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Chocolate Macaron Recipe (Macaroons) with ginger ganache

Chocolate Macaron Recipe (Macaroons)

easy chocolate macaron recipe
After many requests here is the chocolate macaron recipe with ginger ganache. Sadly they have all been eaten and I am looking at this picture wishing there was just one left for me to have right now.

Chocolate Macaron Recipe Ingredients

4 large egg whites or 5 small – 140g (4.94 ounces)
1/3 cup or 70g (2.47 ounces) caster or super fine sugar 
200g (7.05 ounces) or 1 1/2 cups icing sugar 
115g (4.06 ounces) or 1 cup almond meal
30g (1.06 ounces) or 1/4 cup cocoa powder
2g (0.07 ounces) salt (optional)

(*cup measurements are metric cups where 1 cup=250ml in the USA cups use customary units so 1 cup = 236ml so you need to add a little bit extra as detailed in the recipe.).

Macaron Recipe Directions

Preheat the oven to 150C (302 degrees Fahrenheit)
Place egg whites and caster sugar in a bowl and mix with electric mixer.
Beat until stiff and glossy, you should be able to turn the bowl upside down without the meringue falling out.

macaroon stiff egg white

While the egg whites are whisking sift the almond meal, cocoa powder and icing sugar twice. Discarding any almond lumps that are too big to pass through the sieve. Once the egg whites are ready immediately fold in the icing sugar mixture. It should take roughly 50 folds until the mixture is smooth and very viscous, not runny. Over-mix and your macarons will be flat, under mix and they will not be smooth on top.


Pipe onto trays lined with non-stick baking paper. Firmly bang trays on the bench (this prevents cracking) and then bake in the oven for 15 minutes in the middle of the oven and then move to the bottom of the oven for another 5-10 minutes.

Filling your macaroons

My favorite filling is flavoured ganache, for these macarons I used white chocolate ginger ganache.
ganache macaron fillings
Ganache Recipe
200g (7.05 ounces) white chocolate
70ml or 1/4 cup plus 2 tsp cream (35% fat)
25g (0.88 ounces) grated fresh ginger
few drops green colouring – optional

Bring the cream and ginger to the boil, remove from heat and leave to steep for 15 minutes. Return to the heat and bring to the boil again. Pour through a sieve over the white chocolate. Let stand for a minute or two and then stir. If it is not adequately melted then microwave for 20 seconds and stir – repeat until smooth. Allow to cool and thicken before piping onto macarons.

For a variation try making choc chip macarons – use this easy macaron recipe and add 50g (1.76 ounces) of grated chocolate.
chocolate ginger macaron recipe ann reardon


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  1. Hi Ann,
    I’m so excited to try your video tutorial. Thank you for sharing i cant wait to test and hopefully use this on my bake sale or christmas package giveaways to my friends. Unlimited possibilities! Im so excited! Btw, is there any good brand for piping tube to buy? Im in Vancouver, Bc. Blessings.

  2. hi Ann!
    my friend and i have just started our own cupcake store with cupcakes and brownies and cakepops! it is going so well however we wanted something to add in that we could put in little cellophane bags and sell in quantities. i thought macaroons would be hard but after coming over your recipe and trying it out they turned out great and are a great addition to the stall!

    thanks so much!

    • wonderful georgia I hope they sell well for you 😀

  3. Hi there,
    I tryed to make macaroons but they turned out like mini merangues and with no feet.
    What went wrong. I think mixture to runny . Does using a normal hand mixer matter as my eggs didnt look as airated and flufdy as yours? It was smooth and glossy but upon mixing in dry ingrediants just didnt look the same.

  4. Hi, can I use powdered food coloring? I can’t find gel colors in the store :/.

    • yes 😀

  5. Hi Ann,
    I have been making Macarons for awhile now and I have quite many successful batches, until now I bought a new oven and then it doesn’t work anymore, they look like that however I tried, adjusting heat mode, temperature, putting in pizza stone, can u help me pls?!

  6. Will this recipe be able to be used for other flavors? Like green tea?

  7. Oh and lavander if u have a recepie for that too!

  8. HI Ann i would like to make some with pistachio, and rose water , if you have the recepie please can u email it to me .

  9. Hi Ann,

    The first time I made these macarons with the full recipe, they turned out great! However the next two times, I made half the recipe, and both times the macarons were cracked, is it actually possible to make half the recipe?
    Thanks! 😀

    • Hi Elaine, Yes you can make half the recipe, I make a 1/4 recipe often if I only need a small amount.

