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Teddy Bear Cake

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Only one of my boys ever got attached to a particular teddy… Godfrey was teddy’s name. He has to come with us on every trip and once he nearly got lost at a US airport. The other two kids just love all teddies equally and will easily swap which one, if any, is on their bed. This teddy bear cake would be suitable for a baby shower, first birthday or well beyond if you have a special teddy.

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To make this teddy bear cake you will need

Teddy Bear Template


Chocolate Cake Recipe
This makes a lighter chocolate cake than I usually use for carving, for my favourite dense one use two of this recipe

170g (6 ounces) dark chocolate
3 cups or 750millilitres (25.36 fluid ounces) hot brewed coffee
6 cups or 1308g (46.14 ounces) sugar
5 cups or 800g (28.22 ounces) plain all-purpose flour
3 cups or 360g (12.7 ounces) cocoa powder
6 tsp baking powder
2 1/2 tsp salt
6 large eggs
1 1/2 cups or 276g (9.74 ounces) vegetable oil
3 cups or 750millilitres (25.36 fluid ounces) of milk (4% fat)
2 tsp vanilla

teddy bear cake how to cook that video

Combine the chocolate and hot coffee. Once the chocolate is melted mix until smooth. Add in the oil and milk. Beat the eggs until foamy and add into the chocolate mixture. Sift together all of the dry ingredients and then mix into the wet mix.
Bake at 180C (356 degrees Fahrenheit) in:
* 2 x round 20cm (7.87 inches) cake tins
* 2 x 500ml pyrex bowls (add 2 cups into each)
* 2 x 1L (0.26 gallons) pyrex bowls (add 3 cups to each one)

30g (1.06 ounces) light blue fondant
50g (1.76 ounces) white fondant
20g (0.71 ounces) black fondant
50g (1.76 ounces) pale grey fondant

4 x american buttercream recipe mixed with
ganache made from 200g (7.05 ounces) white chocolate and 60millilitres (2.03 fluid ounces) cream (35% fat)

Supports and a small round cake board for inside the cake.
grass piping tip and piping bag
This cake will provide 30 generous serves.

3d teddy bear cake ann reardon

by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

My Cookbook

ann reardon crazy sweet creations cookbook
Stores that sell my book listed by country:
All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. Lovely Cake !! Can u please tell the time required for the cake

    • Hi Anila, To make this cake we recommend allowing 2 days. You could do it in one day if you are very experienced.

      • Rating: 5

        Thank you also the Time required for it in the oven too!! You are extremely good teacher !

        • Hi Anila, Ann prefers not to give an exact time for cooking as when she does and people stick to it, you fine that some cakes are undercooked or overcooked or unevenly cooked. It all comes down to your oven and how accurate and even it’s temperature is PLUS the size of the container you are baking in. As a rough guide when Ann makes tray cakes she starts checking them from around 15mins. The deeper the container the longer it will take.

  2. Rating: 5

    hi how are you…you are one talented woman and I love baking and creating too…just wondering my son wants a paw patrol cake made for his birthday and was wondering could you a cake of paw patrol…not sure what you could come up with but I’m needing a little help….please…thanks
    regards christine

  3. Rating: 5

    Hi there.
    I just brought the template but when I printed it out its rather small.
    how big is it ment to be thanks

    • Hi Kim, The template should be printed at 100% on standard sized paper. If your printer isn’t scaling the image then the size should be accurate.

  4. Rating: 5

    I can’t find any Pyrex or oven proof bowls that are the same size, so i was wondering if there is anything else i can use instead?
    Also I love your videos 🙂

  5. Your recipe did not work and the cake is not rising and its staying a big bowl of mushy yucky batter with bubbles. What is wrong.?

    • Hi Mia, It sounds like you have made an error somewhere. Check your ingredients and quantities. You may need to start again.

  6. Rating: 5

    Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials. I made the teddy bear cake for my grandsons 1st birthday. I had two attempts because the first i made too big (used 1 and 2 litre bowls instead of 500ml and 1 litre). But in the end it turned out just beautiful.

    • That is fabulous to hear Judy. Do post a photo of your creation if you have one!

  7. Rating: 5

    Have you made Star Wars cakes because I’m a big fan of Star Wars.

  8. Hi! What do you use for support the body? I can see that you use spagetti for the smaller parts, but what about the big ones? Like arms?

    • Hi Line, Ann used cake pop sticks for the arms.

  9. Can you please direct me where to find a tiny teddy shaped cake?

  10. Rating: 5

    IT LOVE !. Do you have to use coffe can you use tie. Can you make a dog cake.

    • Hi Cora, you can make the cake flavour anything that suits your tastes.

  11. Rating: 4.5

    Hi Ann! I was wondering if instead of frosting I could put tempered chocolate inside the piping bag to make the fur of the teddy bear. Thank you and your videos are amazing!

  12. I’m looking for a yellow dump truck with Oreo cookie dirt pattern

  13. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann, where did you buy your piping tip?? i keep looking but have had no luck so far. p.s you inspire me to make cakes look amazing.

    • Hi Jena, This is the one Ann used: Ateco Decorating Tip 234. I have added a link in the blog above.

  14. Rating: 5

    Could we put this cake in the fridge as there is fondant on it ?

    • hi sohelia, yes you can. just don’t leave it for more than 14 days

    • Hi Soheila, Yes you could.

  15. hey Ann!
    can you tell me that if we make half of this chocolate cake’s recipe, will it be enough for two 8 inches round cake?

    • Hi Maliha, one lot of the chocolate cake recipe should make 2 eight inch round cakes.

  16. Rating: 5

    How many servings are in this cake do reply as I need to make it on my sons birthday

    • Hi Farah, You will get 30 good serves from this cake, more if you make the servings smaller.

  17. Could you please tell me how tall the body of this cake is (so I know how long the supports have to be).

  18. Rating: 5

    I love teddy!!!!!
    but the cake!!!!
    I I fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!!! really sorry, what i not can to order behind $4.99 Sorry, Ann, sorry me. But the cake I like!

  19. Rating: 5

    I was wondering if you could do a 3d Dalmation cake, it would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Rating: 5

    Amazing cake once again. You’re a real inspiration. I watch your videos weekly and have made quite a few of your creations. Sending a huge thanks from Dubai and a blessed 2016.

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