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10 year anniversary of How To Cook That & Macarons for beginners

  Macaron filling recipe 300g (10.58 ounces) milk chocolate 100mL (3.38 fluid ounces) cream Heat the cream and then pour over the chocolate. Wait a minute for the chocolate to melt then whisk to combine. Place flat in a ziplock bag in the fridge to cool quickly. Macaron Recipe MACARON PRINTABLE TEMPLATES: 2.5cm (0.98 inches) template or 3cm_macaron_template, note they will bake slightly bigge... »

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3 Easy Home Made Gifts

Home made gifts are special and perfect for that person who has everything. Here's a few for you to try.   Recipes for home made gifts in this video: Meringues Recipe (maes 17 large meringues) 6 egg whites 300g (10.58 ounces) sugar pinch cream of tar tar or a squeeze of lemon juice Place all the ingredients on a bowl and whip on ... »

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Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

  This is the recipe that started it all. Friends always ask me for my dessert recipes. But I have written out this raspberry white chocolate chip muffin recipe so many times that is deserved a video of its own. I used to make these for our church's cafe. ... »

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5 Best Edible Slime Recipes

    Slime is super popular but many parents are concerned about the chemicals that their kids are literally rubbing all over their hands while they play. Bring on home made edible slime. While all of these are edible some taste better than others. Whether you are after a super stretchy slime, ... »

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Pancake Art drawing Top Youtubers

  This week I had a special guest Draw with Jazza cooking with me. For those of you who don't know Jazza, he's an Australian YouTuber and artist so I thought I'd put him to work making some pancake art. We drew this month's top ten most viewed YouTubers. You will be ... »

10 best cake mix recipes ann reardon

10 amazing things you can do with a box of cake mix

  That box of cake mix sitting in the cupboard can be put to far more uses than you think. The smartie cookies have become a super quick and easy favorite in our household. They are perfect when friends drop in unannounced. Do you have your own cake mix hacks? Let me know your recipe suggestions ... »

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TINY chocolate chip cookies

I've always loved miniatures so when I was asked in the comments to do miniature baking I couldn't resist. I set to work building a dollhouse sized kitchen complete with running water and a working oven. It some time to modify the metal oven to make it function. My first attempts resulted ... »

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Dragons Beard | Pashmak Recipe | Cotton Candy

  Cotton candy or fairy floss takes on different forms all around the world. Although the starting point of melted sugar is similar the texture and taste of variants like pashmak and dragons beard are quite different altogether. If you are one of those people who bakes to relax try out the dragons ... »

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Edible Fidget Spinner & Amazing Fidget Spinner Tricks

  Fidget spinners are everywhere! It seems only a matter of time before the schools ban them, if they haven't already. That seems to be the pattern here in Australia. A fad comes in, all the kids get them, the school bans them, sadness, then the next fad arrives. Speaking ... »

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10 best easy oreo recipes

  Oreos, who doesn't love them? The lady at the checkout looked at me strangely when I bought an extraordinarily large supply of Oreos for this week's recipes. What followed was LOTS of fun testing a few old recipes and designing delicious NEW ones just for YOU ūüôā The two-ingredient ... »

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Gingerbread House Christmas 2016

  What a week! My days were filled with packing boxes, then even more packing ... then unpacking to find some items I needed for filming! Then the world's deadliest spider crawled just centimeters from my feet while I worked at my computer. And finally I came down with 'slap cheek virus' which ... »

Top 10 Best Marshmallow Recipes

Top 10 Best Marshmallow Recipes

  Today we are making TEN best recipes using marshmallows ranging from some old favourites right through to brand new inventions that you've never seen before. In this series I've also done 10 best nutella and 10 best peanut butter recipes. Once I'd filmed about 6 recipes I realized that was about it ... »

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How to Make Candy at Home

  Make your own lollipops at home, it's so much fun and easy to make lots. A word of warning though the candy is very hot so perhaps not a recipe for younger ones. I have an exciting week coming up, my channel is being featured at an event for youtube. I can't ... »

