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Giant Ferrero Rocher Recipe

giant candy bar how to cook that

Do you want to do giant things with your life? Me too, watch this weeks video and you’ll be inspired by the wonderful people who get the giant 6kg (13.23 pounds) Ferrero Rocher. You should see the look on their faces when they unwrap it, priceless. We have been doing the giant candy bar recipe series for a while now, if you’ve only just found How To Cook That then you can check out the others here…


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To make your very own giant Ferrero Rocher Chocolate you will need:

Hemisphere pan
hemisphere silicone mold

The quantities given below will make 2 halves (hemispheres) or 1 whole giant Ferrero Rocher

2 packets of rolled wafer ice cream cones (the product I used had 24 cones in a pack)
Preheat your oven to 180C (356 degrees Fahrenheit) to crisp the wafers.

Hazelnut Ganache:
600g (21.16 ounces) dark chocolate (check that it contains cocoa butter, you want it to taste amazing)
1800g (63.49 ounces) milk chocolate (use real chocolate containing cocoa butter)
800mL (27.05 fluid ounces) or 3 1/3 cups cream (35% fat)
750g (26.46 ounces) nutella

For the hazelnut centre:
2 egg whites
60g (2.12 ounces) or 1/2 cup icing sugar
60g (2.12 ounces) or 1/2 cup ground hazelnuts
20g (0.71 ounces) or 1 Tbsp and 1 tsp sugar
30g (1.06 ounces) or 1/4 cup chopped hazelnuts

For the topping:
Additional 150g (5.29 ounces)  or 1 cup of chopped hazelnuts
800g (28.22 ounces) milk chocolate tempered

giant ferrero rocher recipe how to cook that

For the wrapping
1 roll shiny gold paper
1 sheet brown cardboard
1 roll masking tape

ferrero rocher recipe ann reardon
With thanks to thankyou. group for agreeing to be in this video, being awesome and eating lots of chocolate!

by Ann Reardon How To Cook That
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  1. If I make this on Saturday can it be stored for a week? and how would I store this if I can?

    • Hi Linsey, you would need to make sure that the item is fully sealed in the foil and then if possible in an airtight container. A week is probably the limit of something like this.

  2. Hi Ann!
    I was wondering where I can buy the Cadbury chocolate chunks that you use to melt and make ginache. Can you possably give me a link to a picture of what the chocolate is sold in so I can buy some? Btw I love your videos. Also can u give me a link to where to buy powdered whole egg? I couldn’t find it at my local grocery store, do u think they would sell it Ina baking needs store? Thanks for reading and please reply ASAP.
    Thanks again,
    Juliana C

    • Hi Juliana, If you can’t get powdered whole egg at your grocery store, they may have it at a cake decorating or baking store. Here is one example: but you are likely to have a more local option available. Ann buys her chocolate from the local supermarket. Brands, types and packaging vary from country to country, so just select what is readily available to you. Make sure it is real chcocolate.

  3. hello, i saw that you put the circle wafer at last, after you have put all the triangular ones in place. however, after you have baked them, the circle one is placed outside the triangular ones. does that mean we’ll have to make two layers or it doesn’t matter? also, how long do we need to bake them to crisp them up? thanks!

    • Hi Kitty, That was great watching! Either way is fine. Ann had the oven at 180C and crisped the wafers for about 5 mins with the glass bowl in place and then another minute or so without to finish the crisping. Ovens can vary greatly but try those timings and see how you go.

  4. Hi there,
    With these quantities how many would it make in the silicone mould ?
    Thank you

    • Hi Faye, The quantities make 2 hemispheres or 1 complete giant ferrero rocher.

    • Could you advise on quantities for using a 10cm diameter mould ?
      I’m hoping to make about four at this size and would be so grateful for any help !
      Many thanks

  5. Hello!
    I’m looking for these ingredients, would like to have some reference about the chocolate, perhaps for difficulty in translation I can not find here where I live.
    I’m talking about the cocoa butter, how will I know that have such an item in chocolate?

