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converse shoe cake ann reardon

Converse Shoe Cake Tutorial

  Since making the high heel cake tutorial requests have been coming in thick and fast for a converse shoe cake. You can make this chuck Taylor All Star sneaker in any colour that your recipient wishes. Or if you're brave why not try making a patterned one. Did you know Nike owns converse? They bought ... »

sponge bob cake video tutorial howtocookthat

Spongebob Cake Tutorial

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants! This weeks video tutorial shows you how to make a 3D spongebob cake in the style of the 'spongebob out of water' movie. How To Cook That recently won a Taste Award for Best Food Program as well as Australia's best cooking blog. Thanks everyone ... »

Adventure Time Cake Finn the Human

Adventure Time Cake Finn the Human

Adventure Time come on and grab your friend, we'll go to very distant lands.  With Jake the dog and Finn the human.  The fun will never end.  It's adventure time! Using just two round cakes, some buttercream and fondant, you can make Finn the human holding BMO with his backpack sitting next to him. I've been ... »

gingerbread house recipe how to cook that

Christmas Gingerbread House Recipe

Christmas is coming, how exciting! I love the carols, trees, twinkling lights, advent calendars and of course the kids' delighted faces on Christmas morning. Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners - Australia: Amy Watson, USA: karatinajr, Canada: Cassandra Taylor and in New Zealand Phoenix Down.   Christmas Gingerbread House Recipe Makes enough dough to make one ... »

penguins of madagascar cake

Penguins of Madagascar Cake

  Easy and fun Penguins of Madagascar cake and a candy penguins tutorial. Aren't those little guys just so cute. I had fun this week making this penguins cake. It is so easy. It just uses two round cakes. And my boys came up with the idea of making cute little candy penguins using black jelly ... »

rainbow unicorn cake how to cook that

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

A unicorn magically appears on top of this rainbow cake. Seriously you need to watch the video - this is a high tech cake!     Did you know apple individually reviews every app and update that is uploaded to their store? Great unless you're waiting for an app to be approved, with no particular time frame you ... »

hand bag cake video how to

Hand Bag Cake Tutorial

  Inspired by a $20K lively pink hand bag, this handbag cake is a delicious and affordable alternative for those of us who would never dream of spending that much on an accessory.     I always smile when people comment on YouTube that 'she must have made it hundreds of times before'.  The video you see is ... »

Frozen Elsa Cake

Frozen Elsa Cake

Little girls everywhere have fallen in love with the Disney Frozen movie, watching it repeatedly.  Singing the 'Let It Go' song until parents don't want to hear it anymore.  Come birthday time they are of course wanting an Elsa cake.  This one is as magical as the movie character herself with a flowing dress and ... »

iPad Cake Recipe

iPad Cake Recipe

All your favourite Apps on two iPad cakes.  A few weeks ago I asked you to name your favourite Apps and the response was absolutely huge!  So after adding them all up, here are the most requested icons squeezed onto two iPad cakes. I'll show you two methods to make this cake in the video ... »

Rainbow Loom Band Cake

Rainbow Loom Band Cake

  Rainbow loom band bracelets are banned at my kids' school.  The reason? Because they are not uniform.  They are however creative, good for fine motor skills and lots of fun, so all the kids still make them. They just don't wear them at school or they hide them under their long sleeved shirts. Imagine a super-sized edible ... »

hamburger cake reardon chocolate

Mini Hamburger Cake Recipe

I'm not sure whether to call these a mini hamburger cake or chocolate cheeseburgers. Either way they will make a delicious sweet surprise for your friends. Makes 5 Mini Hamburger Cakes Muffin Rolls: 240g (8.47 ounces) or 1 1/2 cups flour (all purpose) 164g (5.78 ounces) or 3/4 cup white sugar 1/2 tsp baking powder 61g (2.15 ounces) or 1/3 cup vegetable oil 1 egg milk to make 1 ... »

rainbow tie-dyed surprise cake

Rainbow Tie Dyed Heart Surprise Cake

  Rainbow tie-dyed heart surprise cake. A beautiful bright cake with a colourful surprise inside. You can swap the heart for any shape that you have a cutter for. Or you could make your own cutter using the instructions in the twitter dessert video. Right after I finished making this cake I cut my finger. I ... »

youtube cupcake how to cook that

Youtube Cupcakes

YouTube is a crazy, hilarious, fascinating, educational, weird and inspiring world, often all at the same time. I just love how the 'How To Cook That' YouTube channel has become so interactive over the years. From teenagers sharing their teary moments reading The Fault In Our Stars to excited Mums and Dads discussing the success ... »

the fault in our stars ice cream cake reardon

The Fault In Our Stars Cake TFIOS

  The Fault In Our Stars is a best-selling novel by young adults author and YouTuber John Green. Scroll down to see a little more about the book and movie that topped the box office. In response to the tsunami of requests for a Fault In Our Stars dessert I've made this TFIOS icecream cake with ... »

