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Best Chocolate Cake Ever

Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever


Have you ever been disappointed by a dry and tasteless chocolate cake? Well then this is the recipe for you. This is my all time favourite chocolate cake recipe. It makes a rich moist cake that tastes like chocolate. The photos below are from making four times the quantities listed in this recipe – to make a cake big enough for 100 people. The picture above is from one quantity of this cake, layered with chocolate mousse, centered with orange creme brulee, coated in chocolate glacage and decorated with tempered milk chocolate.


Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 1 hour 30 min
Total time:1 hour 45 min
Yield: 15 servings
Serving size: 1 medium slice
Calories per serving:460 (1350 kj (322.66 calories))
Fat per serving: 26g (0.92 ounces)

200g (7.05 ounces) 70% cocoa dark chocolate
315g (11.11 ounces) or 1 1/3 cups plus 2 tbl spoons margarine
8 eggs
2 1/4 cups or 486g (17.14 ounces) caster sugar
1 1/4 cups or 200g (7.05 ounces) plain flour (use GF flour if coeliac, this recipe has been tested with gluten free flour and works well)
1/4 cup or 30g (1.06 ounces) cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder


1. Place chocolate and margarine into a bowl.
chocolate in bowl with margarine
melt chocolate in the microwave
2. Melt in the microwave (30seconds, stir, 30sec, stir…).
best chocolate cake step by step
whisk eggs and sugar together
3. Whisk the eggs and sugar together
chocolate cake mixing
combine egg and chocolate
4. Combine egg and chocolate mixtures
sift flour cocoa powder and baking powder together
5. Sift flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together and mix into cake mixture until well blended.
chocolate chocolate cake
chocolate cake making recipe
6. Pour into cake tin or cup cake cases. (tip: if you don’t have a cake tin the right size or shape you can use a plain card board box lined with glad bakewell, make sure the box does not have shiny print or photos on it as then it will have a thin coat of plastic which will melt).
large cake pan lined with baking paper

7. Bake in slow oven 150C (302 degrees Fahrenheit) in 2 x 20cm (7.87 inches) round cake tins.  If you are making a large cake this can take well over an hour.  If the cake is looking done on top but is not yet cooked through put an empty baking tray on the shelf above it in the oven.  Insert a knife into the centre to check if it is done. Moderate oven 180C (356 degrees Fahrenheit) is fine, for cupcakes allow approx 20 mins.

by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

March 6, 2011


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  1. I tried this recipe today, I’ve been watching a lot of your YouTube videos and I couldn’t help but notice how easy and extremely delicious you make all you things look, so I decided to try one and I choose this. And let me just say, you are amazing, your recipe is awesome and so simple and the cake came out awesomely, the best I had made so far and it’s all because of your recipe.

    Thanks a mill

  2. Hi Ann,
    I am wanting to make a chocolate cake with a layer of raspberry jelly in the middle. I thought I could place the layer in the middle of these two and then ice the whole thing. Do you think this would work? Or if you have any suggestions that would be amazing


  3. Hi Ann,

    Thanks a lot for the mouth-watering recipes !

    I made this cake today, and encountered a little problem, I was hoping you could guide me.

    When I baked the cake, the top was very smooth and shiny but when
    I inserted a knife to see if it was done there was a hollow space beneath
    the top crust. After i cooled the cake and touched the top crust, it started to
    collapse in.

    The height of the cake has reduced a lot but I am hoping it tastes good. The texture below the crust is like brownie (moist and dense) I hope that’s how its supposed to be!

  4. Hey what temp shall i bake the cake at? Thanx

  5. Hey what temp shall i bake the cake at..? Thanx..

  6. Hi Ann,
    Today I will try to make this cake and it’s the first recipe for u that I will try
    I’ve no doubt that it will be fantastic!
    I’ve subscribed your amazing youtube channel recently
    You are an artist and creative ! Realy you are 🙂

  7. Hi Ann,

    I’m wanting to use this recipe to make the Minecraft Cube cake for my son’s birthday next week. This recipe makes x2 20 cm round cakes, would it also make x2 20cm square cakes? Which size tin did you use to make this recipe and how many of these cakes do you recommend to use to make the cube cake?

