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debunking fake youtube recipes

Debunking more fake cooking videos

  In 2020 the fake cooking videos continue to circulate and are highly successful with the algorithm on youtube and facebook. By rewarding these videos with views and therefore money youtube and facebook are enabling the proliferation of misinformation. On top of that as these ones thrive other channels that strive to make accurate ... »

Grand trifle 18th century cooking

200 year old grand trifle recipe

  I introduced you to Hannah Glasse in the last 200 year old video that I made for you, if you missed her life story you can catch up on that here. This week I am making Grand Trifle from the 260 Year old cookbook 'The Complete Confectioner' by Hannah Glasse. Back then you ... »

nailed it! challenge

Are the Netflix “Nailed It’ challenges impossible?

  Are the Netflix "Nailed It' challenges impossible? That's the question I asked myself when I saw this show. The program gave inexperienced or self proclaimed 'bad' bakers just 45 minutes to recreate a princess doll cake. The cakes, shown below, have a high level of detail most of which can not be ... »

yummy homemade caramel recipe

200 Year Old Confectionary Recipes

  Reading old cookbooks gives us an insight into the lives of women who lived long ago. Preparing desserts was a cumbersome and time consuming process. Imagine hand peeling and grating a pound of almonds to get almond meal. Or pounding sugar in a mortar and pestle to make icing sugar. ... »

egg free macaron recipe

What’s your baking IQ?

  Vegan Macarons Recipe 100g (3.53 ounces) aqua faba (Take the liquid from 2 tins of and boil until you have 100mL (3.38 fluid ounces) left, cool) 75g (2.65 ounces) caster sugar 1/2 tsp cream of tar tar 150g (5.29 ounces) almond meal 150g (5.29 ounces) icing sugar Whip the aqua faba, caster sugar and cream of tartar on high speed until it resembles egg whites. Sift the almond meal and icing .... »

up gingerbread house template and recipe

Up Gingerbread House 2019

  To make a gingerbread house from scratch that is this detailed from you need to set aside days not hours. If you don't have days then there are a few things you should take from this post. Number one: homemade gingerbread tastes one hundred times better than store bought kits. Number ... »

Chocolate Artwork Reverse Perspective

Chocolate Artwork Reverse Perspective

  The artwork on the wall appeared to move, at first I thought it was a video but then I realised it was a clever optical illusion, unlike anything I'd seen before. Patrick Hughes invented reverse perspective, a 3D art form where what is close to you appears in the distance, so it tricks you ... »

Beware of Fake DIY videos

Beware of Fake DIY videos

  How big is the problem? Through these debunking videos I hope to raise awareness of “fake baking and DIY” phenomenon — fabricated how-to's that present as factual, mixed in with real ones which escalated confusion. Inaccurate content on YouTube and Facebook is not new, but the scale and professional level on which they are now being produced ... »

yummy chocolate covered cake recipe

3 Ways to Rescue a Cake Fail

Making a cake for a special occasion is such a lovely gesture. If the cake fails you may be able to laugh it off and just enjoy the taste, despite the looks. But what if you really wanted it to look good? Here are three ideas on how to rescue ... »

Fake & Dangerous how-to videos who is to blame if someone gets hurt?

Fake & Dangerous how-to videos who is to blame if someone gets hurt?

  Join the conversation, vote in the poll on the video and add to the comments. What is your opinion? If someone follows a how-to tutorial exactly as it is shown in a video and gets hurt who is to blame? Is it the video creator? The platform that hosts the video? ... »

Miniature Princess Doll Cake 1/12th scale

  Baking in a 1/12th scale dollhouse kitchen is very tricky. Obviously because everything in the video is to scale it can be hard to convey just how small it really is. The island bench top is only 5cm (1.97 inches) wide. Perhaps the biggest challenge when filming, apart from knocking things off the bench, ... »

harry styles cake tutorial

Surprise Inside Money Cake

  To make this surprise inside money cake you will need: 150g (5.29 ounces) white fondant 32 x 45g (1.59 ounces) kitkats 3 x my rich chocolate cake recipe baked in four tins, my trays are 15" x 10" Triple quantity of chocolate buttercream Simple syrup (make using 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of water heated in the microwave until the sugar ... »

chocolate dessert ann reardon

Parisian Meringue Dessert Aux Merveilleux (Wonderful)