Dora cake decorating lesson by how to cook that

Dora The Explorer Cake

Here's a super simple Dora the Explorer birthday cake idea.  Bright and beautifully colourful in the Dora logo colours, this dress is ready for any party or fiesta.  Making a gorgeous cake is fun but there's always a big clean-up afterwards of course. The only issue is that our dishwasher broke this week, meaning all ... »

youtube cake recipe birthday

YouTube Cake Dessert Recipe

First there was the instagram dessert with the logo all the way through, followed by facebook, then you asked for a twitter cake. To finish off my complete set of social media desserts here's a YouTube cake, or should I say dessert. Did you know that 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?  That means in ... »

lego batman cake decorating class online

Lego Batman Cake

  This fun Lego Batman Cake is actually quite easy to make and is sure to light up any Lego, Batman or superhero party.  It's 5am and I've snuck downstairs without waking my boys to write this before the Batman video goes up tonight. It's been a crazy-busy week. Yesterday started with an early morning phone ... »

spaghetti cake reardon How To Cook That

Spaghetti Birthday Cake

  I get lots of requests for easy birthday cakes, this one is so easy that my kids made it for their dad's birthday. His favourite meal is spaghetti and his cake of choice is carrot cake. Spaghetti Birthday Cake Recipe Carrot cake: This makes two small cakes, 1 whole one for the cake and 1/4 of the ... »

ginat gummy bear kit kat m&m cake

Giant Gummy Bear Kit Kat and m&m cake

"I made a giant Gummy Bear, Kit Kat and M&M cake today while you were at school, do you want to see a photo?" "Woooaaahhh that's awesome, can I have some when we get home?" "I gave it away" "What!!! Who to?" "I gave it away on Instagram" "Muuuum!! I would have eaten that." "I know, that's why I gave it ... »

divergent movie cake how to cook that

Divergent Movie Cake

Which Divergent movie faction are you? Candor: I don't want to write out this recipe tonight, I want to go to sleep. Honest. Abnegation: Someone may want to make this cake and they'll need the recipe so you must help them. Selfless. Erudite: More than thirty three thousand people visit this website a day, it simply must ... »

how to cook that surprise cakes app dragon

Pet Dragons & Castle Cake Tutorial

The best pet is one that sheds no hair, makes no mess and is not too noisy.  Meet my pet dragons.  They live inside the castle cake but will be just as happy residing anywhere in your home. To make the Castle Cake with Dragons you will need to: * Download the Surprise Cakes App from or ... »

fire truck engine birthday cake

How To Make a Fire Truck Cake

  "Can I (excited gasp) have a firetruck cake for my birfday? With a ladder and, and (insert excited movements here) and a fire hose?" Big smiles. This request came as no surprise, fire trucks and fire engines take pride of place in every game whether it be in the house, sandpit, bath or the car. ... »

Olaf Cake Frozen Disney Movie

Olaf Cake Frozen Disney Movie

  "Hi, everyone. I'm Olaf and I love warm hugs!" Just like the hilarious character from Disney's blockbuster movie Frozen, this Olaf cake will light up the faces of everyone at your next birthday party with his big smile. And when you add in delicious Italian meringue frosting for his snow, chocolate arms, Oreo encrusted ... »

heart cupcake by howtocookthat reardon

Heart Cupcake

Valentines Day is just around the corner so how about giving these 'surprise' heart cupcakes a try.  Unlike most love-heart cupcakes, where you have to cut at a specific point to see the design inside, these little beauties will show your heart no matter which side you bite.  So whether you're making them for a good ... »

fireworks over cake ann reardon

Surprise Cakes App

Instructions for How To Cook That Surprise Cakes App Bringing your cakes to life. Step 1: Purchase the app or Step 2: Print out your markers and cut out Surprise Cakes App Markers (click to open pdf) Step 3: Open the app and press the button for the animation you want, line up the square directly above the appropriate marker until it ... »

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