Recipe for home-made fondant (sugar paste)

fondant recipe sugar paste recipe

Fondant Recipe Ingredients

1/2 cup 125ml glucose syrup
1 tablespoon 15ml glycerin
1 tablespoon 14g (0.49 ounces) gelatin
1 tablespoon 15ml water
900g (31.75 ounces) 6 3/4 cups pure icing sugar
Extra 1-2 teaspoons of water as needed

Fondant Recipe Directions

Place the glucose syrup and glycerin in a heatproof bowl.
Sprinkle the gelatin over the top and then add the water. Leave the mixture for 1 minute for the gelatin to swell and soften.
Microwave for 30 seconds, stir and repeat until mixture is clear.

fondant recipe for sugar paste

Sieve icing sugar into large mixing bowl and pour in the glucose mixture.
Mix on low speed with electric mixer using a dough hook. If needed add the additional 1-2 teaspoons of water.

sugar paste fondant recipe
Once it forms a ball in the bowl tip onto the bench and continue to kneed until smooth.

If not using immediately wrap in plastic and then store in a ziplock bag.

Home-Made Fondant Recipe Video Instructions

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123 Responses to Recipe for home-made fondant (sugar paste)

  1. Hanna shay says:

    I followed everything exactly, I live in the new mexico desert so not humid, my fondant was not pliable so I added a bit of glycerin, now its too sticky so I added more sugar, now its too dry but still sticking to everything it touches and won’t hold shape. Please help me I’m so frustrated, :/

  2. anum says:

    Hi im ten an i like baking im always watching ur vids so i wanted to ask u im a muslim i cant eat geltine so can i leave that out and what is pour icing sugur

    • Ann Ann says:

      Hi Anum, you can purchases halalgel which is gelatin made using goats instead. Pure icing sugar is finely ground icing sugar with nothing else added to it.

  3. Kiran fartyal says:

    Hi ann thanks

  4. cynthia says:

    Hi ann
    Luv ur tips so much. I’m new to d decorating and cake buisness. How do i decorate a football field cake 4 my son’s bday

  5. Katy says:

    I love watching your channel as I love to bake and decorate.
    However, all of the decorations I have done so far are sophisticated, if you know what I mean. For example, i made a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and put chocolate shavings, crushed peanuts and dark chocolate peanut butter cups on top. Do you have any suggestions for me to make (either with fondant or without) as I am new to ‘complicated’ decorating?

  6. vahiné island says:

    hello Ann
    first of all,thank you very much for sharing all your recipes,and experience in cake decorating.when i discover your video the first time(it was Cars cake),i thought:God,this is the best video tutorial i ve seen !!this cake decorator rocks!!!
    Now i follow everything you make,thanks a lot for that!!
    just a question,though,please:i ve made your homemade fondant recipe(and since now,i ve tried a lot of recipes similar to this one).
    it used to work well,but since a year now i can t get i good;
    the result is a dry fondant but soggy at the same time(it s hard to explain)
    I live in tropical weather and don t have any air con at home.
    i was wondering if my ingredients may be full of humidity(as for eg icing sugar that i store in fridge)
    when i let it rest in the fridge (or even at room temp.)for few days,all i have is a soggy fondant.and nothing to do with it:i ve tried glycerine,more icing sugar,shortening……
    in fact i tried everything i had on hand,but i can t figure out why i have this problem and if i have to give up this recipe because of the weather.
    In Australia you have hot weather too,do you have a clue to share,please?
    thanks a lot if you can help,otherwise i think i m gonna give up.
    i feel a bit sorry,because i prefer the taste of this fondant and it s hard for me to get commercial fondant here.
    as for marshmallow fondant,this is way more expensive because MM are expensive here;
    well,thanks again,i hope to find a solution.
    happy decorating
    all the best,vahiné island

    • Ann Ann says:

      Hi Vahine, have you tried double wrapping in plastic wrap and then putting in a plastic bag and storing at room temp instead of int eh fridge. The only time I have fondant behave as you’ve described is when I decorated a frozen cake without defrosting it and the condensation was so much that it got very soggy.

  7. supreme says:

    I can’t find glycerine! can I have a substitute for it or leave it out?

  8. Gaurangi says:

    Hi ann! I live in india and i am not able to get the ingredients of fondant other than icing sugar!!! What to do?

  9. Hanna says:

    Hey there,
    love your work.
    I would love to know how to make snowflakes using this method. I am trying to make a snowflake cake (blue and white) thank you :)

  10. atrisha says:

    Hi Ann,
    Thankyou for sharing such good recipes.
    I made this fondant before and it turned out very well all the figures, flowers. But now in the winters it is melting(does not hold shape),I dont seem to understand why, cud you please suggest what could have possibly gone wrong. Could it be the weather as it rained last 3 days.
    What is the solution in the rains.

    • Lucky says:

      Hi Mrs.Ann, Thank you for sharing good recipes.I want to ask you I have a another Fondant Recipe given by one of my friend .please tell me this recipe is right or wrong.
      icing sugar 800 g
      Egg white no 01
      Butter tes 01
      Gelatin tes 02
      Water tes 08
      Glucose syrup 50 ml

      Thank you

    • jaquie says:

      yes its moisture and humdity that cause your problem
      i dried my flowers on bed of rice once they were touch dry as i was making 30 red orchids for my daughters wedding cake
      i started making flowers in febuary ready for june wedding and yes they were tacky so kept on rice until wedding

    • Ann Ann says:

      yes if it is very humid you can have problems with fondant, you can try adding some tylose powder which helps it dry out faster.

  11. ankita says:

    hey Ann…!!
    is it necessary to microvave it…???

  12. Sienna says:

    Can I use glucose instead of glucose syrup? Because I can’t find glucose syrup…

  13. Rim Chami says:

    Hey Ann,
    You recipes are great, and I might quite a few.
    However when I made this fondant recipe it turned out to be too sticky. I added some icing sugar, yet it still remained sticky.
    What would you suggest I should do?!

  14. Margaret says:

    Hi Anne! I recently found your youtube channel, and have since watched all of your videos! I just wanted to let you know that I’m super impressed with everything that you’ve created and shared with us, and wanted to thank you for that. Also, in relation to this recipe, I was wondering if instead of adding water to the mix if I could sub in water-based food colours? I would buy the gel ones but I’m a poor uni student!

    P.s. as a Coeliac I appreciate the way that in a few videos you mention ways to avoid contamination to gluten products and offer a few ways to make sure there’s something for everyone.
    You’re great!

    • Ann Ann says:

      sorry to hear that you have coeliac disease. I am glad you like the channel, and yes you can decrase the water and add liquid colour

  15. kasey says:

    Hi Ann, sorry if you have already mentioned this.. how many grams does your recipe make? I’ve never worked with fondant but am attempting to soon so have bought all my bits and pieces and I thought first time round I’ll just buy ready made fondant. I bought 1kg of satin ice but I just googled that 1kg is going to pretty much cover a normal sort of size cake, so now that I know that, if that’s true, I think I’ll save a little money and make some extra home made to colour and play about with :)

  16. Ellen says:

    Hi Ann,

    I am truly inspired to make this cake for my daughters birthday. Your video really explains everything very well. This will be my first time, so would truly appreciate it if you could advise me on a few things: 1) Where do we purchase the cake stand to place the doll on? 2) After making the cake how do we cover it up? I plan to make it the day before but am wondering how to keep the cake covered so the fondant does not dry out or crack when left open. Please advise? Many thanks!

  17. Lselby64 says:

    Do I need all of those ingrediants, can i just use icing sugar and something else

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