Giant Gummy Pokeball Pokemon Go

Giant Gummy Pokeball Pokemon Go

  Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and our family joined in the fun last week while on holidays. If you've not heard of it yet, don't worry it's only been around for a couple of weeks, so it's not too late to catch up. The best thing about the game ... »

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Emoji Rainbow Slushie

  A great addition to any party, rainbow fruit slushies made with freshly made fruit juices are refreshing and fun. Speaking of refreshing, we've spent this last week holidaying in Perth, Western Australia. As well as visiting family we've been catching up with friends, relaxing down south, loving the awesome beaches and playing ... »

NYC Freakshakes Extreme Milkshake Recipes

NYC Freakshakes Extreme Milkshake Recipes

  I did not have a spare 2 hours to queue up for one of these crazy milkshakes or freakshakes while I was in New York. Fortunately they are easy to make at home. If you are preparing them for a party you can decorate the outside of the glasses and refrigerate until you're ready to ... »

10 best peanut butter recipes ann reardon

10 Best Peanut Butter Recipes

  Ten quick and easy peanut butter recipes that will make every peanut butter fan swoon. This week I had the privilege of being flown to New York for the YouTube Creator Summit. It was so lovely to be spoiled by YouTube, I'm feeling very blessed. Of course, I really miss my gorgeous kids and husband ... »

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Hello Kitty Slice and Bake Cookies

  I love all things cute! For these cookies Hello Kitty is all the way through the cookie dough so you can simply slice and bake. It took a while to figure out how I was going to achieve that, but now all the hard work's done, you can just follow the instructions in the ... »

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Mini Patisserie with mini food recipes

  There is something about miniatures that fascinates me. I never had a dolls house as a kid. But that didn't stop me. I turned a bookshelf into a mini room and made a little bed, stitched a mini cross stitch pillow, and was delighted to find some of my grandmothers ... »

10 best nutella recipes

Top 10 Best Nutella Recipes

  Most of these easy Nutella recipes have only two or three ingredients. With 'World Nutella Day' coming up soon I thought I'd have some fun baking, whipping and experimenting with Nutella and its many uses. I don't advise that you make all ten in one day or you'll find it hard not ... »

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Fun Fizzy Fruit

Merry Christmas Everyone! Do you need a crazy fun dessert that is also good for you... this is it. Make the inside of any fruit fizzy in two easy steps. Then watch the joy on your guests faces as they try it for the first time.   To make fizzy fruit you will need: Fruit, make ... »

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Giant Sour Worm Recipe

I am now the mum of a teenager and I must say we are blessed with a great one. He does have a sweet tooth but is not so fond of cake. So for his birthday we had this giant sour worm as the 'cake'. By the time we got to the worm most of ... »

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GIVEAWAY & Fruity Meringue Kisses Recipe

  GOLDEN TICKET COMPETITION entries are now closed, Congratulations to the winners¬†   Sydney: Annie Chen LA: Huiyeon Kim SORRY THE MEET AND GREET EVENT on Saturday June 27th HAS REACHED CAPACITY AND SO YOUTUBE HAS HAD TO CLOSE REGISTRATIONS. I will be back in LA for vidcon and will be doing a couple of first to get ... »

Giant Gummy Bear Recipe

Giant Gummy Bear Recipe

Not quite a giant gummy bear, today we're making a giant gummy Lego man. ¬†This recipe took a lot of experimentation to get right. ¬†My first attempts were too rubbery but the addition of one extra ingredient meant the final gummy was beautifully chewy and a huge hit with the kids. ¬†When it comes to ... »

Easy Donut Recipe (Doughnuts)

Easy Donut Recipe (Doughnuts)

  Do you know what happens if you put water on an oil fire? Oh my goodness, watch the video and you'll never forget. You will also learn how to make yummy donuts at home with gooey chocolate or vanilla glaze. ¬†Home made donuts are not the same as store bought, they are a little less ... »

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