 3 3/4 cups all purpose (plain) flour
120g (4.23 ounces) or 1 cup of skim milk powder
70millilitres (2.37 fluid ounces) or 1/4 cup plus 1 tsp water
1/4 tsp salt
Bake at 150C (302 degrees Fahrenheit) for 10-20 minutes

giant twix recipe video ann reardon

600g (21.16 ounces) of chocolate to cover the bars, some of this will be left over but you need this amount to pour over the bars. You can use either compound chocolate, which you can just melt, or real chocolate which you will need to temper. Check the ingredients. If it contains cocoa butter it is real chocolate. There is a post on how to temper chocolate here.

twix recipe by how to cook that

With thanks to Virginia Carabez for all the wonderful work she is doing with deaf children in Fiji, watch the video to find out more. Carabez Alliance website


by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

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  1. We don’t have Caster Sugar in America. What do I do? Please reply immediately because I am planning to make this as a gift and surprise for my school and family. Please help! Thank you SO much.

    • Hi Abrianna, it is sometimes called superfine sugar.

  2. Love this…went down very well at my 10 year old’s birthday party. Thanks so much for the amazing instructions down to the finest detail.

    • Oh by the way, the written instructions say 10 mins for the biscuit but the video says 20 🙂

      • Gorgeous! Great work Catherine!

  3. Hi An, I was wondering how long are the cardboard rectangles that you put the chocolate and caramel in?

    • Hi Tayla, Ann gives this in the recipe: Make a box from thick cardboard 37cm long x 7cm wide x 6cm deep.

  4. do you know where to get a candy thermometer

    • Hi babyrae, you can get these at supermarkets, cake decorating stores and online suppliers.

  5. Hi Ann! What can I use instead of glucose syrup or light corn syrup?

    • Hi Ale,
      These are the most readily available and most suited product to make this recipe. You can’t replace it easily with another type of syrup without changing the flavour or the texture.

  6. Is there something I can use something instead of the skim milk powder?

  7. How long will this keep, want to make it a week or two ahead of Christmas!

    • Hi Emily a week ahead would be okay.

  8. Hey,

    This recept is literally amazing, I couldn’t choose between the Twix and the Mars but I choose for the Twix.
    But the problem is, I don’t have any of that syrup in the local supermarket do you know a solution?
    Already thanks for reacting!

  9. Hello!
    I’m making this recipe today,but I;m going to present it in 5 days, so I was wondering if the caramel could last so long (in the fridge maybe?) or is it better I cook it the day before?

    • Hi Krys, It sshould be fine to make it a few days ahead.

  10. Also could I use a hand mixer for the biscuits instead of a stand mixer?

    • Hi Lois, You could but a stand mixer will make it much easier.

  11. Do you know where to buy skim milk powder in the US?

    • Hi Lois, we are based in Australia but for what we can tell it is available in supermarkets and online stores in the USA. It is also referred to as Non-fat dry milk powder.

  12. from where do u buy the glucose
    I am not from Australia

    • Hi ragad, Glucose syrup is usually available from supermarkets and cake decorating stores. We don’t know what may or may not be available in your region, but those are two great places to check out first.

  13. I cant believe how intelligent you are I will try to do something fabulous so you can make me a giant bubbly[milk diary]hahahahhahah lov u soo much and lov ur cakes too

  14. How do I print out the TWIX label?

    • Hi Maureen you can find Twix logo type fonts on the web. Select the one that you think suits best and print it out at the size needed for your bar. If you can’t print it out large enough, try enlarging it on a photocopier.

    • awesome but can you add what you need

  15. Hi,

    Love your work!
    What size and type font have you used for the TWIX writing? How do I go about printing that?

  16. Hi Ann, if I want to do only one giant twix bar, can I halve the ingredients?

    • Hi Valentina, Yes you can halve the ingredients.

  17. I love this recipe however I revised a few things because of convenience. Instead of the skim milk powder I used 2 cups liquid skim milk and no water. It then took around 30 minutes for the biscuit to bake because of the liquid. Also for the caramel, I just used heavy whipping cream instead of the two different types of cream. And also just a tip, try to get the chocolate also on the bottom because I didn’t have enough and it just keeps sticking to the wax paper because of the caramel on the bottom. the result does actually taste like a twix though! Thanks for the recipe!

  18. Hello Ann, I love this recipe and will be recreating it at the weekend! If I used shop bought caramel and gave it a good whisk but didn’t heat will it be ok to use? Many thanks

    • Hi Ria, You could try it but it won’t set like the caramel in the recipe. It will likely taste different as well.

      • Hi Ann, thank you for your response. I will make it how you suggest as I want it to be perfect.

  19. Do I have to make the caramel or can I buy caramel and melt it?

    • Hi Kaitlin, We have had another subscriber try this but reheating caramel changes it’s consistency and it sets rock hard. It will be much better to make it.

  20. Can i make d biscuit 1day in advance???

    • Hi Sayo,
      It will be fine to make the biscuit the day before. Just keep it in an airtight container or very well wrapped.

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