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Best Chocolate Cake Ever

Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever


Have you ever been disappointed by a dry and tasteless chocolate cake? Well then this is the recipe for you. This is my all time favourite chocolate cake recipe. It makes a rich moist cake that tastes like chocolate. The photos below are from making four times the quantities listed in this recipe – to make a cake big enough for 100 people. The picture above is from one quantity of this cake, layered with chocolate mousse, centered with orange creme brulee, coated in chocolate glacage and decorated with tempered milk chocolate.


Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 1 hour 30 min
Total time:1 hour 45 min
Yield: 15 servings
Serving size: 1 medium slice
Calories per serving:460 (1350 kj (322.66 calories))
Fat per serving: 26g (0.92 ounces)

200g (7.05 ounces) 70% cocoa dark chocolate
315g (11.11 ounces) or 1 1/3 cups plus 2 tbl spoons margarine
8 eggs
2 1/4 cups or 486g (17.14 ounces) caster sugar
1 1/4 cups or 200g (7.05 ounces) plain flour (use GF flour if coeliac, this recipe has been tested with gluten free flour and works well)
1/4 cup or 30g (1.06 ounces) cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder


1. Place chocolate and margarine into a bowl.
chocolate in bowl with margarine
melt chocolate in the microwave
2. Melt in the microwave (30seconds, stir, 30sec, stir…).
best chocolate cake step by step
whisk eggs and sugar together
3. Whisk the eggs and sugar together
chocolate cake mixing
combine egg and chocolate
4. Combine egg and chocolate mixtures
sift flour cocoa powder and baking powder together
5. Sift flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together and mix into cake mixture until well blended.
chocolate chocolate cake
chocolate cake making recipe
6. Pour into cake tin or cup cake cases. (tip: if you don’t have a cake tin the right size or shape you can use a plain card board box lined with glad bakewell, make sure the box does not have shiny print or photos on it as then it will have a thin coat of plastic which will melt).
large cake pan lined with baking paper

7. Bake in slow oven 150C (302 degrees Fahrenheit) in 2 x 20cm (7.87 inches) round cake tins.  If you are making a large cake this can take well over an hour.  If the cake is looking done on top but is not yet cooked through put an empty baking tray on the shelf above it in the oven.  Insert a knife into the centre to check if it is done. Moderate oven 180C (356 degrees Fahrenheit) is fine, for cupcakes allow approx 20 mins.

by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

March 6, 2011


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  1. Rating: 5

    Hello. I made this recipe a while ago and fell in love with it. I would like to make a checkerboard cake using this recipe and a vanilla cake recipe. Is this possible or should I just find another chocolate cake recipe to use?

    • Hi Thomas, yes that should work fine ?

  2. Rating: 5

    Finally, I am done with my “no reason, just love the chocolate cake” cake.

    • Haha

  3. Hi, any reason why it’s margerine instead of softened butter?

  4. Hi Ann, I am making a chocolate 2 tired semi naked wedding cake. Is your recipe suitable for this? I am making a 10 inch and 7 inch cake both tiers 6 inches high. I was planning to use tine 3 inches deep. I am planning to cover with butter cream I already have your recipe it is great. How do I work out the quantities of cake mixture please?
    Many thanks Julie

    • Hi Julie, Yes this recipe could work. I would increase the recipe by about a third just for safety. Cook each layer in 2 tins so it doesn’t take too long to cook.

  5. This is the best chocolate cake ever!! Thanks Ann, this is now my regular chocolate cake recipe! Even baked it while on holidays in South Africa and my sister loved it so much. I’ve pointed her to your site!

    • Thanks Lindie. That is awesome!

  6. made this twice thinking I messed up the first time, but twice the cakes fell leaving a hollow crust at the top and a very dense albeit tasty brownie-like cake. not sure why or how

    • Hi Sara, If the cake is falling leaving a hollow crust, it could be a couple of things: one your oven is too hot. Try dropping it 20C and placing an empty tray on the shelf above. Secondly your baking powder might be degraded or insufficiently mixed.. Buy yourself a new tin and sift the flour and baking powder and cocoa a couple of times before mixing in. Then see if results improve.

  7. Hi! I will be making the frozen Elsa cake this weekend. Can I use butter instead of margarine? Thanks!

  8. Going to have to try this

  9. Can’t wait to try it

  10. Hi Ann! I recently tried your recipe and it tasted heaven. I loved it!!! Gonna make it again. Luvvv you and your creations!!

