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non soggy cake pops recipe how to dip and decorate

Raspberry & White Chocolate Cake Pops Recipe, Dipping and Decorating

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cake Pops Recipe, Dipping and Decorating These cake pops are what I call 'moreish', they make you feel like having just one more... Here's a video to show you how to make, dip and decorate them. Prep time: 10 min Cook time: 5 min Total time: 1 hour Yield: 16 cake pops Serving ... »

raspberry inside dessert recipe ann reardon

Light Raspberry Surprise Inside Dessert

A light refreshing dessert consisting of a yoghurt mousse filled with raspberry sauce. You can adjust this recipe to make it even lower in sugar if you like. Like this dessert, my week has been refreshing - one of those rare times when things just seem to fall neatly into place. As I look ahead, I ... »

Strawberry Fraisier Dessert Recipe

Strawberry Fraisier Dessert Recipe

This strawberry Fraisier Dessert Recipe is a french classic. The strawberries around the edge make it look elegant and fresh. Traditionally they are topped with a marzipan but I'm not a fan so I've swapped that with a strawberry gel. And yes this week we have a giveaway that is open to people worldwide. Yay! You ... »

elegant dessert recipe ann reardon

Mocha Dream Dessert

  Wow your tastebuds with this amazing dessert. It has several elements but they're all easy to make. You could just make one part or, if you're up for the challenge, make the lot and enjoy the wonders of this Mocha Dream Dessert.This week I watched some very emotional interviews with people who were held captive ... »

twitter cake dessert ann reardon how to

A Sweet Tweet Surprise Twitter Dessert

  Dinner tonight was greasy burgers from a take-away joint that's been going since 1957 ... there goes my new years health kick! #isittoolatetostartagainagain? And yet somehow, the thought that families have been eating from the same diner for almost six decades is rather comforting. It makes us feel connected to the history of the place, ... »

youtube cake

Youtube Cake & 100th video

This week is my 100th YouTube video! So to celebrate I have made a very chocolatey youtube cake that incorporates some of my favourite chocolate recipes and inventions from the past two years. If you have been following for a while now you should be able to recognise many of the creations and even have ... »

mickey mouse cupcakes

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes with Mickey inside

 Mickey was everywhere, even honeymooners donned Mickey Mouse hats with veils. It was Disney World after all, but I still did not expect the level of devotion that the adults had for the Disney characters. These cupcakes are a tribute to our time spent at Disney World and to all those Mickey Mouse LOVERS! ... »

how to cook that ann reardon best food blog 2012 award

Never-Fail Cheesecake Recipe

Make you next dinner party stress free by planning ahead.   Cheesecakes can be prepared weeks ahead and left in the freezer.  Pull them out the morning that you need them, decorate and defrost in the fridge.  You can even make individual sized ones using fancy cupcake wrappers in a muffin tin. Just defrost one for ... »

Easy Gingerbread House

Do you want a gorgeous gingerbread house but don't have time to make the dough? Buy two cheap kits from Aldi and combine the pieces to make one bigger house. Check out the decorating ideas below to help you create a masterpiece. It has become a tradition at our house to have a lolly laden gingerbread ... »

up gingerbread house template and recipe

Up Gingerbread House 2019

  To make a gingerbread house from scratch that is this detailed from you need to set aside days not hours. If you don't have days then there are a few things you should take from this post. Number one: homemade gingerbread tastes one hundred times better than store bought kits. Number ... »

3d desk cake ann reardon how to cook that

Laptop Cake

 This week I'm making a desk cake complete with a cute little laptop, deep enders book, Make It A Great Week mug, pencils and of course a camera. Watch to the end of the video to see how you can enter to WIN your very own laptop or camera. COMPETITION has now closed. Thank you ... »

black forrest cake recipe video

Black Forrest Cake Recipe

The advent calendar going up kicks off the official countdown to Christmas in our home. It's a lovely hand-made calendar, stuffed with lollies and nativity figurines in the pockets, providing a great source of post-dinner joy for the kids. With each passing day it grows lighter as the little wooden stable nearby fills up ... »

ariel little mermaid cake ann reardon

Ariel Little Mermaid Cake

Being a mum of three boys I missed out on the whole Disney princess dress ups and excitement with my own kids. But I have seen the unmistakable joy on a little girls face when they see their favourite character sitting beautifully atop a cake. Big eyes, cute giggles, shy smiles and big nods ... »

