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chocolate balloon dog ann reardon

Chocolate Balloon Dog

This is one of those projects that was much easier in my head than in reality. However, now that I have the technique figured out, you should be able to recreate your own chocolate balloon dog. Just be prepared for some patience as there is a fair bit of repetition involved in ... »

rocket ship cake ann reardon how to cook that

Rocket Cake

  I have designed this rocket ship cake to be easy to make even if you've not made cakes before and don't have cake decorating equipment at home. You can make the cookie part up to a couple of weeks ahead and store in an airtight container. To make this rocket ship cake you will need: Rocket Template rocket ... »

bleached strawberries

Should you watch / let your kids watch 5-minute crafts?

The majority of views on videos like 5-minute crafts are by kids or bored adults. If you're letting your kids watch 5-minute crafts make sure they know not to try any of the hacks or recipes at home. Aside from filling their brain with mis-information and hacks to solve problems that no one ... »

chocolate easter nest edible ann reardon

Easter Cake Recipe

Happy Easter Everyone! I love setting up Easter egg hunts for my boys, I try to make them harder each year the older they get. There are clues leading to each new location. The back of the clue says how many there are to be found there so they can keep hunting until ... »

nerf gun cake ann reardon how to cook that

Nerf Gun Cake & Party

Jedd turned 8 this year which means this website is turning eight too! Eight years of recipes and video uploads, there is a lot of gold on this site. I have been thinking recently about rearranging the menus so it is easier to find everything. I will get onto that shortly.   To ... »

Decadent Tall Chocolate Mousse Cake with salted Caramel Drip

A decadent chocolate cake recipe with crunchy choc crumb and velvety smooth chocolate mousse between the layers. Topped with salted caramel drip and toasted Italian meringue.  I had lots of fun filming this vr video, but I know many of you don't like virtual reality so I also filmed the whole thing again as ... »

miniature kitchen tiny cooking

Miniature Pavlova in VR180

To look around the mini kitchen on mobile you can simply tilt the phone side to side and up and down. On desktop computer press the navigation button in the top left. Or if you're one of the privileged few that own a VR headset you can go ahead and put them on and step right ... »

apple fritters 1800's recipe

200 year old Fritter Recipes

Cooking in the 1800's was extremely hard work. Imagine removing all electrical appliances from your kitchen, well actually just turn off the power. Then simplify the shopping centre to only sell the very basic unprocessed essentials. There's a cow out the back of your house that you'll need to milk and of course, there ... »

rubix cube cake ann reardon

Rubik’s Cube Cake

This cake idea is not my invention, it is the brain child of Cedric Grolet, the executive pastry chef at Le Meurice in Paris. It has twenty five individual cubes of dessert sitting on platforms made of chocolate. The recipe below is my own using ingredients and methods that are easy to get at home. To ... »

modelling chocolate face

Sculpting a 3D head out of modelling chocolate

Sculpting a 3D head to look like a specific real person is hard. This is not something I'd recommend a beginner cake decorator should do, unless it is for fun or  for a friend who won't be insulted if they look a bit wonky. Making a cartoon or app characters is definitely much easier than ... »

ice-cream cake

Launching Patreon

I recently wrote a post explaining the current problem with YouTube's Artificial Intelligence algorithm. Controversy, click-bait and constant uploads of duplicated content is the only way to get big views. As an experiment, I uploaded a 'copy-cat' video styled on one of these currently successful channels and ran a poll to see what real-live viewers ... »

chocolate Oreo box ann reardon

Easy Chocolate Oreo Box

Handmade gifts are lovely but the challenge is they can be very time consuming to make. This chocolate Oreo box is so easy that anyone can do it. If you want it to look more like an Oreo you could use a ring of fondant around the edge instead of the white chocolate. ... »

coke recipe ann reardon

Super Easy Summer Coke Dessert Recipe

Cocacola gave me a challenge to create a new recipe using coke. I experimented with the coke cake and cookie recipes that already exist, but none of them tasted of coke. Although the flavour of coke is distinct it is also quite subtle. After several more experiments I was super excited with ... »

ann reardon pie topper recipes

12 easy pie crust ideas to decorate you pies

Twelve creative pie crust ideas for you to make your pies look amazing. These are all fairly simple and just use store bought pastry. I usually always make my own pastry but there is a bigger picture behind this video that I'd like to discuss. Let's have an honest chat together about the ... »

gingerbread house ann reardon

Gingerbread House 2018

Many years ago I saw a picture of an adorable gingerbread scene, it looked so beautiful that I wanted to recreate it. Finding the original was tricky and when I finally tracked down the low res picture from 2010 the only information on the creator was a first name and location, Mary E from ... »

3d camera cake tutorial how to cook that

3D Camera Cake

Panasonic invited me to an event in Sydney and requested that I bring along a camera cake that I was filming. I live in Melbourne - a hour and twenty minute flight away, so I forewarned them that the cake may not travel well. Walking through the airport carrying a cake was ... »

mont blanc dessert recipe

Angelina’s Mont Blanc Dessert Recipe Paris

The origins of this dessert have been hotly debated for some time. Was it the chef at Angelina restaurant in Paris or an Italian chef 300 years earlier? Either way, you can make it for yourself and enjoy the chestnut cream, meringue and soft cake. To make Angelina's Mont Blanc you will need: Meringue Recipe: 3 ... »

lemon dessert recipe ann reardon

Italian Lemon Dessert Recipe

On our recent trip overseas we visited Sorrento Italy and tasted an amazing dessert called delizia limone or lemon delicious. It truly was delicious and lemony, but not bitter. To make it you're going to need lemons... no really, you'll need heaps of them. Recipe credit: Original recipe was created by Carmine ... »

how to make cannoli ann reardon

Italian Cannoli Recipe – Taormina Sicily


chocolate dome dessert recipe

Chocolate Pistachio Dome Dessert

For most of us catering for a dinner party of twenty guests is quite enough stress. But the chefs on a cruise ship makeing thousands of every menu item in just a normal day. I'm going inside the ships galley on the Crown Princess cruise ship to take a sneak peek at ... »

chart of fondant colors

How To Color Fondant

Usually in cake decorating videos I use fondant that I have already coloured before I start recording. This has lead to lots of questions about how to colour fondant, how to colour fondant without staining your hands and especially how to color black fondant, brown fondant and bright pink fondant. So in this ... »

barbie cake ann reardon

Pink Barbie Car Cake

  When I started making doll cakes they were simply a doll stuck in the centre of a cake, piped with swirls of buttercream (my first buttercream doll cake), then they evolved to using fondant (my first fondant doll cake). Several years ago I looked at the actual characters and thought the cakes would ... »

apple caramel dessert recipe ann reardon

Apple Caramel Dessert Recipe

  Some of my favourite flavours are caramel, apple, lemon and cream cheese so I've combined them all into this one dessert. I wasn't 100% happy with the look, I'd probably change the shape up a bit next time, but the flavour was lovely.   To make these caramel apple desserts you will need: Caramel Mousse ... »

subway sandwich cake

Subway Cake

  I've seen plenty of hamburger and subway cakes that have all the details made out of fondant. For me that's just a bit much. If it looks beautiful but doesn't taste beautiful, it isn't beautiful. What's on the inside really does matter. For this cake I used ingredients other than fondant ... »

kitchen gadget review

Clever or Never Kitchen Gadget Review

  Let's face it there are so many kitchen gadgets you could buy but only a limited space in your kitchen. Watch us test them so you can decide if they are clever or if you'd never use them.   Featured in this weeks video (I've added links for the ones that I could find online): The ... »

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