    • Thants great to hear Maya. Thank you for the feedback.

  11. Hi Ann, I just recently started watching your videos after seeing your pancake collaboration with Jazza on his channel, and this is the first cake recipe I want to try (I plan to use it for Valentine’s day, in combination with your Chocolate Secret Heart box). I am somewhat new to baking big cakes, and I was wondering; is it possible for me to just half the whole recipe with all of its quantities to make half the amount of cake with the same flavor? Is this ( link removed) a reliable source for halving measurements, or could you provide a better one? Thanks so much

    • Also, how would I alter baking times to match the quantity?

    • Hi Makenna, If you are somewhat new to baking I would actually bake the recipe as is. I am guessing you are planning to do rectangualr trays and layer, rather than do round cakes. It will make more than you need but you can select the best tray for you creation and then freeze the other (or have as bake up). I find this is a great way to go.

  12. Hey Ann! I watch your videos every Friday night (Aussie time) and I made this recipe last year for my elder brothers birthday, with a twist, I cut out the middle and added m&m’s! What do you think might go wheel in my piñata cake and also can you show us how to make the best tasting gnash! Thx love you bye! (11 years)

  13. Hi Ann ,
    Would this recipe taste good with vanilla buttercream or any other suggestions
    Thank you

    • Hi Kylie, I personally like this cake with a chocolate butterceam or ganache or a straight cream.

  14. Hi Ann ,
    Just a question would this recipe taste good with vanilla buttercream or any other frosting suggestion
    Thank you

  15. Hi Ann, thank you for the recipe. I made this last night. Though they taste good (very sweet! 😉 ) the cakes came out a bit stodgy like brownies. One took a while to cook on one side and so they both ended up with crusty tops though the bottoms still looked moist. Any idea what I did wrong to create such a texture? Also, I tapped the tins before putting in the oven to expel air pockets and level but the cake was still pretty holely after being baked. Would you recommend not tapping on the counter? Finally (!), is this the recipe you used for the Cars lightening McQueen cake? Thank you!!

    • Hi Natasha, the cakes shouldn’t be stodgy, but the crusty top is normal. It should be rich, moist and full of flavour. If it seemed ‘holey’ it suggests something wasn’t evenly mixed through.

  16. Hi Ann,
    I just wanted to know how I would bake a cake in a gas oven as it heats from the bottom and I’m worried it will bake from the bottom and not from the top. How would I address this issue? I’m 15 and currently new to baking as I’m more of a chocolatier than a baker, but I’m starting to learn from your channel as you make amazing bakes.
    Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Razia, A gas oven, generally works the same way . As the air in the oven heats it will rise, so the top of the oven will become hot. If your oven has a fan then it should be fine as this circulates the air and evens out the temperature. Firstly ensure that your oven is fully pre-heated before putting your cake into bake. If you find your oven is causing the bottom or the top of the car to cook too quickly, then either place an empty baking tray on either the shelf below or the shelf above where your cake is cooking to reduce the impact direct heat in that area.

  17. Hello Ann Reardon I subscribed to your you tube channel and down below is my magnum I made

    • That’s funny! Thanks for subscribing Alicia.

  18. Hi Ann, This recipe is for a cake but i want to use the same recipe for cupcakes how many cupcakes would this recipe make and how much would i need of each ingredient for 6 cupcakes? Thanks, Anisa

    • Hi Anisa, This recipe would make about 20-24 standard cupcakes.

  19. Thought I would let you know that this is the comment of a Scottish husband when he discovered my chocolate cake (from your recipe) as a farewell gift after our house exchange: “Thank you very much for the chocolate cake. The texture and consistency is great. The chocolate cakes that we get in the UK tend to be too wet, or else too dry. Yours is just right. I am doing my best not to eat it right now, but to save some for the kids and my wife.”

    • Hi Corinna, that is a fabulous feedback. Please pass on our thanks to him!

  20. Hi Anne,
    Will it turn out ok if I bake this cake in a ceramic baking dish? How should I change the baking time and temperature, please? Thanks.

    • Hi Lasanthi, I haven’t trialed this, though it should bake well and be easy to remove if the dish is lined properly. The problem with ceramic dishes as they hold the heat and therefore cool down more slowly. You will need to take that into consideration and not leave the cake in the baking dish longer than necessary. In terms of cooking time it will depend on the thickness of your dish. Ceramic dishes also take longer to heat up. You will need to test it for yourself.

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