frozen fever cake video how to cook that

Frozen Fever Cake

The Frozen Fever short movie played before the Cinderella movie. It was short and sweet. Elsa made elaborate plans to spoil Anna on her birthday, one of which was a party with an enormous four tiered cake. Big enough for a wedding. I've made a mini version for you here. Spoiler alert: Elsa falls sick ... »

cinderella princess cake ann reardon how to cook that

Disney Cinderella Cake

  Disney has a knack for making movies magical. In their latest film, Cinderella's ball gown bounced beautifully as she descended the staircase. It glittered and shone as she danced with the prince and flowed dramatically behind her as she ran back to the carriage, revealing all those luscious layers of fabric. This Cinderella cake recreates ... »

emoji cheesecake recipe ann reardon

Emoji Cheesecake Recipe

A picture tells a thousand words. That's why emojis are so good. Which one do you use the most? For me it is definitely the smiley face. Have fun making these for your friends.   COMPETITION HAS NOW ENDED (Full terms and conditions) Thank you for you entering, there were so many great answers with over 18K entries ... »

mini cake ann reardon poppin cookin

Make your own ‘popin cookin’ mini cake kit

Now you can make your very own Popin Cookin style mini cake kit at home.  Give these as a cute gift for birthdays or use as a fun activity with the kids. A few weeks ago I did a Popin Cookin video and had hundreds of requests for a mini version you can make yourself ... ... »

Adventure Time Cake Finn the Human

Adventure Time Cake Finn the Human

Adventure Time come on and grab your friend, we'll go to very distant lands.  With Jake the dog and Finn the human.  The fun will never end.  It's adventure time! Using just two round cakes, some buttercream and fondant, you can make Finn the human holding BMO with his backpack sitting next to him. I've been ... »

Frozen Elsa Cake

Frozen Elsa Cake

Little girls everywhere have fallen in love with the Disney Frozen movie, watching it repeatedly.  Singing the 'Let It Go' song until parents don't want to hear it anymore.  Come birthday time they are of course wanting an Elsa cake.  This one is as magical as the movie character herself with a flowing dress and ... »

youtube cake recipe birthday

YouTube Cake Dessert Recipe

First there was the instagram dessert with the logo all the way through, followed by facebook, then you asked for a twitter cake. To finish off my complete set of social media desserts here's a YouTube cake, or should I say dessert. Did you know that 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?  That means in ... »

truck cake construction party

Truck Birthday Cake How To

"Truck truck" a cute little nearly two year old voice said when I asked him what type of cake he would like for his birthday. The next day the response was 'raa raa'.  He swapped back and forth between the two answers like he was playing ping pong.  So the final decision came down to ... »

minecraft cake how to make

3D Minecraft Fondant Birthday Cake

  Minecraft is a game where you can explore, create, discover, mine and craft a whole world. In the game it takes patience to build anything. This cake is the same it takes 1,280 tiny fondant squares to make this 3D minecraft logo.   minecraft cake instructions To start with you will need to make a cake. ... »

wedding cake gingerbread house by ann reardon

Gingerbread House Wedding Cake Recipe

  To make the house you will need the gingerbread house template:   To make the size house shown print on A3 paper. Gingerbread Recipe To make this house required three batches of dough. This is a beautiful recipe that tastes delicious and is easier to make in large quantities than other recipes I have used in the past. 430g (15.17 ounces) ... »

cake artist sydney australia

Monkey Brain Cakes for an Indiana Jones Event

  They look disgusting, but they taste amazing.  In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom chilled monkey brains are served as a dessert. These ones are made of chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, cheesecake brains, white chocolate skull and fresh raspberry jelly for blood. Paramount pictures held a public event to launch the release of the blu ray ... »

birdie birthday cake

1st Birthday Cake – PINK Birdies – How to decorate a tiered cake

A large lump of PINK fondant sat on my bench top waiting to be rolled -  pink looks very foreign in our house.  This tiered birdie cake is for a little girl's 1st birthday cake.  Making a tiered cake is a fair bit more involved than a single layer so here is a walk-through of what ... »

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