  Meringue recipe for domes and circles (makes 45 domes and bases when piped in 3.5cm (1.38 inches) circles) 300g (10.58 ounces) caster sugar or super fine sugar 6 egg whites Beat on high speed until glossy and thick. Pipe as shown in the video and bake for 90 minutes at 100C (212 degrees Fahrenheit). Crispy meringue for the outside 250g (8.82 ounces) caster sugar or super fine sugar 4 egg wh... »

ann reardon how to cook that

100 Year Old Cake Recipes and Baking Hacks

  This week we are looking at baking hacks from my great grandmothers one hundred year old cookbook. Some of these are common sense, others are weird and one is genius. To test the hacks that regarding cakes I used the 100 year old cake recipes from the same book. I have ... »

“Is your Food Fake or Real” video exposed

A recent video by Blossom (First Media) showed all sorts of apparent food adulteration and left people questioning 'is my meat stuck together with meat glue?' ... 'is my salt fake?" ... "is there plastic in rice?" and "is there washing powder in ice-cream?" All these questions and more will be answered in this video. Claim: ... »

How to fix a cake fail

Toppled cakes, broken cakes and even a crumbly mess can all be rescued with these three strategies. No one will ever know that there was a cake failure involved. Follow the techniques in the video above to repair broken cakes. Prevention is better than cure, so here's a few tips. Allow yourself more time! I feel ... »

ancient roman cake recipe how to cook that

2000 year old cake recipe from Ancient Rome

Have you ever wondered if they had cakes and desserts in Ancient Rome? Well back in 79AD Mt Vesuvius erupted burying Pompeii and other villas and areas nearby in ash, debris and lava. Because the remaining people believed the area to be cursed they did not rebuild. Nearly two thousand years ... »

chocolate balloon dog ann reardon

Chocolate Balloon Dog

This is one of those projects that was much easier in my head than in reality. However, now that I have the technique figured out, you should be able to recreate your own chocolate balloon dog. Just be prepared for some patience as there is a fair bit of repetition involved in ... »

rocket ship cake ann reardon how to cook that

Rocket Cake

  I have designed this rocket ship cake to be easy to make even if you've not made cakes before and don't have cake decorating equipment at home. You can make the cookie part up to a couple of weeks ahead and store in an airtight container. To make this rocket ship cake you will need: Rocket Template rocket ... »

bleached strawberries

Should you watch / let your kids watch 5-minute crafts?

The majority of views on videos like 5-minute crafts are by kids or bored adults. If you're letting your kids watch 5-minute crafts make sure they know not to try any of the hacks or recipes at home. Aside from filling their brain with mis-information and hacks to solve problems that no one ... »

chocolate easter nest edible ann reardon

Easter Cake Recipe

Happy Easter Everyone! I love setting up Easter egg hunts for my boys, I try to make them harder each year the older they get. There are clues leading to each new location. The back of the clue says how many there are to be found there so they can keep hunting until ... »

nerf gun cake ann reardon how to cook that

Nerf Gun Cake & Party

Jedd turned 8 this year which means this website is turning eight too! Eight years of recipes and video uploads, there is a lot of gold on this site. I have been thinking recently about rearranging the menus so it is easier to find everything. I will get onto that shortly.   To ... »

Decadent Tall Chocolate Mousse Cake with salted Caramel Drip

A decadent chocolate cake recipe with crunchy choc crumb and velvety smooth chocolate mousse between the layers. Topped with salted caramel drip and toasted Italian meringue.  I had lots of fun filming this vr video, but I know many of you don't like virtual reality so I also filmed the whole thing again as ... »

miniature kitchen tiny cooking

Miniature Pavlova in VR180

To look around the mini kitchen on mobile you can simply tilt the phone side to side and up and down. On desktop computer press the navigation button in the top left. Or if you're one of the privileged few that own a VR headset you can go ahead and put them on and step right ... »

apple fritters 1800's recipe

200 year old Fritter Recipes

Cooking in the 1800's was extremely hard work. Imagine removing all electrical appliances from your kitchen, well actually just turn off the power. Then simplify the shopping centre to only sell the very basic unprocessed essentials. There's a cow out the back of your house that you'll need to milk and of course, there ... »

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