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Chocolate Ganache Recipe

This is easy to make and can be used to top any chocolate cake or hot as a sauce with desserts. Using the proportions below, it will set about as hard as butter in the fridge.  So it is good for truffles or for if you want it to hold its shape when piped. If you require a thinner ganache use equal portions of cream and chocolate.

Ganache Ingredients

200g (7.05 ounces) chocolate (for a really firm ganache use 300g (10.58 ounces) chocolate)
70-100millilitres (3.38 fluid ounces (99.96 millilitres)) (or 1/4-1/3 cup) cream (use the lesser amount for white chocolate and more for dark)
1 Tbsp glucose syrup (optional)
1 Tbsp butter (optional these two help make it shiny)

Place chocolate pieces in a bowl

Heat cream until it just starts to boil
chocolate ganache stir
Pour the cream over the chocolate, making sure it is completely covered. Then let sit for a couple of minutes.
chocolate ganache recipe pour cream
chocolate ganache stirring
Stir until it becomes smooth
ganache recipe easy chocolate sauce

Pour it over a cake just like that or leave the bowl on the bench until ganache reaches a spreadable consistency and pipe in swirls onto cupcakes. You can also mix ganache into butter cream for a real chocolatey tasting icing. If you are making it ahead store in the fridge. It will set very firm but you can microwave until you get the desired consistency.


If you want flavoured ganache add extras to the cream before you heat it eg: a few mint leaves or grated orange rind – then strain it once it is boiled.

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  1. Rating: 3.5

    Hi Anne, thank you for all the recipe ! I tried this ganache and respected the quantities but the fat is separating from the mix… It’s pouring out of it and the consistency of the mix is not like a smooth cream but more like a big blob 🙁
    Did I heat the cream too much maybe ? Or can it be linked to the amount of cocoa in the chocolate I used (70%) ? Or a quantity mistake perhaps ?

    • Not Anne, but could it be that your cream isn’t the correct fat content? Note the word ‘cream’ is hyperlinked in the recipe – it takes you to a page explaining that her recipe calls for Australian ‘pure cream’, which is 35% fat, and lists the equivalents in other countries.

  2. Rating: 5

    Really simple recipe, and has clear instructions!
    You do amazing videos too?‍?

    • thanks Ruby

  3. My son has a dairy allergy. I already have dairy-free chocolate, can I swap out the cream for a non-dairy milk (almond milk, soy milk etc) or water or fruit puree, or do I need the higher fat content that cream gives?

    • Hi Robin, I haven’t tried it myself, but I have heard that you can use coconut cream to make a dairy free ganache. There are heaps of recipes on the web. If you try it then let us know what it is like?

    • You can absolutely use coconut cream, but in my experience dairy free chocolate doesn’t set well. I use Filipino tablea (be careful when selecting, some have whey) when I make a dairy free ganache, the way I’d use cocoa powder. If you want to give your son a dairy free chocolate treat you should try to make Filipino champorado, just make sure your tablea doesn’t have whey

  4. Hi Ann,

    Can u tell me when do we at the butter and glucose syrup to the ganache. Do we just mix it in with the cream when it’s boiling?

    • HI Nichola, Add the glucose syrup to the cream as it is heating. I like to stir in the butter at the end.

  5. Can you tell me which chocolate brand you use. Please. I don’t want to grab the wrong kind.

    • Hi Jessica, brands vary from country to country, so giving you a particular brand will not always mean you get the same product. Needless to say, Ann uses very available local brands of real chocolate that you can get in the supermarket.

  6. Hi,this is yogita from India,
    Yor all receipes r simple n easy to understand.
    I Newly started making chocolates. Thank you for sharing such great cooking..

    • Thanks for the feedback Yogita.

  7. Do I use Baker’s unsweetened baking chocolate or do I need to use a semi sweet dark chocolate

    • Hi Susan, for best flavour and results use real chocolate without stabilizers. Semi sweet dark or milk will be fine. Baking chocolate would not be as nice.

  8. Hi Ann I’m a big fan of you. I love baking so much and you have inspired me so much more

    • That is loved to hear Kayleigh. Comments like that bring a big smile to Ann’s face.

  9. Hi, can you please make a video of how to make chocolate ganache drip over the edges of a cake if you know how I mean 🙂

    • i guess you just use more cream than in this recipe.

  10. Hi Ann, I just wanted to ask how do you make raspberry flavoured dark chocolate ganache, with the consistency suitable for a macaron filling.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hey Ann it’s me again, sorry but how do you make the same flavour, raspberry with white chocolate.
      Are the ratios different?

  11. Hi Ann
    what would happen if we used only milk and semi sweet chocolate?

  12. Hey at what point do you add the glucose and butter, it doesn’t specify in the instructions??

    • I would say you can probably melt the butter or syrup in with the cream!

  13. I did it! This is the first recipe I tried and it worked perfectly! Thanks!

    • That is great to hear Abbie!

  14. Is it possible to use peanut butter chips in place of the chocolate?

    • I have never seen those Juzi. I would imagine that they are quite a different product. You would need to experiment.

  15. Can I just heat the cream in the microwave?

    • Hi Mia, Yes you can just becareful not to overheat it.

  16. Hi Anne, I can see that when using dark chocolate for your ganache you use a 2:1 ratio of chocolate to cream but im wondering how do you work out how much cream is needed when using a mixture of milk and dark chocolate?

    • Hi Lisa, Annsuggests using a ratio of 3:1 but if the chocolate mixture seems a little thick add more cream till you are happy with the consistency.

      • Thank you for taking the time to reply. Can I just check, when I have the choc and crewm mixed and all the choc melted and I think its too thick, can I just simply add more cream to this and mix? Do u need to mix with a small batch first and then add to.large batch? Or just tip it in and stir? Thank you

        • Hi Lisa, When making your ganache, if you feel the ganache is a little too think you can just add a little more cream while the mix is still warm.

          • The paragon of uneaistdndrng these issues is right here!

  17. can i use simple syrup instead of slucose

  18. Can you use milk chocolate and how much cream would you use for milk also what kind of cream because we have like single cream double cream and whipping cream thanks.

    • Hi Lucy, Check out this post on cream to answer your question on what type of cream should I use:
      You can use milk chocolate to make ganache, though dark chocolate will make a firmer ganache.

  19. Can I use compound chocolate or does it need to include cocoa butter?

    • Hi Bridget, you can use compound chocolate but it sets a little firmer. You will likely need to add a little more cream to get the right consistency.

  20. Hi. I wonder if this ganache will hold in hot weather like the phil and if not pls share something that i can use under a fondant .

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