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Recipe for home-made fondant (sugar paste)

fondant recipe sugar paste recipe

Fondant Recipe Ingredients

1/2 cup or 176g (6.21 ounces) glucose syrup
1 tablespoon or 15ml glycerin
1 tablespoon or 14g (0.49 ounces) gelatin
1 tablespoon or 15ml water
900g (31.75 ounces) or 7 cups plus 2 Tbsp pure icing sugar
Extra 1-2 teaspoons of water as needed

Fondant Recipe Directions

Place the glucose syrup and glycerin in a heatproof bowl.
Sprinkle the gelatin over the top and then add the water. Leave the mixture for 1 minute for the gelatin to swell and soften.
Microwave for 30 seconds, stir and repeat until mixture is clear.

fondant recipe for sugar paste

Sieve icing sugar into large mixing bowl and pour in the glucose mixture.
Mix on low speed with electric mixer using a dough hook. If needed add the additional 1-2 teaspoons of water.

sugar paste fondant recipe
Once it forms a ball in the bowl tip onto the bench and continue to kneed until smooth.

If not using immediately wrap in plastic and then store in a ziplock bag.

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  1. Hello Ann!

    I really love your work <3 ! It's amazing~ I did this yesterday but why is it dry? I tried to add a water (not really much) and it turns out glossy instead of matte ? O.o Then when i rolled it out using my rolling pin its cracking. 🙁

  2. Hi
    I am a strict vegetarian and wanted to know what I could use instead of gelatine?

  3. Hi Ann,

    How do I make the curved part as I cover the cake?

    • Hi vera, do you mean the curved part on the top of the bassinet? If so make it ahead of time and let the fondant dry out hard. To get that shape use a smooth clean ball that is the right size for the cake.

  4. Hi….

    Can you please indicate the procedure….

  5. Ann, tanks soooo much for all your recipes, you’re like an exaple to me 😀 Your web site helps me a lot, almost save my life, LOL
    Lots of Love from Mexico <3 😀

    • Hi Vanessa, thank you for your lovely words I am glad that my blog has been able to help you 🙂

  6. Hi Ann, I live in cairns, Australia. Where can I find gel food colouring? And a good cake decorating store? Thanks.

    • Hi Maria there is apparently a new store called cake rescue I am not sure what they stock though. I have purchased online from cakes around town and found that they package up their products really well and they always arrive in good condition.

      • Okay. Thanks Ann

    • Spotlight sells the gel colours

  7. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for this recipe. I haven’t tried it yet but am planning to make some this weekend in preparation for my daughter’s 5th birthday. I am a little bit concerned on how this icing tastes since I read in some sites that fondant icing doesn’t taste good. How does this taste? Will 5-6 yr old kids love it? Can I put some flavoring on it such as vanilla extract? In terms of hardness, is this fondant rollable/pliable or does it harden too much like gum paste?

    • Hi Diane, Fondant icing tastes sweet, very sweet. Some brands have different tastes due to additives being added to preserve it and make it more pliable and as such some people prefer some brands over others. I did a taste test with my kids using 7 different types of fondant including this one and marshmallow fondant and they liked the cheapest store bought one the best. But happily ate all of them. Most adults peel it off the cake and leave it. Duff fondant can be bought flavoured. You can add flavors yourself but the problem is most flavours have colour in them so if you want white that is an issue. Also the flavors might add too much liquid, you could try boiling them down a little to concentrate them. This icing needs to be double wrapped in plastic and stored in a airtight container. For pliability and hardness see the fondant review post here

      • Hi Ann,

        Thanks for the tip. I did the recipe last Sunday. However, the fondant that I created was too crumbly and could not stick together. Is there anything that I need to do to prevent this from happening? Or was there something that I have missed or should watched out to prevent the icing from being too crumbly?
        The only time I deviated from your instruction was that I double boil the gelatin with glucose and glycerin since I do not have a microwave at home. Put it on the stove and double boil it over a low fire but the mixture didn’t turn clear as you have mentioned. It became a white liquid.. So, I end up heating the glycerin, glucose and gelatin mixture for a long time since I was waiting it to become clear.

        • Hi Diane, if you heated it for a long time it is possible that some of the water evaporated off and you may need to add more water.