    • Hi Vinicus. If the chocolate is real chocolate the ingredient cocoa butter will be listed on the ingredients on the packaging.

  6. Hey Ann,
    Attempted this on a smaller scale. For my boss for her birthday. We loved your giant one but it would have been too much for her.
    they are about 6-7cm height.
    i used 1/6 the Hazelnut Ganache recipe and ½ the hazelnut centre recipe. I used a cupcake tin for the waffle and a cake pop tin for the centres. It made approx 9 halves and 12 centres.
    the left over were nice with some icecream.

    • hi hay, they look awesome, great ideas there for the smaller containers thanks for sharing.

  7. Is there anything else i can use except for wafer cone?

    • Hi RZ, You could make your own wafers or possibly replace them with a crepe mix that is cooked and laid in the shape you require and crisped up as wth the wafers in the video.

  8. It is REALLY hard for me to get hazelnuts, is there anything I can substitute them with?

    • Hazelnuts are key to its flavour.

  9. What cream is used?

  10. You should make a Giant Reese ‘ s Peanut Butter. ☺

  11. Is the recipe for one site or for both

    • Hi Funny Bunny, The quantities given will make both hemispheres.

  12. Hello I just wanna ask if this recipe is for the total or for the only half one?

    • Hi Kenneth, The recipe is for the complete Ferrero Rocher.

  13. Hi Ann!
    We love the recipe, but i have a question.
    The ingredients for the hazelnut ganache – is it for a half of ferrero rocher or for the whole ferrero rocher?
    (Hazelnut Ganache: 600g (21.16 ounces) dark chocolate (check that it contains cocoa butter, you want it to taste amazing)
    1800g (63.49 ounces) milk chocolate (use real chocolate containing coca butter)
    800ml cream 35% fat or 3 1/3 cups
    750g (26.46 ounces) nutella)
    Thank you 🙂

    regards from austria,

    • For the whole thing

  14. Hi Ann

    Thank you for your wonderful ideas. My husband looooves ferreo rocher. So I was so pleased when I saw your video for a giant sized one. Question in general please. Your recipes include all of the ingredient but none of the instructions. Hence I find myself watching the video dozens of times, continually stopping, rewinding and forwarding to get the instructions. Am I missing a recipe page that would include both? Also, it talks about putting the waffle cones in the oven but I haven’t found a temperature. I would love your help please.

    Be well,


    • Hi Catherine, Heat the oven to 180C. We have noted your other request. Thank you for the helpful feedback.

  15. Hei, could you help me? I want to make this tomorrow but not that big, could you help me to say how much chocolate I would need to make a “soup bowl” big? Or that material bowl you advertised in centimeter:0 THANK YOU!:)

  16. can I substitute egg whites with anything vegetarian?

  17. Hello!Could you please help me? I want to make this masterpiece for my boyfriends birthday, but I have the 15cm diameter ball tin. How much chocolate should I use for the filling? Thank you!

  18. I made it and then I tasted it and it was wonderful all my family loved it

    Thank you for the recipe

    • Thanks Aaminah!

      • Just discovered this, literally choked up at the end, blown away by the giant dream choc and the group that’s doing giant stuff. Wow! kudos to you for acknowledging them

        • Thanks Stix.

      • Hi there, I want to make one on friday but I dont really have an idea what bramd to buy for the chocolates and cream you used so I can get the good taste.. interesting!

  19. I really struggle a lot with the wafer do u know any ways to make it more easy? it looks easy in the video but harder when i come to making it
    Plz help much appreciated

    Ellisha reeves

    • Hi Ellisha, Exactly what was giving you trouble?

  20. Hi, could you please tell me tha brand of chocolate that you use and the temperatures for the oven?

    • Hi Andrea, Heat your oven to about 180c or 350F. You could use any brand of real chocolate (contains cocoa butter).

    • The brand is Cadbury

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