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number cake

Easy Fast Cream Number Biscuits

  These yummy numbers are fast, pretty and perfect for any celebration. Using store bought toppings will of course decrease the prep time even further. This style doesn't have to be numbers, you can write whole words or images. Just be aware that the width of the pastry part needs to be ... »

coconut dessert recipe

Coconut Dessert Recipe

  This dessert looks like a real coconut but in fact it has a chocolate husk filled with coconut cream mousse and fresh fruit. The servings are rather large if you make them the size of a real coconut, so you'd want to share them between two or make them smaller for individual serves. To ... »

giant snickers icecream bar

GIANT Snickers Icecream Bar

  This giant ice-cream bar snickers is huge, relatively easy to make and very popular. As well as the ingredients you will need a couple bits of equipment, namely a freezer big enough to put it in and a candy thermometer then you're good to go. If you're thinking of making this allow plenty ... »

miniature apple pie

Miniature Baking: Apple Pie

As I was baking a tiny apple pie I was imagining a tiny creature enjoying it at the miniature table. There are not many animals that are small enough to fit in the mini kitchen, but I thought a baby chicken might. I searched online and sure enough you can buy 3 day ... »

fortnite party cake ideas

Fortnite Cakes Gravity Defying Crystals

This is not sponsored I just enjoy playing this game. Apparently millions of other people who are much better at shooting than me like it too. I was inspired to try and make the gravity defying crystals, which turned out to be much harder process than I first envisaged. There seems to be ... »

3d desk cake ann reardon how to cook that

Laptop Cake

 This week I'm making a desk cake complete with a cute little laptop, deep enders book, Make It A Great Week mug, pencils and of course a camera. Watch to the end of the video to see how you can enter to WIN your very own laptop or camera. COMPETITION has now closed. Thank you ... »

miniature cheesecake dollhouse

Teeny Weeny Mars Bar Cheesecake

Wouldn't you love to see a teeny weeny supermarket? By far the hardest thing in making teeny weeny videos is the pre-prep. If I want a miniature mars bar I have to make one, I can't just go to the shops. The other difficulty is that once it is made there is ... »

how to buttercream a cake

4 ways to cover cake in buttercream

  Covering a cake in buttercream is trickier than ganache. Why? Because generally ganache is firmer and sets harder, so it is easier to get those straight edges and sharp corners. However you can still use buttercream to cover your cake. Today I will be looking at 4 different techniques to ... »

apple shaped dessert recipe ann reardon

Apple Shaped Dessert

  I've seen chefs make apple shaped desserts but they all use expensive apple-shaped silicone molds. If you want to make these at home the expense for the mold can't really be justified. So my challenge today is to find a way to make apple shaped desserts without using a mold. How To Make ... »

miniature kitchen utensils ann reardon

Miniature Donuts Recipe

  I finished making these donuts, took a final photo and walked out of the kitchen leaving the donuts on the counter. When I returned they were gone! It appears we have a mouse! A very well fed mouse. Imagine its delight at finding a mini sized kitchen with cute freshly ... »

chili cake face cake decorating lesson

3d Chibi gravity defying cake tutorial

  The human figure is way too skinny to make into a cake, unless you want to make a full sized cake that is big enough to feed hundreds of people. I am going to show you how to make a chibi version of anyone. Chibi characters are a lot more child like with an ... »

russian piping tips chart video

70 Russian Piping Tips

  At first there was five, now there are over seventy different Russian piping tips. I am not entirely sure if there have always been seventy and we only saw a few for sale here. Or if a clever marketer saw the opportunity to quickly expand their range of Russian piping nozzles as demand ... »

how to make a nutella egg

How To Make Chocolate Easter Eggs 2018

It is that time of year again when the shelves at the store are full of chocolate eggs. But how do you make them extra special and different to what everyone got last year? Watch the video for some fun easter egg ideas. Nutella egg All you'll need is 2 jars of nutella, a large ... »

volcano cake idea how to

Working Erupting Volcano Cake

  My quest today is to make a working volcano cake that erupts. I had a plan in my head of a set up that might make this work, watch the video to see how it turned out. To make this erupting volcano cake you will need: Equipment: 200mL (6.76 fluid ounces) syringe tube empty soda bottle drill dry ice cake board aluminum foil to ... »

giant ice cream sandwich

Giant Ice-cream Sandwich

  This was quite a challenge, not because of the recipe but due to the filming style. To do the whole recipe in stop motion means it is made up using a series of photos, lots of photos. That is why I chose a simple recipe to make. Jedd is having this one ... »

The Perfect Chocolate Cheese Board

The Perfect Chocolate Cheese Board

If you love cheese you'll be delighted when your host brings out a board covered in amazing cheeses and crackers. But if you are a sweet-tooth then the chances are that your heart just sunk with disappointment. To solve that conundrum I've created a chocolate board filled with candy and fruit and nuts ... »

rainbow pastry

Double Rainbow Apple Pies

My husband declared these to be the yummiest dessert he's ever tasted. If you take a moment to look under the desserts tab on this website you'll realize that, in our house, is a big call. He is however slightly biased because he has always loved apple pies. To make these double rainbow apple ... »

chocolate balloon bowls

Chocolate Balloon Bowls Part II

This is long overdue. I made the first chocolate balloon bowl video 5 years ago! Sorry for the long wait. I spent a day designing some new creative chocolate balloon bowls for you to try, I hope you have fun making these. Your friends will certainly enjoy eating them. Oh, ... »

mini wedding cake dollhouse

Miniature Wedding Cake for Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day for Feb 14th! Dave and I also just celebrated our wedding anniversary and had a lovely night out at a restaurant overlooking the city and, afterwards, we even went to the drive-in to watch a movie! Yes, drive-ins still exist. Friends of ours looked after our kids for the evening, ... »

gummy bear edible slime

5 Best Edible Slime Recipes

  Slime is super popular but many parents are concerned about the chemicals that their kids are literally rubbing all over their hands while they play. Bring on home made edible slime. While all of these are edible some taste better than others. Whether you are after a super stretchy slime, fluffy ... »

fortnite treasure chest cake

Treasure Chest Fortnite Cake

  Every school holidays we seem to stumble upon an app, a computer game or a ps4 game that becomes the competition over the break. This time around it was Fortnite Battle Royale, a first person shooter where you compete against one hundred others to try and take out the victory royale. The ... »

how to make a 3d fondant cake

3D Squirrel Cake | The Nut Job 2

  Three weeks of holidays flew by so fast. We flew to Perth to see family and watch the sunset over the ocean. My sister put on an amazing Christmas lunch for us, she even made brussel sprouts taste good - something that I thought was impossible. While on break I also ... »

Pretty Purple Dessert

Pretty Purple Dessert

  Happy New Year! Apologies for the lack of video last Friday. I decided that after 6 years of not missing a Friday blog post or video that I should actually take a few weeks off. I plan to spend one week over in Perth with Dave, my boys the rest of ... »

mini gingerbread house

Miniature Gingerbread House Recipe

  Merry Christmas everyone, praying for a blessed Christmas and amazing new year for you in 2018. My youngest had to bring something special to school for a Christmas picnic which, due to school rules, was 'not to be shared with others'. I sent him along with a picnic packed with his favourite ... »

gravity defying popcorn cake ann reardon

Gravity Defying Popcorn Cake

  The countdown to Christmas is on, half of the advent lollies have been eaten and school holidays are upon us. Movies are something we do most holidays. Here is a fun gravity defying popcorn cake to turn any movie gathering in to a party. Seriously, when I served this up the ... »

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