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shopkins cake

Shopkins Cake

  I am so glad Shopkins toys are loved by kids all around the world. The cute little plastic, collectable figures were invented by a fellow Aussie. Had they been around when I was a kid I'm sure that I would have been saving my pocketmoney to get some. To make this ... »

gravity defying cake howtocookthat

Epic Gravity Defying Cake

  Gravity defying cakes are so much fun, they certainly grab peoples attention at parties. The trick to this hovering watering can cake is some serious hidden supports. Once you've got that set up it is really not so hard to make the cake defy gravity. Competition is now closed CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS: ... »

candy crush jelly saga ann reardon

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Cake

  This week we are making a candy covered, colorful cake that is really easy to make. No fondant skills required! There is a tiny bit on the cake and covering the cake board, but you can skip it if you like. With thanks to King the developers of Candy Crush Jelly Saga for sponsoring ... »

slitherio cake snake cake

Slither.io Cake

Oh my goodness, our whole family has become addicted to this game ... all vying for top score in the family. To be honest, the game has absolutely no point - you can't actually win or progress and yet it is mind-numbingly addictive. So in honor of the hours 'wasted' playing the game, I decided to ... »

cake scraps recipe by ann reardon

Cake Scraps Fudgy Brownie Recipe

  When you make a large carved cake you end up with lot of off-cuts, which are known as 'cake scraps'. This recipe turns these scraggly off-cuts into crazy, good, fudgy brownies. They are delicious served warm with ice-cream, or cold at any time of the day. To make my cake scraps ... »

spiderman cake tutorial video

3D Spiderman Cake Tutorial

  Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Okay, but can a spider make kids squeal with delight? Can a spider be sliced up and eaten and leave people asking for more? Well, this Spiderman cake can! This week I had the privilege of going to the YouTube Creator Summit in New York. Yes, Pewdiepie and ... »

mixer cake tutorial ann reardon

3D Stand Mixer Cake & GIVEAWAY!!

  The dream cake for every baker, a 3D stand mixer cake! If you're a baking enthusiast then I know you'll love making this one for yourself. But how amazing would it be to WIN the real mixer to go with it! Simply fill out the entry form below for your chance to ... »

Vegan chocolate cake recipe ann reardon howtocookthat

Best Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

  I tried many times to make a truly delicious vegan cake but every recipe seemed to promise much and deliver little. So a few months ago, I put on my food scientist hat and got to work developing my own recipe. Well, after LOTS of experimentation and a few flops along the way, here it ... »

coca cola cake by Ann Reardon how to cook that

Coca-Cola Bottle Cake

  I can hear footsteps, the cute 5 year old kind, coming down the stairs. I love his cuddles in the morning. He is sneaking up behind me and I pretend not to notice. His breathing is loud and obvious but I do not spoil the game. He is getting closer ... »

harry potter cake ann reardon

Top Ten Books Cakes

One of the things I love most about my YouTube channel and website is interacting with people all over the world. A few weeks ago I asked for your favorite books and you let me know ... by the thousands!! We tallied up all the votes and then I had the fun task of incorporating ... »

EOS lip balm cake How To Cook That

Giant EOS Lip Balm Cake

I must admit when the requests started flooding in for 'EOS' I had to google it to find out what it was. Lip Balm! That's right, EOS lip balm is cute little spheres of lip goodness that twist open and close perfectly. They are not easy to get your hands on in Australia, ... »

star wars bb8 cake ann reardon

Awesome spinning BB-8 Cake

    There has been an awakening ... a spinning BB-8 cake!! Yes this cute rolling droid almost stole the show in the new Star Wars movie and I just knew I had to come up with something special to represent his clever mode of transport. Star Wars is a big thing in my house full of ... »

buttercream flower cake ann reardon howtocookthat

Pretty Butter Cream Flower Cake

  HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you have a blessed 2016. Thanks for all of your love and support last year. You can see a playlist of all of last years videos here. This beautiful flower cake is made entirely from buttercream and it is easier that you'd think. I'll show you ... »

