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Marshmallow Fondant Recipe for cake decorating

marshmallow fondant rolled icing recipe

Take 2 x 250g (8.82 ounces) packets or 5 2/3 cups marshmallows and split into white and pink.  So you end up with 250g (8.82 ounces) or 2 3/4 cups white marshmallows (eat the pink ones or use in hot chocolate).

marshmallow fondant recipe icing
Add one Tablespoon of water and microwave on high for 30 seconds, stir, repeat until melted.

marshmallow rolled fondant recette

mix icing sugar in to melted marchmallows to make fondant
Mix in 450g (15.87 ounces) or 3 1/2 cups plus 1 Tbsp of pure icing sugar.

marshmallow cake decorating recpie
Tip onto bench and kneed until smooth. Double wrap in plastic wrap to store.
This recipe makes approximately 700g (24.69 ounces) of Marshmallow fondant.

You can also make your own fondant without marshmallows – click for fondant recipe
And here is a review of 8 fondants including marshmallow fondant – click for review

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  1. Hi Ann, I will be trying to make the minecraft cake for my boyfriends bday this coming Saturday.. I was wondering which fondant recipe works best with this cake… with or without marshmallows?? do you have a recipe for the butter cream and cake batter you used?? Thanks!

  2. Hey 🙂
    I made the fondant for the first time. In Germany you can’t buy it in shops, so I tried your recipe and it worked very well! 🙂
    I just have one question. When I put it in the fridge it will stay one week, but how long can I use it when I put it in the freezer?

    • Hi Riana you should be able to store it in the freezer for a couple of months.

  3. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for your videos! they have been really helpful for a beginner like me!
    Just a question, can I use a stand mixer to do this?

    • yes if you have a dough hook

  4. Hi, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I made the Marshmellow Fondent and it came out ok. Made some flowers yesterday and left to dry overnight but they are still soft. Left them in a paper cone but they still fall flat when taken out! Can you pls let me know what I may have done wrong? I live in Sydney – could it be the weather? Any idea what I can do to get it to harden up? Thanks!

    • Hi Thanu I live in Sydney too, if you see the fondant review the marshmallow fondant will definitely dry out and harden, the more icing sugar added the drier it will be and the faster it will dry out. The other option is to add some tylose powder to it that makes it dry out very fast.

  5. Hi Anne, i recently made a cake using Queen fondant, and i realised it was very dry and just like an hour after i have made my figurine, it became really dry and it started to crack. What can i add to the fondant to make it smoother to work with and to stay smooth after 1 or 2 day?

    • Hi Jessica, fondant does dry out if left uncovered, with the exception of duff fondant which stays soft.

  6. Hi Anne, maybe in the next few weeks if you havent gotten any videos planned would it be possible to make a video tutorial on thins as i personally find it SO much easier watching things in videos 🙂
    hope its now to much troble 🙂 xx

  7. Hi Ann,

    I posted a question before but not sure if it went through. Anyway, I want to know if it’s ok for me to lessen the sugar if I dont want it too sweet? Marshmallow in itself sweet so i’m wondering if lessening the sugar in this recipe affect the texture and firmness of the fondant? Is there a way to lessen the sweetness?

    And, last thing.. . Can you recommend anything homeade that can make fondant glue together if i want to be creative with it? It’ll be my first time to do it so pardon me for having lots of questions. 😀 I want to make it for my birthday and i hope it’ll be alright! :)))))

    • Hi Helen, If you decrease the sugar it won’t have the same texture. To put two pieces of fondant together just a tiny bit of water.

  8. Hey Ann!!
    I Love baking and was stoked when i found this awesome website!!
    Anyways,I made marshmallow fondant but i found really sticky even when i kept adding icing sugar? Also it was super hard to clean of bowls and stuff like it turned rock hard,but everyone in the family loved it!.I just wanna find an easier way to clean up ect and it also kinda deteriorated over night when i put it in the fridge Dx!! please help! thank you hope u reply :]

    • Hi Steph, To clean the bowls just fill with hot water and leave to soak, it will dissolve off. It is a very sticky process to make, keep kneading it, as it cools the gelatin from teh marshmallows should help make it less sticky. Didi you double wrap before putting in the fridge? (what happened when it deteriorated?)

