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Chocolate Ganache Recipe

This is easy to make and can be used to top any chocolate cake or hot as a sauce with desserts. Using the proportions below, it will set about as hard as butter in the fridge.  So it is good for truffles or for if you want it to hold its shape when piped. If you require a thinner ganache use equal portions of cream and chocolate.

Ganache Ingredients

200g (7.05 ounces) chocolate (for a really firm ganache use 300g (10.58 ounces) chocolate)
70-100millilitres (3.38 fluid ounces (99.96 millilitres)) (or 1/4-1/3 cup) cream (use the lesser amount for white chocolate and more for dark)
1 Tbsp glucose syrup (optional)
1 Tbsp butter (optional these two help make it shiny)

Place chocolate pieces in a bowl

Heat cream until it just starts to boil
chocolate ganache stir
Pour the cream over the chocolate, making sure it is completely covered. Then let sit for a couple of minutes.
chocolate ganache recipe pour cream
chocolate ganache stirring
Stir until it becomes smooth
ganache recipe easy chocolate sauce

Pour it over a cake just like that or leave the bowl on the bench until ganache reaches a spreadable consistency and pipe in swirls onto cupcakes. You can also mix ganache into butter cream for a real chocolatey tasting icing. If you are making it ahead store in the fridge. It will set very firm but you can microwave until you get the desired consistency.


If you want flavoured ganache add extras to the cream before you heat it eg: a few mint leaves or grated orange rind – then strain it once it is boiled.

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  1. Hi Ann, I love your videos and I find them so helpful. I’m going to make ganche for the first time in a few days. If I want to make ganche to fill two layers and then cover the cake before I apply fondant. Is the ganche used to fill the cake & the ganche used to crumb coat for sharp edges the same receipe? 200 x 100? Thanks in advance xx

    • Hi Lorraine, Yes it’s the same recipe. Just let it firm up a bit. It is really runny when you first make it.

  2. Is it really 100ml cream?
    I just made it with white chocolate bars, (225gr. white chocolate to even out the 30ml cream) and it became a rather thick ganache.

    I used liquid whipped cream(because normal cream is more buttery) which comes in cups of 250ml, I only used 100ml of the cup, it seems like so little.

    I followed the instructions, but when I stirred, some of the chocolate chunks were no longer melting because the cream had cooled down, so I had to microwave it twice for 10 seconds to get it all melted and well combined.

    Anyhow, I’m just a little confused because in your pictures the amount of cream looks like a lot more since it fills up over half of your pan (while 100ml filled not even 25% of my smallest pan) and my ganache turned out really thick whilst the one in the pictures looks super thin.

    I’m not unhappy with the consistency since I imagine it’ll be easy to spread,(the cake is still too warm to apply it now) I’m just a bit confused by the pictures xD

    • Hi Rachi, Yes I used 100ml of cream. You could use a little more if your ganache is too thick. Did you use real chocolate or compound chocolate, as compound chocolate will set more firmly.

  3. Hi Ann,
    Really love all your videos.Thanx for sharing.
    Can I use golden syrup instead of glucose syrup?

    • Hi Elizabeth, You don’t have to have glucose syrup for ganache. You could leave it out. If you want to try Golden Syrup it will definitely change the flavour.

  4. Hi ann i really love all of ur video… i am from PHILIPPINES i am only 10 yrs old but ive try your one recipe the easter egg chocolate but only the last chocolate easter.. i hope you like PHILIPPINES…

    • Hi SHEENAjane, I have actually been to the Philippines AND ridden a water buffalo!

  5. Hi ann!! may i ask?? what chocolte is used for ganache is it CADBURY???

    • Hi SHEENAjane, You can use any brand of chocolate, just check on the ingredient list that it contains Coco butter.

  6. Hi ANN!! what chocolate is used for ganache is it CADBURY???

  7. Hi Ann u t really awesome. Awesome recipe I can’t wait to .make them

    • Thanks poonam

  8. thanks for the ganache recipe, for my birthday cake I’m making the fault in our stars cake! I really wish I can bake with you one day!!

    • Thanks Molly. I hope your cake was a success.

  9. Hi Ann,

    I would like to make chocolate that has like a nutella effect which wont hardened even if we left it outside room temperature. What kind of chocolate is that? What does it call? Do u have recipe for this?

    • Hi Marsha, I don’t have a recipe for this. If you had a very good blender that could grind hazelnuts into a paste, and mix it with chocolate ganache to make something similar.

  10. Hi ann can I use milk instead of cream

    • no its going to be hot chocolate if you do

  11. Can I use the same receipe for perfect chocolate sponge or do I have to change receipe

    • different amounts of cream will affect how thick it is, so if you want to use it for a cake then you’re best to stick to the recipe on the cake

  12. How long can it stay in the fridge before it gets bad?

    • a week in the fridge, a month in the freezer

    • I can’t beelive I’ve been going for years without knowing that.

  13. Thanks Ms Ann. Love from Philippines.

  14. i love u ann………….

    • 😀

    • I was looking evrwheyere and this popped up like nothing!

  15. Hello Ann – Just thought I’d share with you that everyone in our house loves your chocolate cremeux. Could you please tell me what thermometer you would recommend especially for chocolate. thank you – tina 🙂

    • Hi Tina, I have a candy thermometer that I bought cheaply on amazon. If you want one for tempering chocolate then you need an infared thermometer

  16. Ann..!! your videos are really good & clear.. Keep posting..! Does the cream measures different when I use a fake chocolate/Compound I mean…??

    • Hi Anitha, yes the compound chocolate will make a firmer ganache so increase your cream slightly.

  17. Ann! I watched your amazing chocolate truffles videos and it got me to thinking, could you make a video dedicated entirely to flavoring ganache?! You’ve already given me so many ideas (ginger, chili, mint, etc.); but are there more ways to flavor ganache? Thanks for reading, I can’t wait for your next chocolate videos. 🙂

  18. Can I use milk instead of cream??

    • Hi Alicia, you can but you need to use less

      • How much milk

        • Hi Dana, This recipe uses 70-100ml of cream.

          • I can’t beevile I’ve been going for years without knowing that.

    • I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apcrsapheo!

  19. Ok I did see what kind of cream to use

    • Hi Angie any crema that is around 35% fat is good

  20. What kind of chocolate do you use and what kind of cream is use too ..thank you

    • Hi Angie, any real chocolate (ones that contain cocoa butter) and cream that is around 35% fat

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