teddy bear cake video ann reardon

Teddy Bear Cake

  Only one of my boys ever got attached to a particular teddy... Godfrey was teddy's name. He has to come with us on every trip and once he nearly got lost at a US airport. The other two kids just love all teddies equally and will easily swap which one, if any, ... »

black forrest cake recipe video

Black Forrest Cake Recipe

The advent calendar going up kicks off the official countdown to Christmas in our home. It's a lovely hand-made calendar, stuffed with lollies and nativity figurines in the pockets, providing a great source of post-dinner joy for the kids. With each passing day it grows lighter as the little wooden stable nearby fills up with ... »

gingerbread house recipe ann reardon

Two Storey Gingerbread House Recipe

  It's that time of year again when the house smells of freshly baked gingerbread as ordinary cookie dough and candy canes are transformed into a magical Christmas decoration. And because it's the season to give, I also have some beautiful Breville stand mixers to giveaway as well as gingerbread house molds. Make sure ... »

ariel little mermaid cake ann reardon

Ariel Little Mermaid Cake

Being a mum of three boys I missed out on the whole Disney princess dress ups and excitement with my own kids. But I have seen the unmistakable joy on a little girls face when they see their favourite character sitting beautifully atop a cake. Big eyes, cute giggles, shy smiles and big nods when ... »

space invaders cake pixels movie

Space Invaders Cake

  Are you ready to get your geek on? Yes this week’s offering is both an optical illusion Space Invaders cake as well as a Disco cake. Take note, to fully appreciate these cakes you simply MUST watch the video because it really MOVES. I’m not talking about moving you emotionally or sparking memories of your ... »

inside out cake idea how to

Inside Out Cake

  An Inside Out cake, inspired by the Disney Pixar movie that is easy to make and has all the characters on the outside and a surprise on the inside too. Who was your favourite character in the movie? I liked Joy's fun-loving nature and that she wanted to make every memory good. Impossible maybe, but ... »

lego cake tutorial ann reardon

LEGO Cake – LEGO City Police Cake

My four year old is obsessed with LEGO. He loves to build his own creations and engage in imaginative play. And having two older brothers means there is a vast supply of Lego bricks to play with as well as experienced builders to help fuel his imagination. As his birthday approached this year, he was ... »

topsy turvy cake ann reardon

Topsy Turvy Cake Tutorial

  A pretty topsy turvy cake with different flavours on each layer so everyone is happy.  Beautiful fresh flowers are a fast way to finish off the cake and I'll show you the trick to keeping them looking good. Thanks to everyone who came and said "Hi" at vidcon. It was lovely to meet you all! To make this ... »

pirate ship cake surprise cakes app

Easy Pirate Ship Cake Surprise Cakes App

  The new version of the Surprise Cakes App is finally ready for you. There were a couple of hiccups along the way to getting this one released, including one that involved a complete rebuild from our app programmer. So before you ask in the comments, 'why isn't it free?' Spare a thought for the many ... »

big hero 6 cake how to cook that ann reardon

Big Hero 6 Baymax Cake

  Big Hero 6 is such a lovely movie for all ages.  Being a mum of boys I especially appreciated the brotherly love displayed by Tadashi. I think everyone fell in love with the big cuddly and slightly clumsy baymax.  Secretly I think we'd all like a personal care assistant to look out for us.  This cake depicts Baymax giving ... »

minecraft cake how to cook that

Epic Minecraft Cake Village

  Epic Minecraft cake village with no fondant, just frosting, chocolate and sprinkles... yummmm!  Lets face it you are either a minecraft fan or you know one. This is a really fun cake to make.  If you're short on time just make the building blocks and in the true spirit of minecraft let the guests ... »

star wars cake all edible reardon how to cook that

Star Wars Cake Millennium Falcon

It's nearly star wars day. May the 4th be with you. My husband requested a Star Wars cake for his birthday this year, a millennium falcon to be precise. As the millennium falcon is largely monochromatic, but highly detailed, I thought it would be the ideal candidate for a silicone mold. The desert cake part is easy ... »

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