  9. hi im new to making cakes and i would love to try this as not everyone in my family likes the original fondant but I’m struggling with the pure icing sugar part.. is that just finely ground castor sugar? theres also an icing sugar called fondant icing sugar in my local asda (brand name silver spoon) would that be any good? thank you. ps love the site!

  10. hi! love your site. i have a very small cupcake business. and i like to find new ways to make my cupcakes awesome. my question is, does this taste good? i hate the taste of regular fondant, but the styling you can do with it is amazing. Will this taste as good as it looks?

    • Hi emily, this tastes super sweet much like any fondant does but it has that marshmallowy flavour to it. You can always make plain fondant – recipe here ( ) and then buy


      flavourings like peppermint, vanilla or even butter. The problem with plain fondant is that it is super sweet but lacks any flavor, so it is a bit like eating a lolly without the flavourings. Or you can make modelling chocolate using white chocolate and use that for this purpose but it will be more expensive.

  11. hi! can i use any kind of marshmallows? like marshmallows in the candy section of groceries?
    & can i use powdered food color? thnx! 🙂

    • Hi sugartooth, yes you can use any but if they are coloured the colour will obviously be in your fondant. Yes you can use powdered colour.

  12. Hi,
    I’ve tried this recipe and my family loves it, but there is one problem that I’m facing. The dough seems to ripe while I’m trying to spread it on a cake or even while kneading. What can I do to prevent this from happening?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Ghada, What did you mean by ‘ripe’? Do you mean it starts to dry or set? This type of icing should be thick enough to roll out and place over a cake just like normal fondant and then it dries out if left exposed to the air. If you look at this post you can see a review of different fondants

      • Hi Ann, thank you for your reply and time. What I meant was that the dough tears apart. This happens sometimes while kneading the fondant and while spreading it out. How can this be prevented?

  13. Hello and thank you for the recipes. I’d like to try making the minecraft cake; can the marshmallow fondant be used to make this? Also, in Maine, we can get granulated sugar or confectioner’s sugar. Is pure icing sugar finely ground granulated sugar or is it finely ground granulated sugar plus a small amount of starch (cornstarch, for example).

    Thank you –


  14. Hi!! Just wondering, when you say add 1tbsp of water to marshmallows and then microwave for 30sec, repeat til melted, do you mean add a tbsp of water each time before you microwave? Hope that makes sense! Am absolutely loving your website! Where abouts in Australia are you based? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Laura, yes that makes sense, Just the one lot of water at the beginning. The reason you do it in 30 sec burst is to allow you to stir, otherwise you get hot spots that will burn.

  15. Hello from Istanbul

    can i also melt the marshmallows via Bain-marie?

    • Hi Nilgun Guloz, yes you can.

  16. I was told to wrap and refrigerate the marshmallow version over night —is that necessary to help it set better or worse with condensation. Also when you roll out do your use cornstarch or shortening underneath?

    • Hi Cristin, refrigerating it makes it set up firmer because of the gelatin in it. I like to make it to a good working consistency at room temp so I can use it straight away. If it is too sticky you can just add more icing sugar. I use either icing sugar or corn starch when i am rolling out fondant.

  17. Hiya, this may seem like a silly question but why cant you use the pink marshmallows? Also can food colouring be added to this to make it other colours?
    Thanks Sam
    PS, i have been reading this blog all day and love the way its all so easy to understand- cant wait to get in the kitchen!

  18. Hi Ann,

    can I melt this fondant to dip Petit Fours in it? I usually use a glaze with powdered sugar and egg white base, but it tends to be sticky and does not become very hard.

    Thanks in advance

  19. Hi Anne, at what point do you add the colour into the fondant.

  20. Hi Ann,

    How long does this fondant last once made?
    Also, does it have the same texture as the original fondant?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mary, It has a very high sugar content so if it is double or triple wrapped in plastic – to stop it drying out – it should last a few weeks. It does not however have preservatives in it that the commercial ones do so if you hands or bench are not absolutely clean when kneading it you may allow things into it that could cause it to go mouldy if left for that long. If you look at the fondant review post here you can see a comparison of this with normal home made fondant and commercial ones.

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