  10. Glad to hear from you Ann 🙂
    Most of them were not hollow but a few of them were. I was thinking it’s because my oven is not a fan oven so the heat was not even?! Anyway I did beat my egg white with a very high speed for 10 mins and it looked very stiff. I beat extra 5 mins after adding the coloring as it got soften a little bit.
    After leaving the piped macaroons over night in the fridge, the shells got crispier and the inside was even more chewier. But when i left them in the room temperature for a while, the shells went back to normal(crunchy outside, soft and a bit chewy inside).
    I upload the photo this time. They were great but just chewier than the one I bought from the shops. I guess I might really over beat the white. I will take your advice and try again 🙂
    By the way, I found sifting the almond meal is a long job so I only sifted it once. Is it ok?
    Thank you so so much! Really appreciate your help!

    • Hi Cecilia, I have a fine sieve that I use for most cooking jobs and then a coarser sieve that I use for macarons, almond meal does not go through a fine sieve.
      They look good, how did you go when you tried beating them a bit less?

      • Hi Ann, This time I made green tea macarons and they were excellent! I did over beat the white last time I believe 🙂 Thank you so much for your advice. 🙂

        • yummm

  11. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for sharing your recipe in details!! They are great and your videos are so helpful! Anyway, I realize my macaroons are a bit chewy. Is it because I baked too long ( I baked 23 mins than 20 mins)? Or in fact I sifted my almond and icing sugar once only, could it be because of that? Other than that, they look good and taste good too!
    Really appreciate your sharing and help!

    • Hi Cecilia, Were they hollow? Try mixing your egg whites and sugar until just enough to turn bowl upside down without it falling out and then for 2 minutes more only. Also if you add the filling and leave in the fridge until the next day did they soften?

  12. Hi Ann, i was woundering if we could use auminum foil instes of partchment paper aka not sticking paper. Also, for the chocolate macaron recipe, can u subsitute the almond flour and just add chocolate? Oh and ur videos are awesome! i never thought i could make macarons with white chocolate too! 😀

    • Hi Danvy, I have never tried baking them on foil;, give it a go and let me know how it goes. If you want to swap it for all chocolate use the nut free macaron recipe, the texture is not as good as these ones though.

  13. Hello Ann, nobody had asked if there is a need to aged the egg whites overnight. So is there a need to do so?

    • Hi Helen, no I tried leaving them out and using fresh and it made no visible difference when using this recipe.

  14. Hello Ann
    Where can I find few suggestion of what can be done with 4 egg whites besides meringue

    • You an make macaroons with 4 egg whites, if you meant 4 yolks then search this site for chocolate gelato and you will see it uses yolks.

  15. Hi Ann,

    I rarely comment on recipes that I’ve tried and had much success with. But after trying a few of your’s such as how to decorate cupcakes with just a piping bag without the piping tools and now making macarons, I have to let you know how easy and wonderful your recipes and directions are! You really have a knack at teaching people how to bake! My first time making macarons turned out perfect! I made earl grey macarons with purple color, and mint chocolate ganache! Although the mint chocolate overpowered the earl grey flavour, it was still so yummy! I just want to thank you so much! I’ve also shared with others about your youtube videos! Your voice is so soothing too that you make baking feel so relaxing! 🙂


  16. For the ganache, what kind of cream exactly? heavy cream?

    • hi queenie, are you in the us? If so yes heavy cream. In Australia it is cream, whipping cream or thickened cream any of those.

      • Thanks for your reply ann! Yes, I’m from US, I tried your recipe (the original easy macaron recipe) tonight. I used a hand held mixer to mix the egg white and sugar, it didn’t look stiff and dry to me after 10 mins, so I continued to mix till 15 mins, but they still didn’t look like the ones from your video. There are 5 speed on the mixer and I wasn’t sure which speed I should use, so I kinda switch the speed once a while. Do you have any suggestion and should I keep using one constant speed?
        The macaron tasted great, very almondy, kind of sweet to eat alone, but perfect with the filling. However, more than half of the macarons were cracked and only few of them had ‘foot’, the good ones and the cracked ones were on the same tray, so I don’t really know which part went wrong. Please help. Thanks!

        • Hi queenie, they are starting to look good. Cracked and good on the same tray can be a couple of things – one the meringue mixture not quite evenly incorporated so you get a row that you have piped with a crack. two -uneven oven temp or hot spots or fan of the oven blowing the back ones – the second one will be consistent with tryas that you bake so try moving the tray position or for example not piping a row at the back if that is where the problem is.

  17. I’m going to make these for a class at school and I was wondering how many macaroons this recipe makes

    • Hi Cayley, It depends on the size that you pipe them but when I make them it makes 20 complete macarons or 40 shells

      • So I could multiply how much of each ingredients by 2 to make 40 macaroons?

  18. I loved the video and they look great. thanks again Roz

  19. you have inspired meto get cooking. Thanks for great video

  20. Hey Ann love your blog and I am egar to try out some of you recipes dinners and other meals, when you get them up it will be worth the wait. I would like to point out an error in you latest recipe, where you have put ” 200 g cups ” I am guessing you missed out these qty of cups.

    • Thanks Chris, all fixed.

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