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instagram cake how to cook that

Instagram Cake made from chocolate mousse with chocolate glaze

Instagram Cake For friendly, filtered fun you can't go past Instagram. Twelve million people use it daily with Instagram photos receiving 8,500 'likes' per second!   But amongst all the happy snaps, I do wonder if we are becoming a generation of socially dissatisfied tourists inspecting the highlight reel of other people's lives.  One young mum ... »

Debunking – are these viral videos real or fake?

Debunking – are these viral videos real or fake?

  You have sent me lots of videos to debunk, this week we take a look at chocolate popcorn, microorganisms that are crawling on your face, onion storage, testing honey to see if it is pure and more. Enter for your chance to win one of ten Wiltshire baking prize packs This is a competition for best photo ... »

Wiltshire Prize Pack Giveaway

WIN ONE OF TEN WILTSHIRE PRIZE PACKS COMPETITION TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. Information on how to enter and prizes form part of these Terms and Conditions. Participation in this competition is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 2. Entry is open worldwide, void where prohibited by law. 3. The competition is based on the best photos or ... »

Gluten -Free Baking Tips

  If you have just been diagnosed as celiac or have gluten sensitivity gluten free baking can be disheartening at first. Here are some tips to help you on your way with gluten free baking. If you don't have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease you really do not need to be on a gluten ... »

3D unicorn cake tutorial

3D unicorn cake tutorial

cute unicorn drawing: 1 and 2   This 3D unicorn cake is a 4 out of 5 for cake decorating difficulty so if you're just starting out you may like to try this easier unicorn cake. Or you could use the unicorn on the surprise cakes app and add it to the top of any ... »

unicorn cake how to

Easy Unicorn Cake

  This fun and relatively easy cake, with hardly any fondant. This unicorn cake design was invented by the very talented and amazing Jenna Rae Cakes back in September 2016 and since then they have been appearing every where! I had tears streaming down my face last night as I read through the ... »

chocolate how to cook that

Easter Creatures

If you are blessed to get lots of eggs at Easter time, have some fun and turn them into creatures. For some of these cute animals you'll need a chocolate mold but for others you can just use the eggs you got for Easter. This week I want to take a moment to say a ... »

surprise inside cake ann reardon

Emoji Surprise Inside Dessert

  I love desserts that have the wow factor when you serve them to the table. This one has the double whammy, when you slice it open it reveals the heart eyes emoji smiley face on every slice. After your guests have finished instagramming photos of their dessert the finale is that it ... »

giant toblerone how to cook that

Giant Toblerone Recipe

  I love making giant chocolate bars and giving them to people who are doing giant things. Unsung heroes who just go about their business with a heart of gold. Watch the end of this weeks video to see the story of Jordan, the guy who got this one. The toblerone shape ... »

gold leaf on dessert reardon

Vanilla Panna Cotta Dessert Recipe

Have you ever seen such a pretty dessert. Sitting inside it's very own ice droplet is a vanilla bean panna cotta, diced compressed pineapple, mango lime sphere, isomalt sugar garnish. Thanks to the support of YouTube and Screen Australia I had the opportunity to work with a team on this video. Normally I film, ... »

Los Angeles Meet and Greet LA June 27th 2015

Los Angeles Meet and Greet LA June 27th 2015

SORRY THE MEET AND GREET EVENT on Saturday June 27th HAS REACHED CAPACITY AND SO YOUTUBE HAS CLOSED REGISTRATIONS. I will be back in LA for vidcon and will be doing a couple of limited first to get there giveaways (50 people/day) at one of the stalls while I'm there. I'll put all the details on a ... »

fruit eringue kisses how to cook that

GIVEAWAY & Fruity Meringue Kisses Recipe

  GOLDEN TICKET COMPETITION entries are now closed, Congratulations to the winners    Sydney: Annie Chen LA: Huiyeon Kim SORRY THE MEET AND GREET EVENT on Saturday June 27th HAS REACHED CAPACITY AND SO YOUTUBE HAS HAD TO CLOSE REGISTRATIONS. I will be back in LA for vidcon and will be doing a couple of first to get ... »

Strawberry Fraisier Dessert Recipe

Strawberry Fraisier Dessert Recipe

This strawberry Fraisier Dessert Recipe is a french classic. The strawberries around the edge make it look elegant and fresh. Traditionally they are topped with a marzipan but I'm not a fan so I've swapped that with a strawberry gel. And yes this week we have a giveaway that is open to people worldwide. Yay! You ... »

youtube cake recipe birthday

YouTube Cake Dessert Recipe

First there was the instagram dessert with the logo all the way through, followed by facebook, then you asked for a twitter cake. To finish off my complete set of social media desserts here's a YouTube cake, or should I say dessert. Did you know that 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?  That means in ... »

ginat gummy bear kit kat m&m cake

Giant Gummy Bear Kit Kat and m&m cake

"I made a giant Gummy Bear, Kit Kat and M&M cake today while you were at school, do you want to see a photo?" "Woooaaahhh that's awesome, can I have some when we get home?" "I gave it away" "What!!! Who to?" "I gave it away on Instagram" "Muuuum!! I would have eaten that." "I know, that's why I gave it ... »

chocolate cup recipe how to

Chocolate Cup Recipe

What is the perfect dessert for a romantic evening? A cup made from chocolate filled with mousse and topped with a vanilla foam. According to a study done in a bookstore in Belgium the smell of chocolate made customers browse for longer. Interest in cookbooks and romance novels increased as did the interaction with staff. Customers ... »

Doctor Who Dalek Cake Dr Who

Doctor Who Dalek Cake Dr Who

Lets celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with a Dalek cake.  As a child watching the world famous sci-fi series, the Daleks were quite terrifying with their harsh electro war-cry 'exterminate, exterminate'.  Over the past 50 years, Daleks have appeared in all seasons of Doctor Who, with a number of variations to their appearance ... »

chocolate sphere ball tutorial

Chocolate Sphere Tutorial Chocolate Ball

Chocolate Sphere Finally it's here... the chocolate sphere tutorial from the top of the instagram cake.  Now some of you thought I'd filmed it at the same time as making the instagram cake, and that would have been smart, but I actually didn't, hence the delay. My two year old just dropped his day-time nap.  Re-read ... »

chocolate truffles recipes ann reardon

Top Ten Most Popular Chocolate Truffle Recipes

Peering through the glass display cabinet at the chocolatier, I would have loved to buy all of them.  I was struck by how expensive it was for one such truffle.  Things which although delightful seemed relatively simple to make at home.  So I asked you what truffles you wanted to know how to make. ... »

hello kitty cake ann reardon

Hello Kitty Cake

Without so much as a taste, we kissed Hello Kitty goodbye...   Sure, the cute cartoon cat is adored around the globe and frequently requested on my YouTube channel, but in our boy-filled home this lovely cake was never going to hold pride of place at an 11-year-old's birthday party! So instead, I put a notice ... »