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chocolate cream cheese frosting recipe

Best Chocolate Frosting Recipes Taste Tested

  A good chocolate frosting glistens, it's deep chocolate colour tempts, it melts in your mouth leaving you with a moist rich chocolate flavour. Well that is what you hope for, not all chocolate frostings are equal. Today we are making seven different frosting recipes and putting them through a taste test to find out ... »

beest frosting recipes how to cook that ann reardon

7 Best Frosting Recipes Taste Tested

    A good frosting completes the cake. The best frosting recipes give that moist mouthfeel, enhanced flavour and burst of indulgence with every bite. Today we are putting seven frosting recipes to the test to find out which frosting tastes the best and how they stand up in the heat outside in an Aussie summer. The frosting recipes ... »

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cream cheese frosting recipe

Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe Cream cheese frosting is delicious on carrot cakes and red velvet cupcakes. I find the traditional version a bit too sweet and cloying, so here is my recipe. 250g (8.82 ounces) or 1 cup cream cheese  (this should be the block cream cheese - not the spreadable cream cheese that comes in a tub) 90g (3.17 ounces) or 1/3 cupbutter 2 cups or ... »

little book of frosting recipes

My Little Book of Frosting Recipes

Frosting recipes are spread all over this blog and you can access them for free.  But for those of you who like things organized I have made 'My little book of frostings' here you will find eighteen frosting recipes in one cute little booklet. You can purchase, download the pdf, print and assemble!   Frosting Recipes included ... »

butter cream cupcakes recipes howtocookthat

Buttercream Cupcake Frosting Recipes

Basic butter cream or American buttercream is an easy cupcake frosting to make. Today we will look at the basic recipe and some of my favourite variations. UPDATE: See seven different frosting recipes in a taste test and in the Aussie sun for a heat test on this more recent post. You may also like ... »

chocolate orange ganache frosting for delicious rich chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate Orange Cupcake with Ganache Frosting Recipe

  Chocolate ganache can be infused with any flavour you desire, so do some experimenting. For these cupcakes I used orange and topped them with a jaffa.  You can eat them as is, or heat in the microwave until the ganache melts down over the warm cake. Serve with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. For ... »

mint chocolate cup cake ganache

Cupcake Frosting – Chocolate Mint Ganache Recipe

Rich chocolate cupcakes with creamy mint chocolate ganache and a slice of peppermint crisp.  You can eat these as is or heat them in the microwave, let the ganache melt down over the warm cake and serve with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. For the chocolate cupcake recipe I use best ever chocolate cake ... »

lego ninjago cake how to cook that

How to Make a Lego Ninjago Cake & How to make Italian Meringue Frosting

Italian Meringue Frosting With a new baby in the house, this cake needed to be simple to make. We had a lego themed party which went down a treat - read about the party games here.  The cake is a layered chocolate cake with chocolate mousse covered in Italian meringue.  The figures and words are ... »

minecraft cake ann reardon

Does the minecraft cake recipe work in real life?

  3 buckets of milk Each bucket of milk is ~ 3.5L (0.92 gallons), there are 3 buckets of milk so in total there would be 10.5L (2.77 gallons) of milk. From this amount of milk you can get 1214mL (41.05 fluid ounces) of cream. 2 piles of sugar There are 4 sugar canes on a block, each cane gives between 50 and 150g (5.29 ounces) of sugar depending ... »

skittles waffles recipe

Can you make ice in a microwave?

  Can you make ice in a microwave if you reverse the polarity of electricity flowing to it? Can you make skittle lollipops in a waffle machine? What happens if you put m&m's in a waffle machine? Can you make ice cream frosting from icing sugar and ice cream? All these questions and more are answered in this weeks episode. »

bob ross painting

Edible Bob Ross Painting

  3 x my rich chocolate cake recipe baked in four trays 25cm (9.84 inches) x 38cm (14.96 inches). 4 x vanilla buttercream recipe Orange Simple Syrup juice of one orange equal volume of sugar White Chocolate Ganache 420mL (14.2 fluid ounces) cream 1260g (44.45 ounces) white chocolate (look for chocolate that contains cocoa butter not vegetable fat) White Fondant 700g (24.69 ounces) white fonda... »

nailed it! challenge

Are the Netflix “Nailed It’ challenges impossible?

