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butter cream cupcakes recipes howtocookthat

Buttercream Cupcake Frosting Recipes

Basic butter cream or American buttercream is an easy cupcake frosting to make. Today we will look at the basic recipe and some of my favourite variations. UPDATE: See seven different frosting recipes in a taste test and in the Aussie sun for a heat test on this more recent post. You may also like ... »

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first birthday cake ideas 1st

Best of the Web 1st Birthday Cakes & Parties


sock monkey party ideas 1st birthday

My Baby’s First Birthday – The Party

What theme do you have for a first birthday? I chose to use his favourite toys like sock monkey, owlie, little teddy and the fabric that my sons nursery is decorated with. Before he was born I bought fabrics that I liked for his nanny to make him a cot quilt, as is tradition in our ... »

strawberry sauce recipe entremet

My Baby’s 1st Birthday Cake – the inside of the Entremet Cake

My youngest is now a one year old, running around the house opening draws and pulling things out of the pantry cupboard.  I wanted his first cake to be special - not just in looks but in taste. He had never had chocolate, lollies or cake before so this was a big day. The cake I ... »

how to cook that ann reardon best food blog 2012

How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Cake

  As we walked to the party venue carrying this cake my eldest remarked "Mum everyone is staring at us".  I reassured him that they were looking at the cake not us.    Step 1: Make your fondant details up to 4 weeks ahead of time (fondant basics tutorial) and allow them to dry hard.  For this cake ... »

dessert buffet ideas diy

DIY Dessert Candy Buffet Ideas

Dessert Candy Buffets can look impressive on a small budget or they can look cheap on a big budget.  Use these tips to get your table looking like it's out of a magazine. 1. Work out your budget - This is the best place to start because it effects everything else.  Think about the number of ... »

lego ninjago party

Best of the Web LEGO Parties, LEGO Cakes, LEGO Food and More

LEGO® Parties ... scroll down for cakes, food & even more fun lego stuff (hover your mouse over the images to see what it is that is great about each party). LEGO Cakes Lego is shiny, perfectly formed and a very familiar shape to most people, so it is hard to make a cake that looks ... »

lego ninjago cake how to cook that

How to Make a Lego Ninjago Cake & How to make Italian Meringue Frosting

Italian Meringue Frosting With a new baby in the house, this cake needed to be simple to make. We had a lego themed party which went down a treat - read about the party games here.  The cake is a layered chocolate cake with chocolate mousse covered in Italian meringue.  The figures and words are ... »

how to cook that ann cake pops recipe step by step with photos

Recipe Cake Pops that Taste Good

Cake Pops seem to be everywhere in the US, even starbucks has them, yet I have heard very little of them here in the land down under.  Their decoration can range from pretty, like my ones above, to extraordinarily intricate designs.  So I thought I'd give them a go. I made three mistakes on my first ... »

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