    Thank you, Pina.

    • hi pina, a 20cm round cake that is 4cm tall has a volume of 1256 square cm (2xpixrxh), a 20cm square shaped tin 4cm tall has a volume of 1600 (lxwxh) so you’d need 1.3 x the recipe. Obviously if your pans are different heights you’ll need to recalculate the volumes.

      • I was looking at your comments trying to figure out what quantity I needed, and couldn’t figure out how you could arrive at 1256 square cm; and then I found it: the formula you used (and the good one!) is pi square x radius x height, and it gives cubic cm.
        Thanks for those great recipe!

  8. Hi Anne, I made the mcqueen cake the chocolate sponge was gorgeous as was the buttercream the best we had tasted. I purchased the mcqueen template from you which was a great help, although it was tricky fitting the wheels, they got slightly squashed, so poor mcqueen had a couple of flats lol. I want to use the same recipe to make a 9in round or square layer cake do I need to downscale the ingredients? Thanks Anne love your tutorials & recipes.

    • Great cake Nicola, love the Board decorations too. This recipe makes two 20cm cakes (7.8 in)

      • Hi Anne I want to make this chocolate cake again in a 9in round tin spring form, will recipe be ok or do I need to upscale I want to start it tomorrow.

  9. This is a brilliant recipe, recently made it for my mum’s birthday and it was absolutely fantastic!!

  10. Hi Ann,
    I’m enjoying your site. You have two chocolate cake recipes on here; this one and one titled rich chocolate cake (has almonds and pistachios on the sides). Which one do you prefer?

    • Hi Kate, they are the same recipe, one has a video and this is an older post so does not.

  11. Going to try this for the first time with the mine craft cake 🙂

  12. Hi Ann, all ur recipes! Ur a super mom seriously.could I substitute the margarine?I kinda stopped using margarine after reading so many articles.but I would love to try this cake as my cakes always turn out smelling of eggs for some weird reason.:( btw tried ur sponge cake it was d best ever! Could you also do a tutorial on Sara lee pound cake replica?? Pleaseeee.. My kids love it n I wanna know how to make them at home!

    • Hi mushina, you can use butter if you prefer

  13. My version of chocolate cake 🙂

    • Yummmmmy, can I have a slice?

  14. Hi Ann
    I want to make a lightning McQueen cake does your chocolate cake freeze in the thin layers?

    • Hi Sandra, yes you can freeze it as long as it is completely cooled and then wrapped in plastic wrap before freezing. Totally defrost before decorating in fondant or as it defrosts the condensation will make the fondant soggy.

  15. Hi Ann,

    May I know for best chocolate cake recipe, what would be the grams for the ingredients measured? I am not good with cup measurement when it comes to baking.


    • Hi Leann, I’ve added the grams in for you 😀

  16. Hi Ann what size cake tin have you used? I’m wanting to make the Thomas cake and you say to use 2 and 1/2 quantities. Should I just make this cake 3 times? Thanks

    • Hi Danielle yes you can make it 3 times or make one quantity and then 1 1/2 for the next batch.

  17. Will this make a very large cake ? What should I do if I want to make a smaller one just to try the recipe ?

    • It will make two round 20cm cakes, you can half the recipe and make just one if you like.

  18. Hi Ann! I want to try this cake on Xmas, but read that sometimes altitude affect the cake, need to add or reduce powder or liquid, and must be true because made the cupcakes step by step and went down without open the oven U_U , the taste was excellent but they where less than flat XP, may I ask you your altitude please? Thank you!

  19. Hi Ann, your works are amazing! You’re truly an artist!
    Just one question about the cocoa powder and 70% dark choc, do you use specific brand or can I just use anything? Does the end result matter if I use expensive over cheaper choc? Thanks and more power to you.

    • Hi ange I use cadburies cocoa powder and chocolate, you can use cheaper compound chocolate if you like and the cake will still taste good that is just what I use.

  20. I loved your chocolate cake recipe…tried it..and tasted Great !!!
    Thank you Ann

    • yummmm looks great

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