  Are the Netflix "Nailed It' challenges impossible? That's the question I asked myself when I saw this show. The program gave inexperienced or self proclaimed 'bad' bakers just 45 minutes to recreate a princess doll cake. The cakes, shown below, have a high level of detail most of which can not be ... »

yummy chocolate covered cake recipe

3 Ways to Rescue a Cake Fail

Making a cake for a special occasion is such a lovely gesture. If the cake fails you may be able to laugh it off and just enjoy the taste, despite the looks. But what if you really wanted it to look good? Here are three ideas on how to rescue ... »

harry styles cake tutorial

Surprise Inside Money Cake

  To make this surprise inside money cake you will need: 150g (5.29 ounces) white fondant 32 x 45g (1.59 ounces) kitkats 3 x my rich chocolate cake recipe baked in four tins, my trays are 15" x 10" Triple quantity of chocolate buttercream Simple syrup (make using 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of water heated in the microwave until the sugar ... »

prince harry 3d face cake ann reardon

3D Realistic Face Cake – Prince Harry

Making a 3D realistic head and bust that looks recognisably like the person you're trying to create must be one of the hardest cake requests. So today I am inventing a hack to make every cake decorators life easier. Obviously if you could take a full cast of the persons head that would make ... »

How to fix a cake fail

Toppled cakes, broken cakes and even a crumbly mess can all be rescued with these three strategies. No one will ever know that there was a cake failure involved. Follow the techniques in the video above to repair broken cakes. Prevention is better than cure, so here's a few tips. Allow yourself more time! I feel ... »

rocket ship cake ann reardon how to cook that

Rocket Cake

  I have designed this rocket ship cake to be easy to make even if you've not made cakes before and don't have cake decorating equipment at home. You can make the cookie part up to a couple of weeks ahead and store in an airtight container. To make this rocket ship cake you will need: Rocket Template rocket ... »

nerf gun cake ann reardon how to cook that

Nerf Gun Cake & Party

Jedd turned 8 this year which means this website is turning eight too! Eight years of recipes and video uploads, there is a lot of gold on this site. I have been thinking recently about rearranging the menus so it is easier to find everything. I will get onto that shortly.   To ... »

dinosaur cake tutorial

3d Dinosaur Cake

  For this cake I decided to experiment with using modelling chocolate to cover a cake instead of fondant. Let me know which you think is better to work with. To make this 3D dinosaur cake you will need: The dinosaur cake template   Non-food Items A wooden cake base board, you will need to drill holes ... »

3d camera cake tutorial how to cook that

3D Camera Cake

Panasonic invited me to an event in Sydney and requested that I bring along a camera cake that I was filming. I live in Melbourne - a hour and twenty minute flight away, so I forewarned them that the cake may not travel well. Walking through the airport carrying a cake was ... »

apple caramel dessert recipe ann reardon

Apple Caramel Dessert Recipe

  Some of my favourite flavours are caramel, apple, lemon and cream cheese so I've combined them all into this one dessert. I wasn't 100% happy with the look, I'd probably change the shape up a bit next time, but the flavour was lovely.   To make these caramel apple desserts you will need: Caramel Mousse ... »

Winnie the pooh cake ann reardon

Winnie the Pooh cake

The new Christopher Robin movie is not out in Australia yet, but the preview looked so adorably cute that it inspired me to make a Winnie the Pooh cake. Family update: James is finally well enough to go back to school. He has been every day this week. Thanks again for your ... »

muffin recipe animation

Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

  This is the recipe that started it all. Friends always ask me for my dessert recipes. But I have written out this raspberry white chocolate chip muffin recipe so many times that is deserved a video of its own. I used to make these for our church's cafe. ... »

fortnite party cake ideas

Fortnite Cakes Gravity Defying Crystals

This is not sponsored I just enjoy playing this game. Apparently millions of other people who are much better at shooting than me like it too. I was inspired to try and make the gravity defying crystals, which turned out to be much harder process than I first envisaged. There seems to be ... »

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