  8. wot ur doing for people is amazing.u might nt know it but ur making alot of pple hapi,pple from all around d world.i made this fondant n it was awesome.thanks alot.may d gud things of life neva be far from u.cheers.

    • Thanks so much Hilda 🙂

  9. hi i am making a fake dummy wedding cake,how long does the fondant last,is it weeks or months,thanking you in advance mags

    • Hi Margaret, purchased fondant lasts for longer because it has preservatives added. For a dummy cake that will be on display long term I would use commercial fondant and it should last for a year, after which time it will be looking dusty or you may wish to update styles. If you only need it to display for the short term eg a few weeks this fondant will be fine.

      • thank you so much,im getting married new years eve and wanted to make dummy cake ages in advance,i can now because of the information you gave me,love you mags want to express big thank you for responding to me so quickly and will send pic of finished dummy cake xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Hi, What type of cake will hold the weight of fondant. Approx what size cake will your home made fondant cover and how thin to roll it. Do you have to keep cake in the fridge once done? I love your website. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • Hi Jenny, No you do not have to keep the cake in the fridge once done. This recipe makes 31 oz which will cover a cake that is 4 inches high and 8 inches round or 3 inches high 10 inches round. Roll out to between 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick, I prefer it a little thinner.

  11. Hello, can i leave out the glucose syrup and glycerine – as I do not have either at the moment? Or do I need to replace it with something else? Thanks!!

    • Hi Elaine you can leave out the glycerin but not the glucose syrup, can you find corn syrup ?

  12. My fondant recipe is a marshmallow one with just water and confectioners sugar and vanilla….will that not work with all the time needed to create this masterpiece??? I have never made it another way—-is it easier to work with using the other…we just like the taste of the marshmallow one better…..don’t want to start it and have it fall apart…help??

  13. Hi, thanks for the great videos. I am a newbie to cakes and decorating them. I am going to have a go at the princess cake for my daughters birthday. I would like to make it 2 days ahead as the party is the day after her birthday. I have the orchard white icing. Will it keep ok or will it go hard during that time?

    • Hi, if you leave it for 2 days it will set quite firm in that time, I would not be worried about that though more about the cake being fresh. Make sure you use a generous amount of sugar syrup so that it is still moist.

  14. Hiya dere
    Do I have to use gelatine ??? Is there any thing else I can use to replace the gelatine because I’m a vegeterian ????

    • Hi Shabnum, you could experiment with agar agar which is from seaweed but it sets at room temp so all your ingredients would need to be hotter when added.

  15. Hi there, what can i use instead of glycerine? 😀

    • Hi Zynnie, if you can’t get hold of glycerine you can leave it out, the recipe will still work.

  16. Does it have to be pure icing?
    What if I use the icing with corn starch ?
    Cuz I am from hong kong. And it’s hard to find pure icing.

    • Hi Kty75, I have only ever made it with pure icing, I believe that if you add the cornstarch it will dry out quicker, but by all means give it a go and let me know how it goes.

  17. I don’t have a microwave, could I still make it? If so, how?

    • Yes, just heat a pan with a cup of water at the bottom on the stove top, place a bowl on top of the pan (it needs to be too big to go in the pan so it sits off the water and traps most of the steam in). Stir until heated and smooth.

  18. Hello….

    How can you make a very white fondant icing? Is there a white food gel color for it? My fondant cake icing is not so white as in white white color.

    • Hi Sam, the fondant is fairly white, but to make it whiter you could buy white food colouring powder titanium dioxide

      • A very tiny drop of blue color will make your fondant look whiter

        • thanks for your tip Teresa

  19. Hello,

    I am from France and I would like to know what kind of gelatin you are using. It is agar agar ?
    Thanks for your answer.

    • Hi Yaya, no agar agar is different to gelatin. Agar agar sets at a higher temperature than gelatin, you have to refrigerate gelatin to make it set, agar agar will set at room temp

  20. hello after you make your homemade fondant what is the best stuff to use to colour it, also do i just kneed it by hand again untill the fondant is fully coloured. Many Thanks

    • Hi Tracey, Use gel colours as they have intense colour so you do not need a lot of them. If you are making multiple colours then yes I would then kneed it in by hand, you can see this post for a demonstration. If you only need one colour you can add the colour to the liquid before you add your icing sugar.

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