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How to Pipe Butter Cream Flowers Using Only a Ziplock Bag

how to pipe buttercream flowers tutorial using only a ziplock bag

Believe it or not, you can make these buttercream cupcake frosting flowers using only a ziplock bag. They are super easy and quick, making them ideal if you need to frost a large number of cupcakes with buttercream.

I wanted to develop a way of piping flowers without the need for specialty nozzles and piping bags. Ā It took a few experiments but, in the end, I figured out which direction to place the cuts to make the flowers turn out beautifully.

If you need buttercream recipes this pageĀ ‘butter cream frosting for cupcakes recipes’ has recipes ranging from easy to advanced. For a more recent video tutorial on this topic click here.


Buttercream Rosebud, Camellias and ChrysanthemumsĀ Tutorial

how to pipe easy buttercream rose bud cupcakes

These cute rose buds can be made quickly and easily using just a ziplock bag. Ā It is a bit hard to explain the cuts and technique in words so watch the video below for rose buds, camellias and chrysanthemums.


Buttercream Full Rose, Daisy and Leaves

amazing buttercream roses leaves and daisy tutorial cupcakes

How to pipe an easy buttercream rose using only a ziplock bag

This next video shows you how to pipe the leaves, full roses and daisies again using only Ā ziplock bag.

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  1. Dear Ann,
    Your creations are amazing.. I love them.
    I have tried to do your Elsa cake.. It was 40% came correctly.. But I’m happy it was my 1st doll cake.. Thank you very much for sharing of your creations with us.. Cheers..

  2. Can beginners who never learned how to make icing flowers try this?

    • Hi Pewee, beginners can easily have a go but the more your practice the better you will become!

  3. Hi Ann, I tried to make the camellia flower. I realized that my icing was coming our of one side of the slit more then the other so i kept piping until both sides had icing coming out. When I tried piping again, the icing went everywhere. It was a huge mess. Very sloppy and messy.

    • Hi Melissa, if you are finding the frosting getting sloppy then you can pop the bag in the fridge for a while to firm up.

  4. I really think this neat. I really like the idea of crazy cookies. If you have any other great ideas please share them with a new recipe.

  5. You are amazing, thank you so much, i was searching for cup cakes ideas for my daughter’s first birthday.

  6. Thank u very helpful

  7. Thank you very helpful

  8. Hi ann can you make a 3d smurf cake

    • Hi Leo_10. Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. This is awesome! thanks so much, really helpful!

  10. Thanks Ann! Your site was a great help when making these cupcakes. I’m so pleased.

    • well done Rebecca!

  11. Hi Anne!

    You’re amazing, you explain everything so beautifully …so encouraging. I going to try the zip lock bag technique right away. Thank you so much.

  12. hey Ann , i love ur website a lot have made the princess cake with a lot of success however i think i did something wrong with the fondant. i even tried the flowers on the cupcakes they were just amazing thanks a lot and plz keep uploading such amazing projects

  13. Hi how amazing you are!! I just love it !:) you explain everything perfect
    Love your page. Thank you for the inspiration I just star making cakes by fun and I star loving it Now I just want to be baking all the time šŸ™‚

  14. Hi,

    This is lovely. Do you have the same ideas for other tips like star and basketview.

    Thank you,

  15. Hi Ann,
    If I want to decorate a cake with flowers, what type of icing do you think is best? I have been told Royal Icing works well, but I’m not sure what sort of icing is best. I need them to be durable (well, durable for flower standards!) because it needs to be transported a bit.
    Thanks šŸ™‚

  16. Hi Ann!

    I am in love with your website!!! So helpfull, so many cool projects!!!

    I can never seem to perfect my piping. Do you have to chill the frosting prior to piping? Help!


    • Hi chloe, I don’t chill my frosting before piping but if you live somewhere very hot you may need to.

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